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5 Ways to Be a Great Intern! - The Intern Queen

Be mindful of how you present yourself to your co-workers and supervisor. What is the appropriate attire for your workplace? What is appropriate email etiquette for the person you are addressing? If you have a concern or there is an issue you are not sure how to handle, who is the most appropriate person to talk to?

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If things are slow for you, make sure your supervisor knows it. Or, generate ideas about what you might be able to work on as a longer term project to fill down time, and present it to your supervisor. Take notes during all meetings and keep to-do lists of tasks and deadlines. Keep your work space neat so that your work is organized and out of the way when you are not around. Take care to observe data storage processes—if your organization keeps files in central locations, take note and observe and maintain records in accordance with policy.

Always complete projects on time, and when one task is done — ask for another.

10 Tips for a Successful Internship Experience | Prophet Thinking

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Provide a good introduction to the organization, quirks of the culture, and important people or resources to be aware of. You may also consider arranging an informational interview for your intern with fellow colleagues to help them prepare for a future career within the industry. Communicate often with your intern, whether it is to provide feedback, offer training, or to check in on their progress.

Top 10 Tips to Making Your Internship a Success

Meet as many different people in the office as you can. Schedule coffee and lunch dates. Prophet is full of people who love what they do. Kudos to this article.

10 Tips for the Best Internship Experience from Prophet’s 2016 Intern Class

Going to bookmark this for sure. Join our mailing list Sign up and receive our latest thinking, insights and strategies to help your business grow better. Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. As they completed their internships with us and prepared to head back for their last school year, the intern class helpfully distilled these 10 tips to help get the most out of your internship: Before Your Internship 1.

Hang out with other interns:

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