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Every eftorl has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this data as of the date of testing. Performance may vary among samples. We created our new line of laser printers under very strict guidelines. Introducing Star's LS-5 series of laser printers.

Our mission was to produce a line of lasers that pos- sessed the very same attributes: The result is a family of laser printers of uncompromis- ing quality yet outstanding value. The LS-5 series has all the features you'd expect from a high-end printer: Plus, the added assurance of Star's TWo Year Warranty With so many features at such an affordable price, you're sure to be hearing a lot about the LS And judging by our past successes, reading about it, too. For a brochure or your nearest Star dealer, call You can add anoth- er slimline or half-height device to the system cabinet.

The front- mounted keyboard and mouse ports offer easy access as well. The very comfortable -key keyboard features illuminated lock indicators as well as dedicat- ed editing, cursor, and numeric keypads in addition to 12 top- mounted function keys. The key- board has an audible click and ex- ceptionaliy fast action.

JohnLock comic

Chatswoim, CA List price: Numeric- and text-intensive tasks ran effortless- ly, as well as the more demand- ing graphics, DTP, and art and design programs I tried. Since the gradients must be calculated on the fly. If that's not enough memory, you can expand RAfv! The Intel CPU provides its own inter- nal 8K cache, but the Legend also supports external cache memory expansion on the motherboard to 64K.

There's plenty of potential here for boosting the system's capabilities. You can ex- pand the video RAM to 1MB, which will speed up video proc- essing and increase the color pal- ette from 16 colors to colors in X mode. The Legend comes with a comfortable key keyboard sporting 12 function keys in addition to illuminated lock indica- tors and dedicated cursor, edit- ing, and numeric keypads. I found the tactile feedback excel- lent, and if you're like most users. Just write in Ihe numbers of Ihe 3 laserdiscs you want for SI.

Free Magazine sent every lour weeks up to 13 times a year reviewing our Director's Seleclion- pius scores o ailernale choices, including many lower-priced laserdiscs. And you may also receive Special Selection mailings up to four times a year Thai's up to 17 buying opportunities a year Buy only whiat you want!

And you'll always have 14 days to decide; il not, you may return the selection at our expense. If you continue your membership after lulfilling your obiigalion, you'll be eligible lor our generous bonus plan.

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It enables you to en oy great savings on the movies you want— for as long as you decide to remain a member! We'll send details of Ihe Club's operation with your introductory package. If not satisfied, return everything within 10 days lor a full rotund and no further obligation For fastest service, use a credit card and call us loll free 24 hours a day: One Person at a Time. As o member, I reed buy only 2 more selections, at regular Club prices, within the coming year. Send me these 2 laserdiscs for S 1.

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Today's applications require lots of hard drive space, and the Legend obliges with a MB IDE hard drive featuring a ms access time. Since virtually everything is al- ready installed and loaded on the system, setup is simply a matter of taking the Legend out of the box, attaching the cables, plugging it in, and turning it on. I rate the documentation very good in its scope, organization, and clarity; you'll probably need it only for occasional reference.

Street prices can be considera- bly lower than list prices. Shopping around heips you find the best price. Because computer technology evolves so rapidly, a product may have changed by the time our re- view sees print.

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Verify configura- tion details with manufacturers or vendors before you buy Because consumers are more so- phisticated than ever about what they want in computer products and because manufacturers have responded with more options and configurations than ever, one com- puter model may be subject to doz- ens of variations, each with a slight- ly different price.

At COMPUTE, we make every ef- fort to verify prices and differentiate between the price for a review con- figuration and the price for a stan- dard configuration. The list price we present is usually for a standard configuration. It's still a good idea, however, to call the manufacturer or vendor to make sure that the con- figuration you want matches ttie price you have in mind. The motherboard isn't as highly integrated as those on some of the other machines covered here, which permits some customization and flexibility in the configuration, although this Is at the expense of the expansion slots.

We're usually a little more modest. But we couldn't help feeling proud of what this team has created — a pro- fessional, reliable Bulletin Board System — that you can relate to. We went all out to make your life as Sysop easier, too. Installation is super-easy, with automatic modem detection and customization utili- ties. Fully configurable menus, screens, prompts, help messages, and user accounting options. Add-on options include advanced LAN support. The design is well thought out from a human point of view. The documentation is thorough and comprehensive, yet '"reader- friendly".

