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God does not make demands that leave us in some kind of vacuum. Peter asked Jesus what reward would be given those who had left all things for Him and Jesus answered, "Everyone who has left houses, brothers, sisters, father, mother, children or lands for the sake of my name will be repaid a hundred times over and also inherit eternal life.

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Those who have been called to this witnessing role are not deprived of love, comfort or joy. They merely find these gifts on a more spiritual and lasting level. Their personalities are not destroyed in some sacrificial act of piety, but developed and made beautiful by the grace of God constantly being poured into their emptying vessels.

Grace builds on nature and, contrary to popular belief, those called by God to be holy in this special way find their identity, fulfill their life, love without limit and are free of attachments. They are not afraid to know themselves, for self-knowledge makes them humble enough and wise enough to realize how very much they need God as Savior and Lord. These thoughts are not poetic ramblings about some impossible ideal, but the obligation of everyone to whom God has given a religious vocation. It is for His Glory they are to "shine like stars", not their own.

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A religious is a special envoy from God to the world and irrespective of the mission entrusted to them, their union with God is their greatest work. This role is more important than any amount of work accomplished and we find this explained by Jesus when He said, "If you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask what you will and you shall get it.

It is to the glory of my Father that you should bear much fruit and then you will be my disciples.

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We cannot give what we do not possess. It is not enough to be servants who distribute the Master's goods. Whatever mission flows from that wellspring of holiness is secondary. Whether that mission is teaching, nursing, social work or intercessory contemplative prayer, it cannot be substituted for the witnessing role of a life of holiness.

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The Father is glorified when a poor weak creature, made in His image, yields itself so completely to the sanctifying power of the Spirit, that a "reflection turns to transformation. We have been promised by Jesus that we would always have in our midst disciples whose lives would prove His love and Lordship.

Without this union with God, the religious only fulfills part of his vocation, and may one day see the reality behind St.

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Men climb mountains, scale heights, venture into the unexplored to prove to other men it can be done. Let us look briefly and see how the Spirit works in the soul that has been chosen for this way of life.

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The Vow of Poverty purifies the faculty of the intellect promoting a growth in Faith and producing the fruit of detachment, patience, humility and long-suffering. Though there are few religious who suffer from want, their Vow of Poverty obliges them to give all they possess to the religious family they join. It is a total dependence on a community for every need in life and a deterrent against greed, superfluities, avarice and worldliness. The renunciation of these interior rights to possess, frees the soul from complicated ambitions and goals that weigh the soul down like a ball and chain.

The intellect is free to ponder the mysteries of God for it is no longer entangled in the reasoning, cunning and shrewd intellectual battles that occupy the mind as it seeks to keep what it possesses and acquire more. Mutual forbearance of human weaknesses is a major part of the Vow of Poverty for it makes one forget oneself for the good of others.

The constant demand to change is to empty oneself like Jesus did. Content is added each month.

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Decide what to teach Review monthly doctrinal topics and available outlines. Seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost. Counsel with leaders, young women, and parents.

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Make a plan Pray for inspiration. Think about the young women and their experiences and circumstances. Study the resources and select activities. Help them learn, let them teach Engage the youth. Adapt your plan according to needs. Invite action and application. Download Videos Teachers are strongly encouraged to download videos before coming to church see instructions for downloading.