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We'll have to go a tableau higher. Let's see what the units and bars are worth. The bottom tableau still represents ones and fives, and four fives make a twenty, that's where the second level unit value comes from. The balls are twenty and the bars are five times that. To get , put three bars in the third level, along with one ball. That leaves us with to go. Second level, a bar and 3 twenties.

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One unit-ball in the bottom should finish things off. You can take the Obsidian Foot from the crocodile's open mouth and use it in the depression in the wall, along with the other Obsidian Foot you picked up on the roof. Take both Obsidian Feet with you before you leave. Go back to the other pyramid and click on the Bat to return to the jungle. To solve the puzzle, the object is to get the little man standing in C3 to complete a route back to his starting point, building a bridge as he goes.

Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis

Each time he passes one of the color blotches, it forms part of the bridge. The color sequence is familiar, more or less.

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The traditional spectrum is six colors: We will build it in reverse. C3 is in the right place already, don't move that one. If you just can't figure it out, do this: Then do the rotations by right-clicking. Then click on the little man and away he goes! If you goof up and don't get it solved the first time, press esc. The puzzle will be reset to its original state when you enter. Now you are across the river and able to use the dugout canoe.

Don't go anywhere in the boat just yet. Turn towards the shore and step out. We will be looking for seven stars. Here's a wonderful map of the jungle by Nebula. Thank you so much, Nebula! Use your browser's back button, not the "Back" hyperlink to return to this walkthrough. After completing the bridge, you land on the far shore, at the purple spot on the map. Use the map to help find the seven stars, and go to the X-spot to use them. The stars are all on the ground. Some are in shadows and hard to see. Start by going to the right.

Work your way around counter-clockwise to the dead-end at the top of the map, then through the middle, getting to the dead-end at the bottom last. Go the X spot on the map. Solve the Star Puzzle Thus: When you solve the constellation puzzle, a statue rises up from the jungle floor. Try talking to it. You get an echo. Place an Obsidian Foot in the niche at the bottom. The statue speaks, but it is garbled. Place the other Obsidian Foot in the small obelisk on the opposite side of the clearing. The Jaguar god Tezcatlipoca awakens.

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Talk to him about everything and he allows you to consult Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. Quetz need two skulls to produce chulel, and he gives you a feather for protection. Now we need protection? Find the great big warty mushroom and go past it to the two large brown trees. Turn right to get see the view shown here. Step into the boat, and go left around the island, six nodes.

Exit to the right, on the mainland. Enter the jungle, and you come to a spider-web the size of a trampoline. Go around the large tree to the right and climb into the web. You need to start at the edge of the web, with the broken spot just on your right. Take one step forward toward the spider to get its attention, and turn around returning to the edge.

The spider follows you, but she is not very fast. It's a good thing, because this web is sticky. Turn left, one node along the edge, then left toward the center. Go to the caterpillar and pick it up, and keep going straight across the web to the other side and jump off. Now go up the right-hand tree again and start at the same spot as before, with the broken section on your right.

Do the same thing, step toward the spider and return to the edge, once left, counterclockwise then once toward the center. Back to the edge, and forward three times. Now both spiders are on the perimeter, and you can get to the center, pick up the butterfly, turn around, and go back to the same side and once more counterclockwise to exit. This is the hardest part of the whole game. If you made it through the two-spiders, you are truly a game-master!! To see a map of the correct path through the two-spider web Click Here.

Sunshine gets credit for this beautiful graphic. Thank you for the map, Sunshine! Go back to the boat and enter the river. Turn right, again keeping the island on your left. Forward three times, and exit right to the mainland. Go in and feed your two prizes to the Toad. He gives you two clues: Go back to the boat, enter the river and go left three nodes to return to the spider web. Apparently the designers wanted us to discover the hungry toad, first of all, then outsmart the spiders to get the insect-prizes, then re-visit the Toad, in order to find out what to do with the stars and obsidian pieces.

