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I have studied French can read and write in a fairly literate fashion , Spanish functionally fluent and Italian still more or less a beginner before taking on German. Of the four, German seems the most complex structurally and the most alien in relation to English. Due to my having a desire to master a language once I start, I have used a lot of materials to learn these various languages and a good dictionary has always been critically important to me I seem to end up owning several for each language, adding as I found new features that were missing in a prior dictionary.

I have several German-English dictionaries which I have used in studying, two are more comprehensive in number of words defined, examples and definitions specifically a Duden-Oxford and Harper Collins. However, this Barron's dictionary is the most useful of the group for me as a new student.

The thing I like about in comparison to other dictionaries are that it includes a number of features that are not common to all German-English dictionaries. For the most important verbs, it has the 3rd person singular, 3rd person simple past and the past participle. As I am learning, with those three pieces of data, you can go a long way to dealing with conjugating German verbs.

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Type is larger and more legible than the other German dictionaries I own. That is a big deal for aging eyes. In general, the definitions are very good and only someone who is virtually German-proficient or studying at the third or fourth year of a German major would probably ever need the more complete definition set that can be found in a much more bulky and expensive dictionary.

I have run across German words in my reading that aren't in this dictionary but, not surprisingly given the way German strings words together to form new compound words, often aren't in the larger dictionaries either. The Appendices add a wealth of information on articles the a, an, and the of German ; declension of nouns; declension of adjectives; tabular examples of verb conjugations; information tables for pronouns personal, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative, relative, interrogative ; lists of prepositions controlling accusative and dative cases; list of irregular verbs with important forms for each verb; tables of both German prefixes and suffixes; and more.

The Appendices include a lot of information that is very useful and generally must be found in a German grammar. My satisfaction with the dictionary is partly because now that I am further into German study, I see what tools I need in a dictionary and they are in this volume. At the same time I bought this volume I purchased the Barron's Spanish-English Dictionary -- one copy for me and one for each of my grandchildren for their use in Spanish class because of a similar group of Appendices although Spanish thankfully doesn't have declensions and cases.

The Appendices alone are in my judgement worth the price of the volume -- a dictionary is essentially thrown in for free.

Barron's Foreign Language Guides: German Idioms 2/ed

Or the reverse is true -- either way, it is a bargain. I have to admit that I don't see myself ever mastering German, it will have to be a work of years. But this dictionary is a good tool for undertakling that enterprise. This one is no exception. The dictionary never lets me down.

One person found this helpful. Very satisfied with this purchase. It isn't a carry around in your pocket dictionary but it is very compete. The appendix is very through and the center has full color maps of the area. I use it a lot and have never been disappointed. I bought this based on other reviews, because I just started German class.

The dictionary has slang and certain curse words, as well as standard words.

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It provides usefull tips throughout, and has a comprehensive section with verb conjugations, 'false friends' words spelled the same, but with different meanings, and more that I havent explored. The cover is vinyl, which makes it much harder to destroy if you're like me and just throw it into your bag. Although this was a gift for someone else I was able to peruse it and it is very easy to use with good readable print. The book has a soft vinyl cover and is well made..

Barron’s Bilingual Dictionaries

I looked at lots of G-E dictionaries before I picked this one and I was not disappointed The recepient liked it also!! The Grammar section at the back of this dictionary is very helpful. Almost all the "critical" concepts have been organized into clear and easily understood tables. Sections on Adjectives, for example, had listed the various declensions of adjectives in strong or weak forms, in singular or plural, in Akkusativ or Dativ modes I kept on finding this very, very helpful and concise.

Hope all grammar books are like this. German is complicated enough, an always-confusing learning mind needs a guide like this. German-English section, and English-German section makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Essentially everything you could possibly need to speak the German language.

In fact after I finished the semester I sold my German text but kept this, which I'll surely be using whenever I get the chance to go to Germany. See all 27 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on July 11, Published on February 23, Published on April 9, Published on February 21, Published on December 20, Published on November 28, Published on July 9, Published on January 15, Published on October 24, Pages with related products.

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Keep your fingers crossed! Where fox and hare say goodnight to one another English Equivalent: In the middle of nowhere or out in the sticks. Sleep like a woodchuck [marmot] English Equivalent: Sleep like a log. You can take poison on that English Equivalent: You can bet your life on that. Make a fool of yourself. The bear dances there English Equivalent: It will be a good party. Da brennt die Luft! Go like warm rolls English Equivalent: Go or sell like hot cakes.

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To add your mustard to it English Equivalent: Give their two cents worth. For more idiomatic expressions click here. Want to improve your German? Find out how they start learning a new language, overcome plateaus, and maintain multiple languages. Which one of these hilarious German expressions is your favourite? Do you know any other German idioms? Like what you see? Subscribe using the form below to have all of my posts delivered directly to your email.

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Please email me to discuss this further.

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Not being mean, just. It reads like a joke when you have that picture paired with it.

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