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Et le gros M. Et le vent du soir emporta des soupirs. Et les moules aussi, oui. Ca me donne fort envie de la lire cette nouvelle de notre ami Emile. Je connaissais une nouvelle de Maupassant assez proche. Il faudrait que ce retrouve cela. On le sait maintenant. Vive les vacances les moules et les grottes!

Merci de ton comm! By definition, it is the opposite of balance. This added flexibility has made me a better and kinder friend and one that is easy to live with. Most importantly, I am able to have a more positive influence by sharing healthy recipes that are not going totally overboard on the health-craze spectrum and remain accessible to all.

Agreed that too much sugar is terrible but we only have one life, so we might as well truly enjoy it! I am sure you will find what works for you! But, btw tea has health benefits too despite the minimal amount of caffeine. Your brain and your muscles need sugar! The evolution of our body was only possible with eating sugar and sometimes!

Emile ZOLA, l’infertilité, les coquillages et la « Grotte à Madame »

Please stay real and think about what really makes sense. Tant mieux si les gens riches peuvent se le permettre encore davantage. But I prefer the balance. I think a very good therapist who uses Mindfulness Based practices might be helpful to achieve a balance. There is nothing wrong with quitting sugar lots of bad things about it , but obsession is never a good thing, in terms of finding balance, no matter what it is trying to achieve.

Also, the obsession is possibly another way not to face certain things. I agree with Cassandra. Eating or drinking lots of any one thing will create imbalance. No one should eat lots of sugar, lots of coffee, lots of wine. Being fairly moderate with eating habits will let you have a little of everything. You are actually doing Garance a very witty and non-annoying woman so far a major solid by saying what you said.

Just try to keep some perspective on the shit. I wonder if these silly trends will ever stop. Ahhh, this made me feel for you. Looking back, the times that my eating has veered into this territory strict food rules, etc were when I felt other things in my life were out of my control.

Free Download E Book Le Couple Face à Linfertilité Comment Faire Face French Edition Chm

Good old moderation does it for me. Of course, if you are happy that way, go for it, but not me. Another thing is — how long is one willing to keep this lifestyle? Again, no alcohol and no sugar for the rest of my life — no, thanks. Even if it meant a few pounds less. Actually, the only time in my life that I was on that diet no carbs, no alcohol was my last 2 months of pregnancy because I developed diabetes. It was horrible, the only thing I could think about was carbs and I only managed to do it because it was good for the baby.

And then back to normal. So I definitely would not even think of doing it again. Thank you for this comment, I was deeply saddened reading this newest post of Garance. As a reader from the very beginning I observe that all these obessions started when she moved to the US. Cannot even imagine how much headspace, time and mental energy must such a way of nutrition take, and, as you rightly pointed out, I also believe that it is suppose to grab women of the energy they could put in so many different things instead.. Also maybe get off your high horse about class and status when this is a blog that showcases clothing almost nobody can afford.

Hi, I have very mixed feelings about this article and all these passionate comments. It really points out how we readers receive blogs: From a political point of view, I totally agree with Maria. But then, I remember why I am here: She is being honest and brave, and reading her provides me a lot to think about.

I am grateful for this. All the best, Roxane. You see things in a very individual point of view. Never any political effects. Jamais de rapports de force. Se pose aussi la question de notre rapport aux animaux. Dear Garance, I agree with the other commenters who are concerned that this food obsession is really an attempt to assert control over your life. Also the LA smug dieter thing is really obnoxious because you can be vegan and gluten free and still eat like crap; french fries are vegan after all.

I eventually found my version of balance — lots of vegetables, naturally sweet or low-sugar desserts like fruits and yogurt, swimming laps for mind-body connection — and I have never looked or felt better. I hope that once you start to recover from your difficult year, you can rediscover the healthy habits that will make you feel good without dominating your life.

But I like the fact that the comments emphasize that this must be a way to overcome the pain you had this year. I think we understand. I used to love reading your blogs. I still remember than entry comparing paris and new york, I found it so funny. In the past year or so you have really americanised and became the woman you used to mock!

