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How do musicians play and talk to audiences? Why do audiences listen and what happens when they talk back? How do new and old technologies affect this interplay? This book presents a long overdue examination of the turbulent relationship between musicians and audiences. Focusing on a range of….

While attention has been paid to various aspects of music education in China, to date no single publication has systematically addressed the complex interplay of sociopolitical transformations underlying the development of popular music and music education in the multilevel culture of China. Of the four works, it is the only one that has not been thoroughly analysed from the composer's sketches and….

Hardback — Routledge Landmarks in Music Since Whilst Contemporary Worship Music arose out of a desire to relate the music of the church to the music of everyday life, this function can quickly be called into question by the diversity of musical lives present in contemporary society. Its blend of virtuosic…. Edited by Gavin Dixon. Alfred Schnittke was arguably the most important Russian composer since Shostakovich, and his music has generated a great deal of academic interest in the years since his death.

Schnittke Studies provides a variety of perspectives on the composer and his music. The field is currently…. Edited by James A.

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What a scene for a painter! Edited by Kirsten Gibson , ian Biddle. Cultural Histories of Noise, Sound and Listening in Europe, presents a range of historical case studies on the sounding worlds of the European past. The chapters in this volume explore ways of thinking about sound historically, and seek to understand how people have understood and…. By Rebecca M Rinsema. In an age when students come to class with more varied music listening preferences and experiences than ever before, music educators can find themselves at a loss for how to connect with their students.

Listening in Action provides the beginnings of a solution to this problem by characterizing…. Nineteenth-century British periodicals for girls and women offer a wealth of material to understand how girls and women fit into their social and cultural worlds, of which music making was an important part. The Girl's Own Paper, first published in , stands out because of its rich musical…. Pierre Boulez's first piano pieces date from his youth, prior to his studies in Paris with Messiaen, and his subsequent meteoric rise to international acclaim as the leader of the musical avant-garde during the s.

This book explores how the Enlightenment aesthetics of theater as a moral institution influenced cultural politics and operatic developments in Vienna between the mid-eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Moralistic viewpoints were particularly important in eighteenth-century debates about….

Edited by Esti Sheinberg. Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, who published both the first and the second editions, raised several unsolved questions regarding this opus. Few operas composed since the s have received such numerous productions, bringing the eclectic score to a global audience. The flourishing of religious or spiritually-inspired music in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries remains largely unexplored. The engagement and tensions between modernism and tradition, and institutionalized religion and spirituality are inherent issues for many composers who have….

Flamenco, Regionalism and Musical Heritage in Southern Spain explores the relationship between regional identity politics and flamenco in Andalusia, the southernmost autonomous community of Spain. In recent years, the Andalusian Government has embarked on an ambitious project aimed at developing…. Edited by Florian Heesch , Niall Scott.

Heavy Metal, Gender and Sexuality brings together a collection of original, interdisciplinary, critical essays exploring the negotiated place of gender and sexuality in heavy metal music and its culture. Scholars debate the current state of play concerning masculinities, femininities, queerness,…. Performing arts in most parts of Maritime Southeast Asia are seen as an entity, where music and dance, sound and movement, acoustic and tactile elements intermingle and complement each other.

Although this fact is widely known and referenced, most scholarly works in the performing arts so far have…. Long remembered chiefly for its modernist exhibitions on the South Bank in London, the Festival of Britain also showcased British artistic creativity in all its forms. In Tonic to the Nation, Nathaniel G. Lew tells the story of the English classical music and opera composed and revived for the…. What does it mean to talk about musical coherence at the end of a century characterised by fragmentation and discontinuity?

How can the diverse influences which stand behind the works of many late twentieth-century composers be reconciled with the singular immediacy of the experiences that they can…. Edited by Andrew King , Evangelos Himonides. The use of technology in music and education can no longer be described as a recent development. Music learners actively engage with technology in their music making, regardless of the opportunities afforded to them in formal settings.

