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OLMI Primary Quench Exchanger Double-pipe Type

We recognize that for most of our clients, any amount of unplanned downtime results in unexpected costs well beyond just the repair. Our repair techniques can greatly reduce the time off-line minimizing significant downtime losses. Whether aboard a vessel or rig off-shore, or in a refinery in a remote location, CTI has the resources and capabilities, including minimal material lead-times, to provide a rapid response to your emergency repair needs.

Often an unavoidable emergency occurs that can lead to expensive downtime or a serious safety concern if not immediately addressed. CTI recognizes this and has the systems and resources to help your production recovery when these situations occur.

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  • :|: KFL - KLIMA FOR LIFE :|: heat exchangers!

CTI solutions can restore your damaged heat exchanger and often avoid the need for costly replacement as well. In cases when a repair is not the solution, CTI also has tube cleaning and re-tubing capabilities as well.

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  4. Most often, large tube bundle heat exchangers used in extreme applications are made of carbon steel. When you have questions, it's often best to simply contact a heat exchanger supplier directly. Here at Parker, if a customer comes to us with questions on heat exchanger specifying, we can walk them through the process.

    Before reaching out to a manufacturer for assistance, a bit of preparation will go a long way in expediting the selection process. For example, gathering the necessary information such as heat load parameters and other key influencing factors.


    Have a question about Parker products or services? Blog Home Contact Parker. Posted by Hydraulics Team on Tuesday, May 15, Keeping your cool in choosing the right heat exchanger So how do you determine which heat exchanger is best for a particular application?

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    • TEiC Heat Exchanger Services | Babcock Power.

    Getting started Before reaching out to a manufacturer for assistance, a bit of preparation will go a long way in expediting the selection process. Related, helpful content for you: Over the last several years, the trend in the oil and gas market has been the near constant decrease in oil prices. As prices continue to drop, companies must find ways to remain profitable