World-class tech support is just a phone call away. We want your business. Call now and we'll send you literature and a free demo disk. Hold on tightly to your PC. And get ready to take the ride of your life. A ride through the galaxies, and to the great wonders of the world.

Sherlock Holmes Crime Alleys PDF Download

A ride so exciting, it'll leave you gasping for breath, and in wonder. And all this Multimedia power comes in one package. Multimedia Gallery also includes stereo speakers, stereo head- phones, an audio board with SCSI interface, and everything needed for easy installation. It pro- vides very basic generic informa- tion about unpacking and setting up the machine. By generic, I mean simply that the information contained in the booklet could ap- ply to virtually any computer, Kloni- mus or not.

I found no machine- specific material in this booklet. To augment the Getting Start- ed booklet, Klonimus ships the OEM Original Equipment Manu- facturer documentation for the de- vices or components used in the completed system. The performance of the Kloni- mus was lackluster, to say the least. Many of the applications I ran during the review process moved along at a snail's pace, es- pecially in Windows, when com- pared with performance on the oth- er systems covered here.

I can't offer any explanation for this, but I suspect that the motherboard's nonintegration and slow floppy drives were major contributors to the system's slow performance. Buying a computer often in- volves a series of trade-offs, es- pecially when you place price high on your list. If you're a power user looking to upgrade to a high- performance SX system, you might want to continue your search for a machine to purchase.

It stands for Direct Bus, Swan's own combination of local bus architecture with the S3 video accelerator chip. While this results in incredibly fast video perform- ance, it's just one of the many note- worthy features of this machine. Just in case you decide you might need more computing power later, there's a socket for adding a Weitek math coprocessor, and the motherboard can accom- modate up to 64MB of RAM direct- ly.

I highly recommend the noninter- laced monitor, however; it's well worth the additional cost, especial- ly since Swan designed tfiis en- tire system with optimized video performance in mind. Since the Direct Bus architecture offers a bit path and runs at the same speed as the CPU, there are no wait states in video memory. To give the video performance an additional boost, Swan uses the 86C chip from S3 Corpo- ration, a second-generation accel- erated video engine.

Unfortunately, to get "extra value" on those networks you'll have to pay extra. That's why DELPHI'S membership plans include access to tens of thousands of downloadable files, "chat" lines with hundreds of participants, exciting multi-player games, computer support, and special interest groups for almost every type of hobby. Of course, there's also news, electronic mail, and all the other basic features you expect from a quality online service.

Rjli's tire current js of October 2S, 1 Additional time is only SI. Rates apply for evening and weekend access from within the mainland 48 states. Join today through this special trial offer and get 5 hours of evening and weekend access for FREE. All of the cases pro- vide ample room for adding peripherals and media devices. While the video attributes. I found the documenta- tion beyond reproach in any re- spect — thoroughly indexed and It III itta With today's operating environ- ments and software all directed to- ward GUIs, it makes sense to con- sider the video performance of a computer system as an increasing- ly important factor.

Never again delete or change anything accidentally Keep out snoops, thieves, vandals. And prevent virus attacks. All at one low price! The SX system case af- fords acceptable expansion pos- sibilities despite its compact size. Thanks to a highly integrated moth- erboard, there are three full bit expansion slots available for add- ing user-installed peripherals. Fort Worth, TX ! There's room in this system box for you to add two storage devices to the 1. The built-in Super VGA video adapter with its standard config- uration of K of video RAM yields noninterlaced x and x graphics modes with color palettes.

A Tandy two-button mouse comes supplied with the unit for accessing GUI-based applica- tions. With features like multiple open applica- tions and background printing. Maybe even the ability to maintain your host con- nection while you work on something else. Which means you also need to learn enough to get a pilot's license. And spend enough on hardware and software for a down payment on a jet. It's 1 in task switching software. Software Carousel got to be a best- seller because it works.

