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The earth was re-populated by their families. The genealogical record moves from the list of righteous individuals who lived before the flood, to the sons of Noah, from the widest circle of dispersion, Japheth, to Ham verse 8 , and then to the messianic line in Shem verse This line is then traced to Abraham verse Gomer began the Celtic tribes and probably Germany.

Magog was said to have inhabited modern Russia. Madai settled in the land later known as the Medes. Javan was believed to settle in Syria and Greece. Tubal settled in the south of the Black Sea in the area of Spain. Meshech was in the area of Moscow. Tiras probably settled the coasts of the Aegean Sea.

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The Gentile nations are from Japheth's descendants. Here begins the genealogy of the sons of Noah after the flood; of the sons of Japheth the elder, in this and the two following verses. Next of the sons of Ham, the younger brother 1 Chron. The ancestor of the Jewish nation, of whom the Messiah was to come, for whose sake this genealogy is given 1 Chron. Ashchenaz was the beginning of the Assyrians.

At the time of Jeremiah, some of them lived near Ararat. They were spoken of as barbarians. Riphath is called Diphath in one Scripture. Very little is known of him. Togarmah was believed to have settled in Turkey.

They were said to have traded with Tyre in horses and mules. In Ezekiel, they are spoken of as followers of Gog. They were known for their scarlet and purple material they sold. Tarshish is a word we heard a lot in connection with merchants of Tarshish. It appears, they were merchants, who shipped goods by water. One meaning for the name Tarshish is melting plant, or refinery. They could have been involved in the melting of metals. Very little else is known of them. Kittim is the same as Chittim. It appears, they settled on the Mediterranean Sea.

Dodanim is the same as Dardani. Troy and Illyricum were two cities which came from them. The Dark-skinned or swarthy 1 Chron. Cush was the father of Nimrod, who founded Babylon. Mizraim could have been the founder of Egypt. They were also, believed to be the founders of Philistia.

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Put seemed to settle in Africa. He is associated with Somaliland. And the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan. The same two names occur together in 1 Chronicles 1: Possibly the same two tribes are meant in both places, and Sheba and Dedan were of mixed origin, Hamitic and Semitic. Seba lived in the land of Babylon. Havilah also, settled in the area of Babylon.

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Sabta was also, spelled Sabtah. He possibly settled in Babylon, nothing is known of his settlements for sure.

Raamah were known as traders from southwest Arabia. There is nothing more known of Sabtecha. Sheba settled on the shores of the Persian Gulf. That is all we know of Dedan. At times, special notices of importance regarding certain key people are tucked into the genealogies verses 19, 43, He is known as the father of Babylon. We must notice that his power is not spiritual power, but earthly power.

He was a flesh man, not a spirit man. The descendants of Ham brought the first earthly kings into being. Babylon and Nimrod seem to be spoken of with evil. They were opposed to the LORD from the beginning. Nimrod was a mighty warrior.

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Ludim seemed to have fathered the African nations near Egypt. Anamim formed an Egyptian tribe, of which nothing more is known. Lehabim seemed to father the fair-haired, blue-eyed Libyans. These particular people fought for Egypt. Naphtuhim settled in Egypt, or immediately west of it. Nothing more is known of them. Of which See Poole "Genesis Casluhim's descendants became the Philistines. Caphthorim, possibly, founded Caphtor, and the Philistines came from there too.

Canaan begat Zidon his firstborn. Or, in modern phrase, Zidon is the oldest city of Canaan. It is usually mentioned along with Tyre, the ruling city in later times. Esarhaddon mentions Baal of Tyre as a tributary. The Hittites were once the dominant race of Syria and Palestine. Carchemish, on the Euphrates, and Kadesh, as well as Hamath, appear to have been Hittite cities. Their kings had commercial relations with Solomon 1Kings Inscriptions, in a kind of mixed hieroglyph, have been found at Hamath and Carchemish, but they still await deciphering.

The names which follow until 1 Chronicles 1: And all these descended from Canaan, though some of them were afterward extinct. Or confounded with others of their brethren by cohabitation or mutual marriages, whereby they lost their names. Which is the reason why they are no more mentioned, at least under these names.

The inscriptions of the Assyrian monarch, Sargon B. And there can be little doubt that it is the city indicated by the term "Zemarite. Heth was the father of the Hittites. They settled the land of the Canaanites that would later become the holy land. Shem is the son of Noah.

It is in his lineage that the Lord Jesus Christ comes. The ark was finished when he was 98 years old. Elam settled the land beyond the Tigris River and east of Babylon. Asshur founded the land of Assyria. Arphaxad would be the son of Shem the lineage of Jesus will come through, He settled north, northeast of Nineveh. This Lud settled probably in the Asian nations. Aram was the father of the Armenians, who were located in Syria and Mesopotamia.

They extended into Lebanon. The maternal ancestry of Jacob's children was Aramaic. Uz was a grandson of Shem, through Aram. Hul, Gether, and Meshech Mash , were grandsons also through Aram. Arphaxad begat Shelah; either immediately, or by his son Cainan, who is expressed Luke 3: We must trace Arphaxad's family even closer, because he is in the lineage of Jesus. It appears, that he was born very soon after the flood.

Shelah is also spoken of as Salah.

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