This volume draws together critical perspectives in three…. In the age of digital music it seems striking that so many of us still want to produce music concretely with our bodies, through the movement of our limbs, lungs and fingers, in contact with those materials and objects which are capable of producing sounds. The huge sales figures of musical…. Edited by Elizabeth Haddon , Pamela Burnard.

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This edited volume explores how selected researchers, students and academics name and frame creative teaching and learning as constructed through the rationalities, practices, relationships, events, objects and systems that are brought to educational sites and developed by learning communities. Edited by Sai Felicia Krishna-Hensel. The post-communist development of media systems has been uneven in the countries of the region. Television and newspapers, together with the emergence of social media, have had great influence on the political debate in various countries.

Ownership of the media has been a factor in many instances. Edited by Cliff DuRand. The book speaks to the widespread quest for concrete alternative ways forward 'beyond capitalism' in the face of the prevailing corporatocracy and a capitalist system in crisis. It examines a number of institutions and practices now being built in the nooks and crannies of present societies and…. While the military use of drones has been the subject of much scrutiny, the use of drones for humanitarian purposes has so far received little attention.

As the starting point for this study, it is argued that the prospect of using drones for humanitarian and other life-saving activities has…. Edited by Sergei Prozorov , Simona Rentea. The problematic of biopolitics has become increasingly important in the social sciences. By Iulian Chifu , Simona Tutuianu. This book is a very timely account of the legal, economic and political consequences for border states caught in the current tug-of-war between the West and Russia.

Many researchers and China observers would agree that understanding how China pursues global communication is critical for assessing its growing soft power. While soft power as a concept has, in many ways, become almost inextricably linked with the PRC's People's Republic of China international…. Chou shows how these assumptions have inhibited commentators…. This critical analysis of internal Palestinian politics in the West Bank traces the re-emergence of the Palestinian Authority's established elite in the aftermath of…. The European Neighbourhood Policy ENP has evolved into one of the European Union's major foreign policy instruments and received considerable attention.

The Arab uprisings, civil wars in Libya and…. Exploring recent configurations of social relations in post-socialist, post-war, post-Yugoslav Bosnia and Herzegovina this collection of ethnographic research turns an analytical lens on questions of sociality. Contributions based on long-term, in-depth research projects explore how people in…. Hardback — Routledge Southeast European Studies. Edited by Arita Holmberg , Jan Hallenberg. This book delivers on two analytical levels.

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First, it is a broad study of Sweden as an international actor, an actor that at least for a brief period tried to play a different international role than that to which it was accustomed. Second, the book problematizes the role of international military…. However, the worldwide economic crisis that unfolded in put the whole economic integration process in question, the European project in jeopardy and the euro under pressure, with serious….

Ethnic and tribal loyalties in Afghanistan provided the lethal cocktail for the violent conflict that engulfed the country following the collapse of the Soviet backed government in The ensuing fighting between mujahideen groups paved the way for the tectonic social and political shifts, which…. By Olaf Kaltmeier , Mario Rufer. Relying on the concept of a shared history, this book argues that we can speak of a shared heritage that is common in terms of the basic grammar of heritage and articulated histories, but divided alongside the basic difference between colonizers and colonized.

This problematic is also evident in…. Hardback — Routledge InterAmerican Research: The Kurdish people and the Kurdish Regional Government faced huge challenges rebuilding their nation and identity after the atrocities and human rights abuses committed by Saddam Hussein and his regime. In a new Iraqi constitution recognized as genocide the persecution of Faylee Kurds, the…. Joao Carlos Espada's provocative survey of a group of key Anglo-American and European political thinkers argues that there is a distinctive, Anglo-American tradition of liberty that is one of the core pillars of the Free World.

Giving a broad overview of the tradition through summaries of the…. Koivula examines the discursive space related to the use of military force by the European Union EU. By examining the EU's relationship to its use of military force during the course of its history and by demonstrating that the contemporary discursive space of the EU military dimension is….