Day in and day out. Simply load your programs as usual in individual Software Carousel work areas it handles up to Then switch instantly from one to another with just a keystroke. Each program gets as much RAM as it needs. And all your programs look and act just like they always did. Best of all, nearly any program that now runs on your PC will work with Software Carousel. Even RAM resident utilities, graphics programs and network software. And Software Carousel works on all types of PCs. So you can have the kind of multi-application capability you want, without buying anything new.

Product details

One that quickly takes over your printing jobs by accepting all the output bound for the printer, then sending it to the printer as fast as it can take it. While your printer keeps running, you can keep working in rhe same application. Or switch to another Software Carousel work area running a different application No more wasted time waiting for your printer.

No more lost productivity. A network idea whose time has come. OLE even makes sure that incoming data is received, even though your PC may be occupied with another application.! And OLE worb with all kinds of connection software. Including IBM, Attachmate, and others. Without changes to your hardware or software. Even the experts agree. This package has become an essential tool and one that I strongly recommend. Take off today with Software CaiDusel. Circle Reader Service Number Available at software dealers everywhere.

Unfortu- nately, when the computer ar- rived, some of tfie keys fiad fall- en off. To help you get off to a productive start as soon as you power the sys- tem up, Tandy also gives you Microsoft Works for Windows 2,0 as part of its bundle. I usually find Tandy's documen- tation quite good, and the SX User's Guide and other accom- panying documentation doesn't disappoint me. The material is log- ically organized and well in- dexed, making it easy to find information on particular areas of interest about the system.

The greater the index value, the faster the computer. To enter corTrpleie Ihe entry lorm Of hand prim your name, address, and phone number on a 3" X S " piece of paper. Mail your entry lo: Box , Gibbstown, NJ Limii one entry per person. Entries must be receiveil by March 1 , 1 Odds determined by number of entries received. Sponsors not responsible lor lost, illegible, misdirected, or late entries Winner will be notified in wnting and required to execute and return an alfadavit of eligibility within 2t days of date on notifi- cation letter or an alternate wili be selected. Except where prohibited winner agrees to use of Nis or herliKeness for adver- tising and publicity without added compensation.

Open to residents of Ihe U,S. Employees and their lamilies of General Media, Inc.

Winner releases General Media. All federal, state, and local laws and reguialions apply Prize 1 ; 1 Dodge Dakota Pk;k-Up Truck, estimated retail value, St 9,, Alt taxes, licensing, transportation, dealer prepa- ralinnand additionai equipment charges are winner's responsbitlty. If winner is under 18, prize wiil be awarded! Prize is not Iransferable or redeemable for cash. No substitution of prize except as necessary due to availability.

The Dakota Club Cab is a fun truck that's also capable of serious work: Get Corripute at this great price — 1 year is only S9,97, — that's less than 85e an issue! Cut out this coupon to enter! Enter my name in the Dodge Dakota Sweepstakes and also enter my 1 yr. Dodge Dakota Sweepstakes, Compute. Champion Keep track of your multisized media, desim an eflicient office, and save sgace and money witli ali-in-one iiardware.

Mulfistorage for Multimedia Since multimedia has be- come the catchword for PC us- ers in the s, it only makes sense that manufactur- ers should come up with inno- vative means of storing all those disks, tapes, and car- tridges that have become ne- cessities for computer users. Designed with dif- ferent-sized dividers and tabs, each tray can be custom- ized according to subject.

To find out more, contact Curtis Manufacturing, 30 Fitzgerald Drive. Jaffrey, New Hamp- shire ; For more informa- tion, contact Feliowes Manu- facturing, Norwood Ave- nue, Itasca, Illinois ; Designing Software Now that you have your me- dia organized, what about your office? New from Auto- desk is Office Layout, a PC software package that simpli- fies space planning and inven- tory management. If you're re- sponsibie for space planning in your office or if you work out of your home.

Office Lay- out gives you the tools to pro- duce an accurate space plan quickly and easily — one that can be modified as your space requirements change, The program is also useful for tracking office-equipment loca- tions and other fixed assets. For companies with very small budgets, the program can actually eliminate any need for a professional space planner.

For larger of- fices. Office Layout will help fa- cilitate communication with ar- chitects and planners. Thcprogram has seff-guid- ing menus and online help, so a new user can start creat- ing a space plan within an hour with the more than predrawn precision symbois that include partitions, equip- ment, work surfaces, desks, ta- bles, and chairs.