I wish you kept your cool and especially wouldnt obsess about food as much! As a doctor I would say that the only thing we need is a balanced diet. Eating gluten free has not shown any benefits unless you have been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Same goes for other crazy food trends. What we need to do is stop obsessing with food and build a healthy relationship with it instead. Garance, I empathize completely. I also became a health nut for fertility after an egg retrieval with poor results earlier this year. After eight months of a gluten-free dairy-free caffeine-free refined grain-free low-sugar low-red meat organic local home-cooked veggie-centric high-omega 3 diet, I had another egg retrieval and just found out yesterday that the results were WORSE than in my first one.

I wish our culture would do a better job of putting fads up to rigorous scientific study. And I wish it would make room for a more real understanding of how much control any single person can have over their own health. Infertility and IVF are so hard. I hope you will find answers and a happy ending soon. I am so sorry. Sure we can cut out food groups, but in the end, a lot of life is out of our hands a dear friend of mine just got diagnosed with cancer, pff.

In the end life can be deeply unfair. I speak publicly about my own obessions slow, sustainable living on my blog, and, try to keep a low profile in public try not to patronize others. But, refusing the plastic straw in a drink, the paper or plastic bag at a shop and bringing my own containers when grocery shopping inevitably spark questions. And conversations follow, where the other person usually ends up justifying their lifestyle or sharing with me their conservation efforts. In both cases, I try to respect their choices, and, when invited to, I share my insights.

But also, sometimes, I snap. Trying to do our best. I think as individuals we discover through trial and error what food has positive and negative effects on our bodies as individuals. When people feel bad enough, they will make changes if food is part of the issue. I recently did at 51, and I too, make those annoying requests although I try to avoid it by bringing my own food to avoid that situation out of embarrassment, ahem. I adopted a plant-based diet and it was the easiest decision I ever made about food, after so many failed diet plans and feeling chronically ill.

I have more energy, have not relapsed yet and I feel good about my decision on so many levels. It is funny how we turn into those people! I think that by truly caring for yourself in these ways at the least can help improve your quality of life in so many ways. Garance, I love your posts. I am still addicted to sugar but who know, it might change!

What are the health podcasts you recommend? My thoughts went in the same direction. Great that you care about your health. If you want to be extra careful with the planet: Not about the environment. Otherwise she would not be on a plane… One Love. Has worked well for all my 45 years and I intend to follow the same path for the next 45 years. Tu vas me manquer sinon: Hey Garance, good for your to take control of your health! Wtf does anyone know what moderation actually means? In I was terribly overweight with horrible skin and no energy so I did a personal experiment and found that grains were the culprit, so I gave up grains.

And OMG the backlash! However, my health nut journey has been quite surprising. So, please master health nut: I was 18 then. I tried being a vegan, being a fruitarian, a lacto vegetarian and regularly fasted for a day or 3 days with fresh coconut water. In the early days, I went extreme.

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I eventually found a lifestyle that suits me and does not prevent me from socialising. As much as I love myself, I also love being around my friends: I have new issues that I need to work on but such is life. I will be okay eventually. I am no longer doing meditation and I drink coffee now.

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So that adds to my anxiety. But I will eventually figure out a way to deal with it. I know that at this stage in my life, I can no longer do extremes. I will take it one day at a time.

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  4. It will take time. You only need to listen to your inner voice. You know what is best for you. Hope you find contentment. This post is supposed to be ironic, right? Applying this term to yourself in particular sounds like self-hate. I agree with the other comments about food being just another way others try to control each of us and make us ashamed of ourselves.

    Empathy, love and understanding for yourself is the first building block for being healthy. Please take care of yourself. Surely there is a healthy middle ground. It sounds like you are trying new things and doing what makes you feel good. I stopped baking sweets because I was the only one eating them, and I took up sourdough bread baking no one is coming between me and my gluten! To each her own. At age 62, I swim laps and do yoga and am probably in the best shape of my life.

