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I will admit that I was riveted through much of it. A few flaws that I will cover below but I must start with saying this was a fun, anxiety-packed adventure! This is a world were dragons can shift their beings from a dragon form to human. They can walk, talk, fight and work like any man or woman. They seem to live a life equally comfortable in either form. We start off with an attack on Royal siblings.

T This almost received 5 stars from me. Teenage Mori and her brother Orin are assaulted by Phoenixes. They murdered Orin and Mori barely escapes to warn her family of the impending attack. Now these are not your small phoenixes we see in the likes of Harry Potter or something. Oh no, These are huge birds of smoke and flame and are larger than the dragons!

Now I have read books of phoenixes in various shapes and sizes but never this big. And these guys seem to be impenetrable in their bird form which leaves the Dragons on a losing end. The phoenixes are led by Solina. An orphan princess raised amongst the Dragons and when exiled she finds a new life and has filled it with thoughts of vengeance!

She is one twisted woman. She has the most messed up views of love that I have ever read about.

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She claims to love Prince Elethor but kills his family and worse! This book is filled with tense anticipation as the dragon try to find ways to defeat their attackers. Or, for that matter, simply survive! I hated each moment I had to put this book down once I got into it. I really liked the characters. I even like how twisted Solina is. From sweet Mori who is violated in the worst of was, to goofy Bayrin, and Warrior knight Lyana and others.

The most annoying character was the High Priestess whose thoughts are often very self-centered. I felt that Daniel Arenson must like Tolkien's novels. I could see a lot of similarities in an influential manner. Most of it was fun but it actually annoyed me when if came down to the riddle scene which plays out almost exactly like The Hobbit.

I will definitely be continuing this series and it comes with my recommendations to any fans of dragons, phoenixes or great fantasy battles! Although please note, it is filled with violence including rape, death of children, etc. Only for the strong of will! All opinions expressed are strictly my own. Oct 05, Lizzy Lessard rated it did not like it Shelves: I understand that fantasy books like to engage in a quest and that there is some leeway in how much time it would realistically take to get to one place from another.

Lyana witnesses another character being killed. She waits until this character dies and I understand that fantasy books like to engage in a quest and that there is some leeway in how much time it would realistically take to get to one place from another. She waits until this character dies and Lyana is then chased down by three enemies. She shifts from dragon to human form.

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The enemy is stupid enough to lose their advantage in their phoenix form and they shift to human form too. She fights them one at a time and wins. She then finds her brother, Elethor, and warns him of the attack. My question is this: They had ample time to reach and destroy the city before either Elethor or Lyana showed up. Much of my dislike for this novel comes from my disappointment in the characters. For example, Elethor begins the novel as a lovesick artist, who spends his entire life obsessing over his lost love. His lost love happens to be Solina, who will kill half his family by chapter three.

The moment he sees Solina again, he forgets that Solina had a very good reason for killing his family, and rejects her without hesitation. He never falters from this decision to side with his family, not even once. Mori is probably my least favorite character. Except for this one scene with Bayrin, where she drops this victim act to outshine him in battle and then offer some funny one-liners after they almost die.

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Geez, high standards, right? I do like Solina. I feel that she is justified in her actions against this dragon kingdom, although she may have gone overboard. I heard your Dad died, well, cause I killed him. I think the author went overboard in proving how evil she was. Why are these kids frolicking around in the middle of battle?

And the very end. Thanks, Elethor, for single handedly causing a sequel. Mar 10, K. Es waren einfcah zu flache Charaktere und eine zu flache Welt und Tut es euch nicht an. Mar 15, Victor rated it liked it.

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Summarizer This chapter was very important. This chapter was important to noth the emotional and physical well being of all the characters. Bayrin and Mori admit their love for each other after they retrieve the Moondisk. Lyana and Elethor do not admit it but their relationship grows.

They reach the gates to find the Starlight Demon. The last stand of the defending people is invaded by surprise and their survival is questionable.

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  8. Unfortunately, this was not it for me. The story is a great one and I want to know how it ends. I doubt I will find out. This got stale with repetitive scenarios and story line. I have seen this author put out some great reads. Irgendwie fand ich es ganz gut, irgendwie aber auch nicht. Teilweise war es etwas zu langatmig. Jun 20, Book. Die Charaktere waren mir etwas zu seicht und auch langweilig. Zu meiner Unterhaltung hat es aber beigetragen. The people of Requiem born with the ability to shift into dragons.

    They have thrived, though of course their numbers are nowhere near where their golden age long long ago was. Nova Vita is their new capital and the Vir Requis have scattered across Requiem. However, early on, we hear of a war that happened 30 years ago, when Requiem's armies attacked the Tiranor, a country that makes it's dwelling in the sands and deserts.

    No real reason is ever quite given for the war; it almost seems undeserved, The people of Requiem born with the ability to shift into dragons. No real reason is ever quite given for the war; it almost seems undeserved, like Requiem just attacked a country only because they were different. Throughout the book, I often wondered and wished the Vir Requis had learned from the attacks on them not to go out to war against others and to try to extinguish another race.

    Now, Tiranor people had risen from the damage the war had caused and they seek a revenge. Their leader is Solina; a lost princess that had been adopted into the Vir Requis family as an orphan. Beside this she also was suffering was ridiculed of her "difference" - inability to shift to a dragon. In time she became the lover of a prince Elethor which was the only light in her life in the court. When their secret romance discovered, it was unacceptable and the king judge her to be banished to desert. In her anger and sorrow she tried to attack the him and was scarred by the dragon fire of the eldest son of the king.

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    In the desert she found the secret magic of the sun that allowed her to transform into a phoenix. The phonix form protect her and her people from the dragons fire. More then this they couls absord the fire and burn the dragon shifters to death. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. Thousands of dragons, warriors of Requiem, soared through wind and darkness.

    Their cries rose in the night: Their hearts are noble, their wisdom great, their kingdom a land of beauty and peace. This peace will soon burn. From the south, a fire rises. Birds of flame take flight.

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    Requiem's dragons have defeated countless enemies. Their claws are sharp and their flames bright. But how can they fight the phoenixes, creatures woven of sunfire itself? He began his career writing short stories. He sold his first story, "Worms Believe in God", in He's been writing fantasy novels since, including several standalones and three series: Song of Dragons, Dragonlore, and Misfit Heroes.

    In total, they've sold over , copies.