All are color- coded and available in a range of standard sizes. In ad- dition, you can create custom symbols and add them to your menu for future use. When you're drawing a plan, the program allows you to work on several different lay- ers so the separate elements can easily be identified, and you can zoom in on sections of the drawing for detail work. Each symbol can be tagged with tracking information such as department, user, manufacturer, style, serial num- ber, price, and up to five cus- tom fields of information.

Meas- urements can be displayed to Vi6 inch — precisely enough to create actual layouts. In addition, plans created in Of- fice Layout can be exported to other computer-aided de- sign CAD packages, includ- ing AutoCAD and Au- toSketch, which permits the exchange of files between ar- chitect and client, eliminates the need for redrawing plans, and reduces the chances of making sehous errors. Since you can export phys- ical-asset location information into other programs. Office Layout is very useful for pre- paring critical business re- ports such as inventory man- agement, tax depreciation cal- culations, and insurance as- sessments.

Writers can pick the greatest brains of all time with Quotemaster Plus for Win- dows, the literary quotation re- trieval software package. Quotemaster Plus can search by author or subject, and it lets you add favorite quota- tions. New version features in- clude an interactive interface with the Windows look and feel. Button bars and icons now direct you through quota- tion search steps. If you can't remember an en- tire quote but remember spe- cific words, you just type the words in the word list box, and the resulting search That was Then.

This is Now, New! The importance of learnitig reading, writing and arithmetic hasn't changed. Fortunately, the tools for learning them have! Daridsoii's Kiel IVbrfc 2 uniquely combines a word processor and a fully-equipped paint program, with text-to-. The Creativicy Kit that: Ages 6 to 12 S Mat- Wiinclims nuiltiplication, tlivision, fractions, decimals, and pcrcents.

Your child will iove learning over "50 math facts as well as prolilem-solving skills with the help of the Blasternaut and his sidekick. Computer City and oilier fine retailers. Circle Reader Service Number Davidson. Teaching TooLs I- rom I eachers. MJJver wish you had a personal mentor who could answer all your questions about successfully running your own business? As most successful business owners will tell you, aside from having a great idea, developing a profes- sional and effective business plan is the first major step on your road to success.

The Entrepreneur Business Planner is the most complete easiest-to- use software avail- able to produce your business plan. American Express, and checks accepled. Virgin is a registered trademark of Virgin Enlerprises, Ltd. Ready-Made Sample Modules for 1 types of businesses: Context Sensitive Help Screen — Thai's right!

Now you don't have to wade through one help screen after another to gel the information you need. Pertinent information is intuiliveiy accessed based on where you are in the program when you request help. Status Matrix — This powerful feature makes it easy to organize your research and notes and details your progress as you develop your liLisiness plan.

Import and Export Files from popular word processing software programs lor professional formntteci printed out ii; Beiun. The average time to search a subject is V20 second. If the right word es- capes you, you can try the hierarchical search, which focuses a broad area of interest into specific words and sub- jects that will provide numerous quota- tions on your subject.

For instance, hu- man nature yields the secondary sub- ject competition, which, in turn, yields the word originality, which originates a dozen or more quotes for you to choose from. For more information, contact PennComp, P. Box , Houston, Texas ; Tax Season Returns One of the benefits of having a PC at home is that it can take the drudgery out of preparing your tax return. AM Software's new AM-Tax is designed as an affordable solution for anyone who wants to fill out tax forms more quickly and more accurately. The software comes In versions for both personal and professional use: The update of the software ex- pands printing capabilities, adds more forms, provides an easier and quicker user interface for many func- tions, and increases error checking for certain deduction limitations.

The version adds a K-1 work- sheet that automatically transfers busi- ness partnership data to all appropri- ate forms and schedules. The new update also lets users enter data from multiple W-2s and similar forms at one time without having to return to the main screen. Beginning AM-Tax users pay an initial price for the software pack- age and then pay a lower renewal fee for annual updates. If you create documents from multi- ple sources — whether in text, graphics, image, or facsimile form — you can now access and manipulate information re- gardless of its format.

