Manual Time To Go: The Retreat

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1. Don't stress over day-to-day tasks and big-picture thinking.

Optional, guided group activities—such as yoga postures, meditations, nature walks, etc. Occasionally tapping into focused group energy can help even experienced retreatants keep their energy high and inspired. Look for a place with beautiful natural surroundings. Choose a retreat that will give you time and space to be alone when you wish. At The Expanding Light we have used these suggestions to create an environment ideal for personal rejuvenation.

At The Expanding Light you can feel safe to explore opening your heart to God in your own way, in an environment that is dedicated to the Divine. Our acres are crossed with roads and trails for beautiful walks in nature. Sitting by Lotus Lake watching a blue heron could be a highlight for you. Wandering amidst the tulips in April at the Crystal Hermitage can fill you with joy. The Expanding Light is just a minute drive from the magnificently beautiful Yuba River. Hikes at the Yuba River in spring and autumn often even in winter , and swimming in summer, can enhance your relaxation. Sunset Ridge is about a 5-minute walk from The Expanding Light —you can sit at this heavenly spot observing the setting sun and the onset of night.

During the full moon, you can watch the sun set as you face west, and then turn east to watch the full moon rise! But if this is not possible, this is a great place to catch up on that rest. You can ask about the variety of bodywork styles available when you make your reservation. Is this a time just to get rest and see what happens? Would you like to focus on healing a relationship or something from the past? Would you like to work on goals for the coming year? Having an intention for your retreat often helps give it momentum.

As soon as you leave home, determine to put all problems out of your mind. Tell yourself that the more you allow your mind to focus on the joy of the present moment, the more inspiration you will feel for dealing with those problems creatively and effectively after your retreat is over.

What does it mean to go on retreat? Do I have to sit in silence all day?

When you can put problems aside and focus on lifting your awareness, you might find the answers you need coming from inspiration. If you have some issue that is too bothersome to put aside, you might benefit from speaking with one the ministers on our staff. When you call to make your reservation, ask about setting up a personal counseling session. Lovely — it will be my birthday too the following week so a lovely way to celebrate it!

Have being doing ywa for a little while now,still a total beginner but I love how it makes me feel,my first,time doing the whole month yoga ,in the middle of July and I love it! Ywa totally feeds my soul,thank you,Namaste xx. I have followed you for almost 6 years now.

You are a beautiful soul and I love the way you have grown your work to encompass so much more than just the yoga. Kudos to you Adriene. Love, love, love Rossi xxx.

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Is this for real? I have wanted to participate in a yoga retreat for such a long time and now this! Thanks so much, Adriene and team! From the bottom of my core! Thank you for sharing with us. Thanks for doing this. I was scheduled to come to the retreat, but gave up my spot after finding out I was pregnant. Hopefully another time will work for you to attend a retreat with Adriene, Julie. This is so exciting! See you all on the mat from the Midwest! I am 4 months in to my yoga practice…everyday i notice how i am evolving…. This retreat is happening exactly when I need it! This sounds like a great time!!!

Thanks to Adriene for sharing it with everyone!! Thank you for your generosity. Really wanted to go …now I can be a part of it, remotely. This is going to be awesome! I have a question. Hi Lorena, a journal prompt is a word that you can use for that day to think about and spend a little time or a lot of time, your choice writing about whatever that word means to you or whatever thinking about that word brings up.

It can also serve as a mantra or focus for that day. I hope this helps explain it. I was really hoping to join the retreat and so I truly appreciate this opportunity to be part of it! Greetings to all of yoy from Ruinen, Holland. Thank you so much Adriene for being so thoughtful!!! I only have a question. What time is everything starting? Violeta, there are suggested times of AM morning and PM afternoon or evening , but you are free to make it your own.

Pick times that work for your life and schedule. All the videos are already on the YouTube channel. Know that whenever you participate, there are many others practicing with you around the world.

How to Take a Spiritual Retreat

I thought the retreat was going to be streamed, live from Austin. But they are already available on youtube, right? Starting on Friday in the morning to feel the connection!!!! Hi There — thank you so very much Adrienne and Crew! A beautiful thought and gift. Are there any more instructions for the journal prompts?

Like how many pages to write or how long to journal for. Talia, the journal prompt is an invitation to consider that word for the day. You could use it as a focus or mantra for the day. You might want to journal about the first thing that the word brings to your mind. Or maybe you want to spend some time thinking on it and write about what it brings up. It is personal and unique to each person. Write as little or as much as you want to.

Time to Shine Retreat

Make it your own. This is happening at exactly the right moment for me. Looking forward to joining in, virtually! Adriene, you are an angel!

Prepare for your retreat:

Thank you for your time, energy and commitment to yoga and for coming up with such wonderful ideas and sharing them with the world. Yours in love, joy and mischief and, of course, yummy yoga xXx. Is it the same as the one called Center from the True challenge? It will be up in a few hours and added to the at-home retreat playlist then too. Did you see the link directly to the playlist in the article above? You can also find it under the playlist section on the channel.

Or just search the channel or membership for the videos for each day. I hope that helps! Thank you so much for this retreat, Adriene! This was so fulfilling and helped me rediscover my confidence in yoga and coming to the mat as I am. Your email address will not be published.

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Here is what you can expect: Be active in the community. Share your thoughts and ideas, and let us know what you are learning as you make your way through the 3 days. Engage with your peers. Reach out and connect. Follow the hashtag ywahomeretreat. Cheer each other on. Share and ask questions.

Share your pictures and stories. Share any questions you have along the way. Mark your calendar, save this schedule, and invite some friends to join you. Comments Looking forward to it! Thank you for all of your videos, I always feel better after doing yoga with you. Many thanks for the guidance!