I have opted to rearrange the sequences. Saves about an hour of traveling. This time you must go around and up the left-hand tree to place yourself just left of the broken section. Look right, and place the feather on the far side of the broken section. It turns into an orange dot.

Some kind of spider-munchie, I guess. Go stand on it and watch Big Mama Spider until she starts to come up that side of the broken section. Then, step back to where you started on the other side of the gap, and head for the center of the web. When you see the sword in your possession, just turn around and let her approach, and whack the spider with the sword, stunning her long enough for you to get to the center and pick up the skulls that Quetzalcoatl wants. Exit the web on the far side as before.

Be sure to walk towards the edge-node that isn't blocked by support-threads or you can't jump off in time. Go to the boat, step into the river, and look left. Proceed clockwise around the island. Remember you were on the mainland; which surrounds the island. Be careful; after five nodes forward, as you are adjacent to the Bat-landing, there are three hotspots: Give the skulls to Quetzalcoatl, and he gives you his chulel.

Don't be squeamish Go to the bat. Talk to him if you like, and return to the land of the living to give your king his chulel. If you didn't take time to explore all around the first time you were here, do so. It's well worth the look. Go down the steps behind where you arrive, and see the sights.

There's nothing to actually do here, but there are some people and things to see, including another pyramid. The creators of this world took a lot of time doing it, and the least we can do is appreciate their efforts. Before you climb up the King's pyramid steps, turn around and face the green tree. Hold your crystal to match the etching on it to the pattern of the tree, so the lines turn red. Click here to see what you are looking fo r. Fly me to the Moon again.

Return to earth, and now go see the king. You have saved the world again. You see yourself entering the body of Wei Yulan, a visiting researcher. If you try to exit the main gate, your way is blocked by the shadow of a large warrior. Talk to Wu Tao-Shih, the old master. Turn around and go back up the steps, take one step toward the entrance, and turn right, then left around the corner.

Forward once after turning the corner, and look behind you. Speak with Sung Tao-Shih. Then enter the building, and go into the first room on the left. Talk to the Abbot until you have the whole story, and he suggests you talk to Master Wu. You must have attempted to exit via the gate to trigger this conversation. Wu tells you to meet him in the room of the turtle, which is inside the closed door on the right. Go in and talk with him. He gives you a medallion and a turtle. Ask him about both objects. He tells you that the turtle walks toward the mountain, with the plain at his back, the pagoda on his right, and the river on his left.

The red symbol is the mountain. Rotate the ring click once on the left rim until the mountain is on the far side, and place the turtle in the water. Then, go to the place you must be standing to begin. You must start in the corner, diagonally opposite where Wu is standing. Take one step in the appropriate direction each time he tells you, until you have reached the house of the Tiger. Then, two steps toward the red wall and it opens. Love that unfolding effect! Open the chest-within-chest until you find the magic wand. Go to the other end of the magic pool, and light the four incense-burners starting with red, and going clockwise.

You will breathe the incense and shrink, making it possible to enter the magic world. Go in, as far as you can, toward the bridge and pick up five statues and a money-bag. Return to the real world, and step off the ivory platform to become large again. You need to place the five statues in their proper work environments. The Woodsman goes in the forest, the Water-carrier in the river, the Blacksmith in the volcano, the Shepherdess in the field, and the Cook in the kitchen. The money bag goes in the center.

Then walk toward the magic bridge to shrink. Talk to each person. They are of one mind: Give them each a coin in exchange for a medallion. The medallions represent stone, metal, water, wood and fire. In the process, they give you clues to the riddle, so you can figure out the sequence to put the discs. Go the lift-bridge control where you found the statues, and place the medallions on the pegs in the above-mentioned order.

The bridge lowers halfway. Then, according to the riddles "later" clues, place them in this new order: Cross the bridge and go to the golden doors.

Beyond Atlantis walkthrough

This is the place to activate your crystal - To see the correct view, click here. If you want to wait until you are leaving, or until the end of the game, it's okay. Go through the golden doors and enter the dragon. No, not the movie with Bruce Lee. To get the dragon going, you need to find the key, which is a magic pearl. Look at the dragon-cloud device on the wall.