This book investigates civil society regionalization in Southern Africa. The point of departure is the study of 'new regionalism', which refers to the wave of regional integration globally since the s. However, whilst the current regionalism studies undoubtedly contributes to a deeper…. By Marcia Byrom Hartwell.

This book begins discussion at a point where many civil—military conversations end. Hartwell identifies underlying dynamics, key issues, and challenges that civilian and military organizations encounter when negotiating their roles in real and virtual volatile environments. Rodnoverie was one of the first new religious movements to emerge following the collapse of the Soviet Union, its development providing an important lens through which to view changes in post-Soviet religious and political life.

Rodnovers view social and political issues as inseparably linked to…. Hardback — Routledge Studies in Contemporary Russia. Edited by Alison J. This new handbook is about the practices of conducting research on military issues. As an edited collection, it brings together an extensive group of authors from a range of disciplinary perspectives whose chapters engage with the conceptual, practical and political questions raised when doing….

Edited by Maryemma Graham , Wilfried Raussert. A superb combination of focused case studies and high level conceptual thinking, this volume is an important monument in the ongoing development of Inter-American studies The articles gathered here closely examine a wide variety of cultural phenomena implicated in the 'entanglements' which have…. By Rico Isaacs , Abel Polese. Nation-building as a process is never complete and issues related to identity, nation, state and regime-building are recurrent in the post-Soviet region.

This comparative, inter-disciplinary volume explores how nation-building tools emerged and evolved over the last twenty years. Hardback — Routledge Post-Soviet Politics. This books both redresses a lacuna in Barth scholarship and offers an analysis of a christological theme with growing ecumenical consensus.

Previous studies of Barth's Christology have failed to provide adequate analysis of the prophetic office. Through attention to Barth's construction of Jesus'…. Edited by Eugene V. Rather than being ephemeral fads, new religious movements NRMs have always been and will always be with us. So will their study.

Offering an assessment of the state-of-the-field of the study of NRMs, Visioning New and Minority Religions begins by considering the analytical tools for the study of…. Offering an assessment of several important topics in the study of new religions, this book explores developments in well-known groups such as the….

The heart of his account lies in his foundational doctrine of spiritual perception where he locates the psychological core of the…. Edited by Andrew Parker , Nick J. Watson , John B. This ground-breaking book provides an in-depth analysis of the theory and practice of sports chaplaincy in a global context. Written in an accessible style, yet based on academic evidence and theory, the contributors include those leading major national chaplaincy organisations located in the UK,….

Paperback — Routledge. An important reconceptualisation is taking place in the way people express creativity, work together, and engage in labour; particularly, suggests Kidwell, a surprising resurgence in recent years of manual and craft work. Noting the wide array of outlets that now market hand-made goods and the…. All too often religion is largely ignored as a driver of identity formation in the European context, whereas in reality Christian Churches are central players in European identity formation at the national and continental level. Christian Churches in European Integration challenges this tendency,….

Edited by Thomas Hughson. Advancing strong, scholarly discussion on the Holy Spirit and the church in the context of the ecumenical movement, six theologians in five different churches offer new theological and pastoral insights into the work of the Holy Spirit in the churches of Christianity, in ecumenism, and in witness.

Hardback — Routledge Routledge Contemporary Ecclesiology. Exile constitutes one of the most central experiences in the Bible, notably in the book of Genesis. The question has rarely been asked however as to why exile plays such an important role in the lives of Biblical characters. Biblical Portraits of Exile proposes a philosophical reading largely…. Edited by Christopher R. Brewer , Robert MacSwain.

In the ancient conversation between Western philosophy and Christian theology, powerful contemporary voices are arguing for monologue rather than dialogue. Instead of these two disciplines learning from and mutually informing each other, both philosophers and theologians are increasingly…. Edited by Ezra Chitando , Adriaan van Klinken. Issues of homosexuality are the subject of public and political controversy in many African societies today.

