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He has published over books, including science fiction and fantasy works, non-fiction, translations, and learned articles. He has received numerous awards for both fiction and non-fiction including the British Science Fiction Award , the Distinguished Scholarship Award of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts , the J. In a world in which everyone lives for hundreds of years, children are very scarce--but not as scarce as people who were born during A Novel of the Future.

He hatches the new dragon and it grows larger than any others he has. Then the dragon gets stolen There are chapters on the types of dragons he's raising and it tells you their characteristics and what they eat it's fruit, not people. He's created the ultimate fantasy dragon world and I really enjoyed the story. I liked it well enough I have just ordered my own copy for my library.

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With all the books I read, that's kudos to the author for a book well done that I would read again. You'll love it too. It's a wonderful mix of excellent science fiction, fantasy, and real life love for animals. Excellently written, outstanding characters, delightful and moving moments, humour, and serious action scenes. And of course, dragons. And urban setting, comments on our misuse of natural resources, The writing goes from natural first person to scientific third person when necessary.

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A dose of mystery: And what about the Night Flier? Well, if you're not hooked by now Go ahead, buy this book. You'll not regret it!!!! GEN asks if it is adequate for younger readers. I would say it certainly is. There is some violence but it's not very explicit and most happens out of sight.

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There's no sex and the relationship between characters is sound healthy. I would recommend it for 10 upwards. Who can resist the thought of a pet vegetarian Dragon? For me, it would be a "Pern" dream come true. And who knows what the future may bring? This story takes place in the not-so-distant future, in a drought damaged United States. The Hero is a likeable guy and a responsible breeder of pet dragons. Pet dragons that include among many other species a variety called the American Mustang gotta love that name.

These are a more aggressive breed, because they were bred originally by the military for war purposes. Jack, the Hero loves all of his dragons--although he states "dragons are monsters. People often forget this.

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The characters are well developed. The plot moves along well. The action scenes are engrossing. Jack is a true animal lover, and his reactions and responses to the creatures will bring a tear to an animal lover's eyes. Strong language but no sexual scenes. There were some editing and grammatical errors, but I'm thinking that it must have been re-edited since some earlier reviews, because there wasn't all that many. I thought when I first read the book description since there was an error in there that this would be a far more difficult read than it was.

When I got to the end and read the Author's note, I found that this book had been translated to English. That explains some of the issues. I enjoyed this book. And I look forward to the future possibility of an ornery pet American Mustang Dragon. After all--I already have an ornery rescued Amazon parrot In the acknowledgements of this book, the author thanks his Dad for encouraging him to write more.

I would also like to thank his dad. What a great original read this was! The alternate world created was phenomenal. And while there are some rough edges that I fully believe are either the results of translation or new author growing pains, the detailed interaction between dragon and plants, the description of the Flight Garden was as magical as any incantation Harry Potter ever uttered. The Whole World Is Broken.

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