    Whatever works for you! Alors avec ou sans sucre, portez vous bien! Et vive les connasses healthy! For a long time, I tried to address the symptoms come on, you have to exercise, come on, you have to meet more people, come on, you have to work a little more without ever getting to the root of the problem.

    Stérilité : Comment faire face au diagnostic ? (2/4)

    I was looking on the outside to tell me what I was supposed to want. We have the ability to push ourselves past our limits and to be self-sacrificing, which can be wonderful, but also toxic. And we can take that really far, and it can make us incredibly unhappy. But the truth is, these days, we will all live more than one life. Give ourselves the freedom to have some downtime. All the while being politically correct, a feminist, and a philanthropist. And not do what is expected of us. To surprise people, disappoint them, break things off, make mistakes, and live your life.

    Oh, and before I go, I also wanted to say: Thanks for checking in, by the way, it warms my heart! I missed your personal voice. Mon dieu, je me suis fais la meme reflexion ce weekend. Je me suis fatiguee moi meme avec mes posts et grandes phrases de soeur courage.. Happy drifting in your new you ;-.

    Yes, this feels good and we miss your voice. So very happy when we hear from you. Life is way too short not to be able to look up from our current day-to-day lives in work, pursuit or routine and evolve into a bigger or different part of self that promotes our inner health, creativity and dreams. We need to take care of that sparkle in our eyes and feel gratitude for all the blessings and people in our lives. Une phrase de k. Thank you Maria, exactly. Looking for yourself for the moment is who you are, embrace it as much as you can, and try to not worry too much!

    Thank-you for this, Garance. A very timely article. I want so much more from life than a career. Thank you so much for your words, it is your personal voice I come here to read. Nothing against the Atelier but it does not interest me nearly as much as you do; nor is it remotely relevant to the life I am leading. I have completely changed everything in the past few months.

    I got married, left my career, moved to a new city and I am exploring my way into a new me. So this post is incredibly perfect today. Ce texte me definit completement! Hope we all become whoever makes us happiest. We listen to others, watch everything that is out there, but have the sense and courage to do what makes us happy, and contented. The idea of having it all is a myth. So its ok to miss out on a few things, and still find happiness in others. Having children is great, but this mythical idea that it completes women needs to be addressed again and again.

    I think I can say Im feeling great for the first time in a long time! The day I started to live by it, i finally found out what it meant to take care of myself, and guess what, people loved me more for it; as a result, I have enhanced relationships, friendships, because of it. And I feel happier even through warts and all. Thank you ever so much Garance, you do speak with your heart and inspire each time. Love your site and the continuing evolution. Garance, I would just like to thank you for this update, these little gems your write are why we love you so much.

    You have a real gift. You are just the best, Garance. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I am 22 now and they have been accompanying me since I was Lovely sentiments and so true. We ended up adopting on the East Coast where we live, but met with and loved a great adoption lawyer in LA — David Radis.

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing. Who knows what the future hold for me! It is so easy to get so swept up in your life and your image of how you should be, that you lose yourself. But your updates are little gifts that I enjoy and treasure whenever they appear. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to confront real struggles.

    I get so tired of the glossy coating on everything these days, it feels so fake and superficial. I am still trying to find my self and my authentic path post baby. My daughter is now five and a little dream come true, but I definitely lost my way during her younger years and felt overwhelmed by the amount I was trying to give. I am making an effort each day to address what I actually want and what makes me happy. Society demands so much from women and we are expected to do it all with grace and a smile on our face. We will always love you: Thank you Cass and sending you all my courage to find yourself again!

    And hugs to your daughter!!! She is very bohemian and follows her heart in all things. Her authenticity has brought her a lot of success, though not so much materially. I have just had the funniest discovery. I read all your posts and remember Chris mentioning that he had lived in Jacksonville, FL. I live just south in a beach community called Ponte Vedra.

    I just discovered that he played at my wedding. I had a hunch because he always seemed familiar, but I just looked it up online. Anyway…I remember loving him and everyone still talks about what a great band I had at my wedding in I will look to see if I have any photos of him!!

