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The TEL proposes that psychiatric leaders, as opposed to non-expert managers, improve organizational performance through several channels. First, experts' knowledge influences organizational strategy.

Mindful Physician Leadership Program

Second, having been 'one of them', a psychiatrist understands how to create the optimal work environment for psychiatric teams, through appropriate goal-setting, evaluation and support. These factors are positively associated with workers' wellbeing and performance. Third, exceptional psychiatrist-leaders are likely to set high standards for hiring. As a concept it is complex, multifaceted, and heavily influenced by the context in which it occurs.

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Management philosophies are relatively recent developments and the application of rigorous methodology to these even more so. Most psychiatrists have had years of being bombarded with data-free truisms such as 'a good organisation is a listening organisation', and for the most part we remain none the wiser.

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This module offers guidance for senior clinicians on how to think about the topics of leadership and management as they apply to psychiatry. Key theories and models are presented alongside a critical commentary informed by an evidence base and personal experience.

Readers are encouraged to increase their understanding of themselves and their managerial colleagues with a view to facilitating communication. Leadership and management series: Probity in professional practice: How patient-centred are you? Book from RCPsych Publications: Management for Psychiatrists 4th edition.

Role of the Consultant Psychiatrist: