Guide Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics

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In both kinds of nationalism, dominant and anti-colonial, women are both actors and acted upon, experiencing nationalist aims and movements themselves, yet frequently spoken for and about by men.

Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics - Jan Pettman, Jin Pettman Jan - Google Книги

Closer to traditional IR territory. She sets out to refocus these debates in a feminist framework, turning, for example, the older IR question: And she notes that appeals to women as mothers in the context of debates about war and peace seem to be universally effective, mobilised by both left and right, and by both supporters and opponents of a particular war.

But the most impressive discussion here is about rape in war, reminding us both how long-standing is its use by Japan and Germany in World War II, by occupying Russian troops in Germany at the end of World War II, by Pakistani soldiers of Bangladeshi women , and the recent widespread use of rape and other forms of sexual assault in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As Pettman puts it: In the modern world, she argues, rape and sexual torture have become significant strategies for establishing power and domination.

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Yet Pettman is keen not to portray women simply as victims. Where some feminists see women as innately more peaceable than men, others reject this and argue instead for equal rights between men and women in the military. The debate about women in combat has, as much as anything else, highlighted the continuing split within feminism between a desire for gender equality, and desire for respecting gender difference.

Gender and International Politics

Pettman, typically, concentrates on describing debates more than intervening in them, but does oppose the notion of women as necessarily more peaceable than men. Worlding Women is a classic in the genre.

Worlding women: A feminist international politics - Pettman,JJ

The scope could scarcely be broader, or the balance between generalisation and qualification more consistently maintained. Of necessity, it more often asks questions than answers them, its even-handedness somewhat exhausting at times. A quintessential sentence occurs on page This book is a truly useful guide to a vast and ongoing literature, a must for both feminist and IR scholars.

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Review of ‘Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics’ by Jan Jindy Pettman

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