You can create new documents from this information and then distribute them — all without leaving your PC. At the same time, a col- league can make several copies. Samuel Bleecker, a workplace ex- pert from Boca Raton, Florida, says the office is changing so fast that "by the end of the s, your office may seem more like an information control room than a place to rest your feet or write memos. Integrated products are here, and they will continue to become more and more powerful. The image engine can be removed and used as a hand scanner for news- papers, books, and other noncon- ventional shapes.

It's 87 missions full of the most intense spoce combot octton ever seen on a personal computer. N' iiO mt or FavhH- drrn iMarnrwncied. Stardate On our mission to prevent ptiosphor burn-in Bones said ttie problem was burn-in, and a new screen saver was the: Over 15 all-new displays inspired by the original Star Trek TV series.

And, it runs all After Dark displays! Laurel, New Jersey ; A New Kind of Workhorse Imagine havirig the power and flexibili- ty of six office machines in one desk- top device without sacrificing speed. Thanks to Digital Design, you can. The company's new Gateware Model PC is a combination of PC, laser printer, plain-paper fax machine, scan- ner, digital copier, and modem all rolled into one — without the speed-ne- gating bottleneck of serial and parallel ports. You simply plug in your key- board, monitor, and mouse, and watch the Gateware perform. With this remarkable machine, a Gateware user can issue a single set of directions to extract a document Curtis's Multi Media Disk Box gives you mass storage.

While you're operating the PC, you can receive an incoming fax without interruption. The fax can be viewed, saved, printed, or diverted to another printer without interrupting the current job. The Gateware is easy to cus- tomize and upgrade without adding new hardware. The Artist's Touch Your reports, presentations, and news- letters will project a more professional business image with the artist-drawn electronic clip art Series editions from Masterclip Graphics.

Based on clip art developed for large corporate users, the Series is a set of 24 topical titles, each sold separately. Each Series title contains 50 to 60 fuil-color images relating to a single sub- ject or theme. Since most smaller businesses use a few images for a specific event, report, or presen- tation, the Series product means you don't have to buy thousands of clip art images to get the three or four you want to use. Masterclip artists produce hand- drawn clip vector art which can be recolored, resized, and even changed while maintaining its integrity Most oth- er computer clip art consists of scanned-in images, which lose their integrity, develop jagged lines, and can't be modified.

Masterclip images are full color but can be printed in black-and-white without loss of impact or detail. Suggested retail price for a Se- ries title is S According to David S. Rose, presi- dent of Ex Machina, the agreement with SkyTel means that users of Notifyl- friendly programs on Macs or on PCs using DOS or Windows can now inte- grate their desktop applications with pagers and portable and palmtop com- puters "from Syracuse to Singapore and thousands of points in between.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express and checks accepted. Acquire valuable information from your Mentat. I would like to write a program that would give me the time of day in the major cities of the world. To add cities to the list, simply in- sert as many city names as you like in the data line that represents the cities' time zone. For example, In the first line you would probably want to add Greensboro and Ma- con and any other major cit- ies you can think of that are in the Eastern time zone. The word end is a delimiter that represents the end of one time zone and the beginning of the next.

When you've compiled the program, type zone city, where city stands for the name of the city where you want to know the time. Don't use the cities In the example list as references. East of New- foundland and west of British Columbia, we weren't sure about the layout of time zones. We suspect that there's more than one time zone between Tokyo and Sin- gapore, for example. Whenever I use Diskcopy it takes me three or four passes to copy a high- density disk, whether I've just booted the system or not. If you upgrade to Windows 3. Lack- ing these utilities, many peo- ple create a directory specifi- cally for copying and use the Xcopy command to copy disks.

If you were copying the disk in your A drive, you would use this command. An additional benefit of this process Is that It allows you to copy between different capac- ities and different media, which you can't do with the standard Diskcopy command. Are these disks usable on a clone with its 1. Or do I have to buy an XT to main- tain compatibility? There's some additional wear on the heads, though, be- cause of the coarser medium used on the surface of the K disks. You should use the disks In your high-capaci- ty drive no more than Is abso- lutely necessary.

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Hard disk a bit tight around the waist? Don't spend money on a bigger drive. Cubit compresses all your spreadsheet, data base, word processing and other files. Automatically decompresses files you access, too. Cubit crunches more files onto fewer floppies and backup tapes. Cubit reduces phone line charges because compressed files transfer more quickly.