    Emile ZOLA, l’infertilité, les coquillages et la « Grotte à Madame » – Simone attend le train

    Basically, what I mean to say is thank you so much for always sharing and being open, it is a huge encouragement, you are endlessly inspirational to me! Nothing happens by accident, all the best ahead whatever you dream about. Big big hug from Russia. Mais surtout celle qui assume toujours tout de sa vie. Tu je me permets as raison de suivre ta voie interieure. A lot of expectations from a young age and pressure to do the expected which made me so unhappy in my early career law.

    After having kids and taking time off completely from that world I have no desire or interest to go back so am at that crossroad of what to do next, but with that worry of judgement always there and of letting people down. Well done to you Garance, you seem really happy x. Thank you for this. You are the best Garance. I hope you one day realize how generous you have been with all of us! Thanks for the friendship French girl. I have loved and identified with you all through your journey going wayyyy back to your street photography days ha!

    And I think now more than ever! Thank you for sticking to your gut, taking the time to explore your most true self and being brave enough to share it with us all.

    Garance, I have been reading you since you first started your blog on fashion when you were based in New York. While about your life, you have also expressed sentiments of so many women. We expect so much of ourselves as we see ourselves in a light of comparison to others. To let go of expectations in that intense way that many of us have lived our lives…is a blessing. Thank you for being the authentic presence you are as someone whose work it is a joy for me to read. My own writings—while in a different voice—also reflect the journey we find ourselves on, together.

    Dear Garance Thanks to be so honest! Tes propos sont rafraichissants. Or, move to a very remote island, sans internet, and just exist. I love the idea of not getting stuck in that place we felt was so important to achieve. Those that love me are still along for the ride. Oh wow, this was just so great and refreshing to read! Such a great opinion on how everybody is able to change and how that is a good thing. As a year-old, soon graduating and looking for my future place in life as you called it so well , i feel like I really had to read this.

    So thanks for opening up and saying this. Lots of love as an truly admirer of yours, xx, Franka. Bonjour Garance, merci pour votre mots! I too believe that we women have put too much importance to be what others believe we should be, rather than being who we want to be. Thank you for being honest with your feelings and doubts, hope more women will be inspired to be true to themselves. I love how you describe the important views of life and evolving! Nothing is ever perfekt. Thank you for sharing.

    I was waiting for this the last weeks. Always you have to function, I finally want to play with my rules. I celebrate so much being a woman at this moment in time when we can share our struggles and not feeling alien and alone. I am thankful for you G and this space, it felt always a safe place. Not only I enjoy reading you but also reading the comments from women all over the world that might be experiencing the same life changes, there is an invisible thread that connects everybody. What I only know is that I am in the right direction.

    Cultivating that joie de vivre comes when we let go rather than striving and pushing to be perfect. Thank you for sharing your stories — it somehow always feels like catching up with a good friend. If by chance fertility or hormones generally are still on your mind, it would be worth meeting with Dr. Thank you for sharing, what a lovely message.

    This part in particular really stuck with me: Your writing reminds me to forgive myself for where I am and who I am , and to reconnect with the people and activities that give me energy. Its good to hear from you. Merci Garance pour ce post. Hi Garance, I missed reading about you. Thanks for the update, and for being you. You truly inspire me in your pursuit to find what makes you happy, not what the world wants you to be: I never comment on blog posts but this time have to.

    The garance I fell in love with! Honest, imperfect, cool and inspirational. I am sitting here with my 10 week old and no more perfect yoga body as I did pre IVF! Much love to you! How is it possible for a woman of any age to not feel like she is constantly failing in some area of her life no matter how much she puts in? Tes conseils, tes confidences, tes dessins, ton exemple continuent de beaucoup compter pour moi. I loved this post. Often I find more soul-baring posts from other places can seem a little..

    But this one felt raw without oversharing. I also loved that of all the changes that you mentioned, from buying a house even to falling in love, all felt like choices to me. I loved that all the things that you accomplished seem like active choices with control and thought behind them. Thanks for writing a little about your transformation over the last 3 years. Thank you sooo much for keeping it personal.