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Admirably, she is able to stay on the bucking horse for quite a while.

But because of the bustle she wears, Sue starts bouncing out of control and ends up shooting herself high into the air. Her bustle continues to bounce her higher each time she lands on it, and Bill attempts to rescue her with his lasso, but barely misses It's implied that Widowmaker interfered with the attempt. At night, Sue finally lands on the moon, unable to return to earth, leaving Bill to mourn her loss.

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The narrator then adds that this is why coyotes howl at the moon. Slue-Foot Sue appears in the episode " House of Crime ". She performed songs such as the Golden Horseshoe Revue theme song, Bill Bailey and the Pecos Bill song from the film, during which Pecos himself enters the show. Major Story Arcs Americana When we are first introduced to the Bookburner , we learn that he can utterly destroy a Fable and remove it from the cultural mindset by burning the original version of the book they starred in, leaving them a ghostly figure that is beholden to him.

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The lower extremity of the vertebrate leg that is in direct contact with the ground in standing or walking. A structure used for locomotion or attachment in an invertebrate animal, such as the muscular organ extending from the ventral side of a mollusk. See Table at measurement. Bones of the foot. The distal part of the leg. Left foot, lateral view.

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The terminal part of the leg below the ankle. The bones of the foot include the tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges. A scaling, cracked, or macerated rash, typically found between the toes and usually caused by a fungal skin infection such as tinea although bacteria may also be involved.

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The rash is usually mildly itchy. A condition in which a cleft extends between the digits to the metatarsal region, usually due to a missing digit and metatarsal. A condition of the feet, resulting from prolonged immersion in cold water, in which pain and inflammation are followed by swelling, discoloration, and numbness. Non-filarial lymphatic obstruction of the legs, commonly found in volcanic regions of Africa, where it occurs primarily in those who walk barefoot on alkaline, mineral-rich soil.

An artificial foot designed to absorb the impact of foot-to-floor contact with a dynamic elastic structure.

Brad Marchand: "The Leg Sweeper" (HD)

Degeneration of the skin of the feet due to prolonged exposure to moisture. The condition, which resembles frostbite, may be prevented by ensuring that clean, dry socks are worn at all times.

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The feet do not have to be exposed to cold to develop this condition. Solid ankle cushion heel foot; a prosthetic foot that has no definite ankle joint but is designed to absorb shock and allow movement of the shank over the foot during ambulation. Bones of the right foot, from above.