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How to Write & Draw Comics

Sign up now and get more tutorials and bonus content! Thanks for all your tips Palle really appreciate it and helps tremendously. Can i make the script of the first act first and start drawing actual comic pages and after that write act 2 and draw..

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I always recommend you do an entire script — beginning, middle, end — before you start drawing. If you must, do a few random pages just to see and feel what it will look like, then go back and write it out. Simple, clear, and concise. I appreciate how you explained the appearance of light and shadow on the human face.

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This has helped me very much. I obvouiusly drew it like that on purpose to make a point. But without really changing the expression of the character, I can easily make it more interesting to look at, by adding some dramatic shadows. Downlit The safest way to apply shadow, is under all the features of the face that extrude — The chin, the nose, the eyebrows and in this case, the hair. Sidelit One of the most used ways of shading is the light from one side.

Shadow Face Drawing

Double-lit Almost the same as above, only with a second light source, to make the face seem three-dimensional and add to the atmosphere. Makes it look like you are the best artist in the world!

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Subscribe to our mailing list. Great post to quickly reference! How about making a similar post for the body? Palle Schmidt April 12, at Piotr October 9, at 9: Hill February 16, at This is what i needed.

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  8. Now my shading will be better. Streaming and Download help. If you like The Greys, you may also like:. Everywhere at the end of time by The Caretaker. Hits very close to home for me and my family history.

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