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According to Vedic philosophy human life has a definite purpose.

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Whilst the final Goal of life is "Moksha", there are three other intermediary goals of life. These together are called four objectives or pursuits of life, which are as follows: It is essential to have the proper understanding of these objectives as also because these terms are highly used in our daily language to mean different things. This is the first and foremost objective or pursuit of life.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word and it has no exact equivalent in English language.

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  • Four Objectives of Human Life (Dharma Artha Kama and Moksha).

It has much wider significance than the word 'religion', in its ordinary sense, as currently in vogue in the existing conventional forms. The above two factors can be the unifying basis for all conventional religions. Hence, it has also been called as Sanatan forever or Manav human Dharma. However, it is not desirable to forgive a habitual wrong doer.

Puruṣārtha - Wikipedia

There are five senses of Knowledge and five sense of action. ARTHA or the acquisition of wealth is the second most important pursuit or objective of human life. Knowledge is the greatest wealth; both material and spiritual. Material Knowledge relates to our worldly life, requirements and activities, while spiritual knowledge relates to spirit, God and inner life. Material knowledge is necessary to live worldly life and it can be gained thru proper education, intellecual pursuits and everyday experience, etc. However, the spiritual knowledge is much difficult to acquire.

Spiritual knowledge leads to self realisation. It can be attained through the hard practice of yogic discipline.


Health is another form of Wealth. One has to acquire and practice the knowledge of attaining good health, which includes the well being at physical, emotional and mental levels. Good food, proper regular exercise and good thoughts are some of the fundamentals of good health. Contentment is another wealth. It means abstinence of desire to possess more and more of life requirements and material possessions.

It aso implies that one should work honestly, try his best and be satisfied with the results of his efforts.

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Contentment give mental peace and moral strength t remain calm in al circumstances. Material Wealth is another wealth.


Some portion of money should be used for charitable purposes. It should be expended only for the necessities and not for one's greed luxuries. One should not become slave of the material wealth but should master it.

The Philosophy of Hinduism: Four Objectives of Human Life

The third pursuit of Life is KAMA - the desire for the satisfaction of sensual urges in which sexual gratification occupies the prime position. On a wider scale, it includes fulfillment of other material desires also. And laid down four objectives - Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha - to achieve that. This forms the basis of Hinduism, as well as of this book. Mehta explains the above four objectives in this book Four Objectives of Pustak Mahal Bolero Ozon.

Four Objectives of Human Life. Long ago, Rishis in India discovered the means to make life meaningful.

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  8. Mehta explains the above four objectives in this book Four Objectives of Human Life to help better understand the Indian philosophy of life. Readers discover the means to merge the material and spiritual aspects of life harmoniously for the ultimate fulfilment. The book contains 10 chapters. They explain Human life, means to achieve the four objectives of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha, segments of human life and the ways to go about it.