To start, click on the dragon, then to raise all the small clouds, click on the large clouds in this sequence: Take the pearl and go into the cockpit? Enjoy the marvelous sequence as the team fires up the dragon. I sure hope the guy up front knows how to drive! You arrive at Master Tan's house. Go the front door and enter. Guess it's not that easy. After all, a guy who has not had a visitor in years is bound to have a state-of-the-art security system. How to get in? Go around to the right to see if he has another door.

Try the front door again. Keep doing that until Tan Yun appears. He is fairly cordial, but he invites you to go to hell anyway. Talk to him about everything. The side door is there now, and you can go in. Talk to the fellow just inside the door. I'm sure he used to work for the Motor Vehicle Department.

Probably still does, in fact. Take the blank form and go looking for the Department of Pre-Approvals. Whoops, sorry - that's another game. If you want, you can go back outside and talk with Tan. It's optional, but you will learn what the characters inside are all about. We need to find the Chinese girl. She won't be there if you left the arrow pointing at the fox; she was a fox in real life, and she and her cubs didn't survive. If this is the case, you will have to back-track to the golden doors and turn the arrow toward the hunter, sparing her life.

She is grateful and gives you a fan. The fan shows three emblems , which are randomized from game to game.

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I needed to find a blue horse, an orange dragon looks like a cooked turkey and an orange tiger; yet another time a blue dragon, a blue leopard, and the same blue dragon again. Another walkthrough reports needing the blue horse, a blue dragon and the orange dragon; yet another reports needing still a different combination, so it could be any three out of a possible six. There's no map of this maze - it's not really a difficult maze, just a pain-in-the-butt maze. Oh well, this is Hell after all. It's not supposed to be pleasant. Three of the form-stampers are upside down - standing on the ceiling!

I do believe the same characters always use the same stamps, so here's a description: Blue dragon -- Boss Hogg in a yellow slicker. Blue entire horse -- upside-down rabbit in red silk. Blue head of leopard -- upside down horse right next to stairs. Orange horse head only -- purple rat. Orange entire tiger -- upside-down old goat in purple. Get the mushroom from the grumpy guy at the door.

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Glad to be done with those Spirits whizzing around? Go to Master Tan and give him the mushroom. You get the magic lantern in return. Ride the dragon back and exit this area through the Golden Doors. Just after stepping through the doors, look right and use your crystal to match its pattern so the lines turn red as before.

To see the correct view, click here. Katherine is jumped by Syrene, but Syrene is killed, thus ending any chance for the race of sea people to continue. They all march into the sea as Logan takes a blanket of pearls from Syrene's funeral pyre. Manuel arrives and tries to double-cross the surviving pearl hunters.

A fight breaks out and the case of pearls falls overboard, with Logan trying to convince Eddie and Vic that they can find the pearls. The film was known as Sea Creatures [4] or Sea People. Producer John Ashley admitted that the movie was meant to be a ripoff of The Treasure of Sierra Madre , but he had high hopes for it because he liked the script so much. At one stage, Ashley was going to direct it, but "the production end of it got so spread out that I felt that for me to attempt to produce, direct and appear in it would be really difficult.

Ashley said that the original intention was for the lead characters to discover the people living underwater, and "for the most part they were going to be topless". They wanted to cast Wayne, and one of his requirements was that the film be made PG. They increased the budget and cast another relatively well known name, George Nader. The film did not do well financially, something Ashley chiefly attributed to the PG rating. But watching it is like watching slow motion.

The Woman Hunt A foreign correspondent is kidnapped and used for human prey. The Hot Box The Twilight People Beast of the Yellow Night Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Vic Mathias John Ashley East Eddie Lenore Stevens Kathy Vernon George Nader The Mate Andres Centenera Edit Storyline A band of adventurers invade a native island determined to grab a reported fortune in buried treasure. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The film did not do well financially, something John Ashley chiefly attributed to the PG rating. But watching it is like watching slow motion.