Frequently, these controversies receive widespread attention both locally and globally, such as with the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. In the international media, these cases tend to be….

Hardback — Routledge Religion in Modern Africa. Edited by Andrew Picard , Myk Habets. The Christian gospel compels humanity to embrace deeper ways of being human together that will overcome false divisions and exclusions in search of flourishing and graced communities. Presenting both short narratives emerging out of theological reflection on experience and analytical essays arising…. By Erkki Vesa Rope Kojonen. The controversy over Intelligent Design ID has now continued for over two decades, with no signs of ending.

For its defenders, ID is revolutionary new science, and its opposition is merely ideological. For its critics, ID is both bad science and bad theology. But the polemical nature of the…. A vibrant critical exchange between contemporary art and Christianity is being increasingly prompted by an expanding programme of art installations and commissions for ecclesiastical spaces. Rather than 'religious art' reflecting Christian ideology, current practices frequently initiate projects….

Edited by Adriaan van Klinken , Ezra Chitando. Issues of same-sex relationships and gay and lesbian rights are the subject of public and political controversy in many African societies today. Edited by James L. Cox , Adam Possamai. Offering a significant contribution to the emerging field of 'Non-Religion Studies', Religion and Non-Religion among Australian Aboriginal Peoples draws on Australian Census statistics to ask whether the Indigenous Australian population, like the wider Australian society, is becoming….

Hardback — Routledge Vitality of Indigenous Religions. The contemporary Church of England is wrestling with issues around the relationship between its worship and mission and relating both to wider society. Much of this hinges on an understanding of the nature of the Church. Gabriel Hebert's seminal book Liturgy and Society took as its subtitle,…. Classic natural theology in its logical, rational, Aristotelian presentation has encountered an impasse.

Since the Enlightenment, nature has ceased to be a vital topic in theological discussions until a recent revival of interest stemming from ecological and feminist concerns.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

Evil perplexes us all and threatens to undermine the meaningfulness of our existence. How can we reconcile the reality of evil with the notion of a God who is perfectly good and powerful? Process theodicy, whose foremost proponent is David Griffin, suggests one answer: This landmark study in the sociology of religion sheds new light on the question of what has happened to religion and spirituality since the s in modern societies. Theory and Philosophy in Education Research: Methodological Dialogues is ideal reading for new education researchers - and those who are not so new.

The dialogic structure provides an innovative scaffold into further reading about theory and research. Scott Webster Chapter 2 — Theory as research: Philosophical work in education Peter Roberts Chapter 3 — Michael Apple on praxis, rhetoric and educational research: In dialogue with Steven Stolz Steven A. Biesta Chapter 5 — Penny Enslin on liberal feminism, justice and education: Peters Chapter 9 — Richard Pring on making research educational research: Irena Bauman is a practising architect and a founding director of Bauman Lyons Architects.

Her practice and research are concerned with how architecture and architectural thinking can facilitate local communities to mitigate, adapt and become more resilient to the uncertainties that lie ahead. Her practice experiments with behaviour change needed to achieve greater social justice and a more sustainable society.

Ranald Lawrence is a lecturer in environmental design at Sheffield School of Architecture. His background in architectural practice informs his teaching and research, focusing on environmental performance, energy consumption and user behaviour in the context of climate change.

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He has worked for several award-winning architectural practices, and taught and published on the history of environmental design, adaptive comfort theory and the implications of the use of technology in buildings. Prior to joining the University of Sheffield, Ranald lectured in the Department of Architecture at Cambridge while completing his PhD on environmental design strategies in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century buildings.

His current research investigates how architects contribute to sustainable adaptation in different cultures and climates, including the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Her cross-disciplinary research addresses outstanding questions in architecture and urban planning, focusing on issues of civic participation and gender and the relations between coproduction, urban commons and resilience.

She is currently working on an authored book: Questioning Contemporary Practice forthcoming Learn More about VitalSource Bookshelf.

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