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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Few professionals in the medical field will do more than give lip service to the ailment that strikes just about every man, and more than a few women, at some time in their adult lifetime. This humorous collection of four essays describes, by example, what midlife crisis is, and provides suggestions on how to deal with it.

Chapter 1, "The Defining Moment," demonstrates how midlife crisis can creep up from behind and infect you. Chapter 2, "The Saga Continues," reveals how the floor can unexpectedly drop out from under you, worsening the condition. Chapter 3, "Fighting Back" offers one way to beat back the ravages of middle age and midlife crisis, and the downside of such efforts.

Chapter 4, "The Straight Scoop" provides an elementary, sober, layman's explanation of what midlife crisis is, and offers reasonable steps to deal with it. Yes; there is a "happily ever after" ending. The complete e-book, including resources and bonus material, contains about 8, words. Read more Read less.

English Similar books to Midlife Crisis: Kindle Edition File Size: Miracle Productions; 1st edition 12 August Sold by: Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. A very short, rambling, not-terribly-humorous offering of midlife anecdotes that began promisingly, but I found myself waiting for punchlines that never happened. I hesitate to call this a book. The author states in his intro, "few professionals in the medical field will do more than give lip service to the ailment" then proceeds himself to barely give lip service to the subject of his own mid-life crises.

Crises so mild as to cause me to wonder if the author actually experienced any, and offering no real humor, insight or wisdom as to how he dealt with the problem, other than staying optimistic and grateful for what is never really made clear. It read like a diary or letter to his friends and family, which if, like myself, you are neither, this "book" will offer very little.

The last quarter is actually an advertisement of another of the author's publications. Hershel did another cute story, with all the trimmings and emotions of becoming AARP aged. And yet, it worked. For some reason, no mention of the anniversary was made by the White House -- no cake and ice cream, no expensive wine, no low-calorie truffles That does not seem right to me.

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We -- primarily the unions, and the politicians, and the government employees -- have and will benefit. But we will never have to pay the price. In , the debt was just under a trillion dollars. In , it was about three trillion. A decade ago, it was just under 6 trillion.

In the last decade, we have more than doubled the debt.

Boomer Girl: Fighting Midlife One Crisis at a Time

So, at a mere half-trillion dollars more each year, we will still add ten trillion dollars to the debt in the next 20 years. Exactly how is that going to happen? The interest payments do not go away under that scenario. No; we have to go further; we have to reduce the debt And that means not just balancing the budget; it means having an annual surplus -- a surplus that we can use to pay off some of that debt. Lunch for forty of the diners cost less than four dollars each. Several diners got a check indicating that they owed nothing for their meal -- absolutely nothing.

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One guy that could have been a double for the Bluto character in the Popeye comics camped in a small tent barely big enough for him. Not surprisingly, he was quite a snorer; his trademark sound was like a foghorn in the night. No chance we would get lost with his endless homing signal. As we walked past his tent, I swear the tent expanded and contracted to the beat of his snoring. But you get the idea. You will not hear of great deals on camping vacations at Expedia or Travelocity.

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No, I did not use any of them. One of my first visits was to the municipal swimming pool, Thornton Park, in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. I spent the better part of many summers there.

How to Deal with a Midlife Crisis

No, I was not a life guard; I worked in the food service area As I recall, the primary task of the life guards was to examine the feet of everyone who entered the pool area I could do without that, thank you. As I understand it, you stand at the edge of a platform mounted near the top of a large tree over a deep gorge in the forest. They strap you tightly into the harness, attach one of end of a large, metal clip to the harness, the other to a long, thick metal wire stretched across the entire gorge, and shove you off the edge of the platform. It is a welcome relief after you have blown all your money in Las Vegas.

Yep; it attracts over a million visitors every year. COM - All rights reserved. This essay is available in its entirety to all visitors. So, I think we need to be a bit more precise and discriminating in our definition of midlife crisis. A few specific, real-life examples should help move the dialog forward. I think that my stories offer an accurate representation. Click the pic, below, for details. Read books on virtually any internet-connected device.

It just opens doors for you. Click to download the free e-reader software. All we need here is your name and e-mail address: Please enter this security. If you want a reply from us, include your name and e-mail address: This is are not a bad country; this is not an evil country. This is a great country! We are not greedy people; we are not guilty of endless atrocities. We are a country made up of the most generous and most compassionate people on earth. We do not seek to rule the world or conquer other lands. We are not destroying the environment.

We are doing more to make this a better place for all of us to live in than any other people in any other country at any time in history. Click here to order this great collection. But after all the years since graduation from high school, do we really know what the Declaration of Independence says? Do we have a clear understanding of what it means? I think that most of us Suppose that the patient had a health savings account and a high deductible on a major medical insurance policy. We have been able to operate as we have for over 40 years since, up until now, since there are far more people paying into Medicare than there are collecting Medicare benefits.

With these reasons, taken as a whole, why would any reasonable person support such a flawed plan? So, in order to save us from ourselves, the government will, slowly but surely, begin restricting the diet of all Americans. So, the guy with only a major medical policy treats his injured toe by himself. Let me be serious about this.

Unlike what he did as a candidate, President Obama is now unwilling to tell the American people -- straight up -- exactly what he intends to do. Where we were in ; where we are now; and where we are heading: Nearly everone agrees that that it would be good for the government to ensure that all children have health insurance.

The campaign to force an unaffordable national health care law upon a population that neither supports nor wants it It was two years ago that President Obama put his signature on what would be called Obamacare. But it is no secret who the biggest losers are. The Midlife Crisis Series. But the lesson here seems obvious to me. Sitting on the porch in a rocking chair might have been an acceptable wayfor our great-grandparents to live the last years of their lives.

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