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A " trackway " is set of footprints in soft earth left by a life-form; animal tracks are the footprints, hoofprints, or pawprints of an animal. Footprints can be followed when tracking during a hunt or can provide evidence of activities.

Some footprints remain unexplained, with several famous stories from mythology and legend. Others have provided evidence of prehistoric life and behaviours. The print left behind at a crime scene can give vital evidence to the perpetrator of the crime.

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Shoes have many different prints based on the sole design and the wear that it has received — this can help to identify suspects. Analysis of footprints and shoeprints is a specialist part of forensic science. Some detective work is relatively immediate, with criminals being tracked by the footprints they left in the snow leading from the crime scene to their home or hiding place.

This is usually reported as a humorous story in news publications. Footprints can also allow the detective to find the approximate height from, [4] footprint and shoeprint. Friction ridge skin present on the soles of the feet and toes plantar surfaces is as unique in its ridge detail as are the fingers and palms palmar surfaces. When recovered at crime scenes or on items of evidence, sole and toe impressions can be used in the same manner as finger and palm prints to effect identifications.

Footprint toe and sole friction ridge skin evidence has been admitted in courts in the United States since The footprints of infants, along with the thumb or index finger prints of mothers, are still commonly recorded in hospitals to assist in verifying the identity of infants. Often, the only identifiable ridge detail that can be seen on a baby's foot is from the large toe or adjacent to the large toe. This version does not appear to have re-emerged later. In , additional appearances occurred: In January, , the Opelousas, Louisiana, Daily World published a near exact Carty version but with a "My dear child" mutation at the end, and no attribution.

In March, the Winona Times presented a Powers-like version with "a certain elderly man He was "sorely troubled and his life had been at its saddest and lowest ebb.

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The March, issue of Liguorian , a monthly publication of the Catholic Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer , published a complete, nearly unmodified first-person version following Carty, but attributed to "Author Unknown". Christian televangelist and columnist Robert Schuller noted in his column that a reader had sent him a story; it is unclear whether the version presented in the column—which casts a "pilgrim" as the human character—was used verbatim or was rewritten by Schuller: In April, , the Havre Daily News in Montana published a variant of the Carty version told in first person with slightly different punctuation and a "never, never" alteration to match the "precious, precious child" of the previous sentence.

The author of the local weekly column noted that it had been supplied by a friend who had "first heard [it] when Paul Harvey quoted it on his radio program. No recordings or transcriptions of Mr.

Harvey's daily radio news and commentary broadcasts are known to have survived. A verbatim copy of the Havre instance ran in a small, inmate-produced newsletter published by the Napa State Hospital , in July, Advice columnist Ann Landers [35] published an exact copy of the Stevenson version in July, The column indicates that the correspondent who provided the work, claims to have carried a tattered copy around "for years" with no further explanation of its publication source.

She printed the piece again in late February in response to reader demand and noted that it had also appeared in Reader's Digest. Christian televangelist Jerry Falwell 's biography, Jerry Falwell: Aflame for God , opens a chapter with an expanded "a man dreamed" version. Humorist and columnist Erma Bombeck [38] published a condensed version of Stevenson's variant in July During the United States presidential campaign, Ronald Reagan used a variant of "Footprints", with himself as the human, as the closing lines in an August speech to evangelical leaders in Dallas, Texas.

In , Cristy Lane released country gospel version of the song called "Footprints in the Sand". The song peaked at No. In , Ken Brown published a version of the poem in rhyme and rhythm as opposed to the more commonly known free form versions popular today. In the song, the Lord explains the fact that there is only one set of footprints this way: The poem was used in the memorial service for Air France Flight on 3 June In , a larger-than-life sculpture inspired by the poem was installed at Pippen Memorial Park in Carthage, Texas.

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