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Chedorlaomer and his army marched from Mesopotamia, and nowhere does Scripture relate they settled in the land. In fact, they continued their march up the Eastern banks of the Jordan after their victory in the Vale of Siddim. Abraham caught up to them, and slaughtered them as far as Dan, scattering them to only God knows where.

The destruction in Genesis, and the destruction in Deuteronomy, are assumed by many scholars to be the same. However, the wording of Scripture may indicate two separate defeats of the these people.

The Rephaim – Who were they?

Regardless, after Chederlaomer's defeat they were severely crippled, and lost the overpowering influence they once possessed. This passage does attest to the fact that the descendants of the Nephilim; the Anakim, Rephaim, Zamzummin, and Emim, were in existence dating back to the time of Abraham. They lived throughout the land of Canaan, and were still regarded by God as exceedingly wicked. In fact, many scholars claim Canaan was a land of giants leading up to, and sometime after, Abraham's arrival.

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Perhaps this was God's reason for calling Abraham to the land of Canaan. Even during the lifetime of Moses, approximately years after Abraham, the land was full of huge people. Moses' spies reported back they "appeared like grasshoppers" compared to the locals. God would eventually establish His Kingdom through Abraham, and would use the Israelites to destroy the remaining Nephilim influence which so dominated Canaan.

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This theory would be in accordance with the passage from Deuteronomy 9 above, where God says its not because of Israel's righteousness He is giving them the land. Instead, it was due to the wickedness of its current inhabitants, which God saw necessary to eliminate. Critics of the Bible have often pointed to the Old Testament God as being a God of wrath, jealousy, murder, and genocide. His treatment of the Canaanites has been a source of controversy over the years amongst scholars.

Yet, if in fact the Nephilim, or their descendants, were still living in Canaan , their influence would have been dominating, and their wickedness from the days of Noah continued, though on a much smaller scale. When one considers the worldwide wickedness perpetrated by the Genesis Nephilim, it is not hard to fathom a similar control exerted over the "human" inhabitants of Canaan. Rather on a worldwide scale, perhaps Satan sought to slip under God's radar by limiting his evil influence to the land of Canaan.

The wickedness soon spread to the entire region, thus God's necessity in destroying all Canaanites, lest some more Nephilim slip through the cracks. This, of course, raises the question as to how they escaped God's wrath initially.

Rephaim meaning

Refer to Schembrie's theory as one possible explanation. Regardless, God's treatment of the Canaanites was justified by their atrocious wickedness, and their willingness to follow after the Nephilim's descendants. A passage from the second chapter of Deuteronomy seems to confuse the Rephaim's identity.

With close examination, however, it may shed some light on their identity.

Like the Anakim, they are regarded as Rephaim, but the Moabites call them Emim. At first glance it would seem these beings, along with the Anakim and Emim, were different appellations for the same group of people.

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They were all "regarded" as Rephaim. Though these groups were indeed very closely related, they were different factions of descendants from the Nephilim. This verse, then, seems to muddy the already muddied waters. One must look at the Hebrew word translated "regarded".

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The Hebrew word is "Chashab". According to Spiro Zodhiates, this word is used times in the Old Testament. Chashab literally means to count, to count for, to impute, to esteem, to reckon. The fundamental idea of Chashab is that of "using the mind in the activity of thinking". With this interpretation, then, these three groups were not meant to be figured as the same group of people. They are led by the Sargas family , which has two blood-sovereigns, Nashira and Gomeisa Sargas.

Encyclopedia Judaica: Rephaim

Nashira is the Suzerain behind the puppet government of Scion. Rephaim are biologically immortal humanoids, known to feed on the aura of clairvoyant humans. Their spoken history has been distorted, but they are thought to have been in the Netherworld for "time immemorial". Instead, they emerge from the Netherworld fully formed.

When Warden called Thuban a "child," he meant he was inexperienced, not because of his age in years. Archer, and Bruce K. Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. Of Dead Kings and Dirges: Myth and Meaning in Isaiah Suriano The Politics of Dead Kings: Dynastic Ancestors in the Book of The equation of the Rephaim as dead Schmidt Israel's beneficent dead: De Moor's theory comprises the most compelling and thoroughgoing proposal to date.

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