Once your hard disk files take smaller bytes, you save space and money. Circle Reader Service Number disks onto 1. Since you'll probably install ttie program on your hard disk anyway, you aren 'f likely to use the disks more than once. Utilities Needed 1 need a good assembler and some- thing to capture screens from my PC, Do you have any recommendations? A favorite is Collage Plus from Inner Media.

HiJaak from Inset Systems can not only capture screens but also convert graphics files among many different formats. Computer TV I need to get a videotape of my screen display for training purposes. The product Is called TelevEyes. Massachu- setts or call Do you have a question about hardware or software?

Or have you discovered something that could help other PC us- ers? Suite , Greensboro, North Carolina We regret that we cannot provide person- al replies to technical questions. New York, NY ; South- east—Harriet Ftogers, A St. C, ; i SS Florida— J. Suite , Buriirgan'e, CA ; 34B-fl Suite , Burtingan'e, CA , 4: England, Japan— Inlergroup Ctom- municatcns. Dir , New Business Deveopment: UK and Europe; 14 Lisoar Terrace.

D r Newsstand Crr- cuWion. Newsssano Operations Joe Gallo: Dir Subscription Circulation Diane Worgenihaier. Of course, I'd have to know I was paying the least tax and it'd he perfectly accurate. Key in answers to ttie questions your computer asks. Printandlilel It's guaranteed accurate, and you1l pay as little tax as tlie law allows. You'll have the skill of America's best tax professionals, plus computer power to save you time and money.

Better yet, you'll understand your taxes as you never have before. TaxCut asks you simple Yes-or-No questions right on your computer screen. Based on your answers, TaxCut selects just those questions you must answer to correctly fill cut your return, from the thousands of questions in its database.

As TaxCut learns more about you, it decides which forms you need and fills them out for you. The Interview asks you to key in the relevant numbers from your receipts, forms, etc. After you've answered the questions, TaxCut shows you your completed return on the screen, and prints IRS-approved forms, on plain paper, ready to file. Use the scroll-down list TaxCut shows you to idenhfy the type of record. Then key in the number. TaxCut decides where it should go on your return..

If you prefer, you can go right to the tonus. Simply enter the numbers, and let TaxCut automatically carry the amounts to each relevant fonn. TaxCut will then do all the math. You access what you need to understand through the on-line Help with just a keystroke. Or, go straight to IRS instmctions for what you're trying to do, if you prefer.

Then it compares all your deductions with national averages. The program alerts you to anything that looks out of tine, to reduce the risk of an IRS audit. Guaranteed Accurate TaxCut Is the only software to guarantee the accuracy of its calculations. If the IRS makes you pay a penalty because of a miscalculation in TaxCut, we'll pay that penalty for you. They're all IRS-approved, and print out on plain paper on any printer. Or file electronically for a faster refund. We'll immediately send your two Free gifts: It's an atlas, almanac, and fact book right on your computer. To Order, Call Toll Free ext.

Hard OnvE, Windows 3. Mac Pfus, system 6. Please reserve my copy of TaxCut for the tax year now plus state editions indicated. III no txu cneckM. But there's a limit to the amount of power that engi- neers can pack into a battery. Extending laptop life means us- ing less power somehow.

One question I get when I talk about this subject con- cerns solar power. The answer is, "Not yet, but eventually" There are so- lar panels for laptops that can provide about milliamps of power; notebooks need around milliamps. You'd need a pretty big set of pan- els to power a laptop. Let's examine these power porkers in order. Displays draw the most pow- er. I see that every time 1 con- nect my laptop to an external display — the laptop runs for hours and hours off a single charge.

Displays would be a lot easier on the batteries if they were 1 slower. Displays must be refreshed many times per second, mean- ing that an electrical circuit must repaint the image on the LCD screen usually about 50 times per second. Here's a side note that will be useful for the rest of this ar- ticie. The frequency of that signal affects the circuit's power-consump- tion rate like so: In that formula, C refers to the Capacitance of the circuit, V refers to the Voltage of the circuit, and f refers to the fre- quency of the circuit. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

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