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As becomes clear from the documentation, Manuel scheduled such reunions with family members, namely Jaime, on a regular basis [43]. This particular case illustrates how bonds of affection, characteristic of the family and household, were not an obstacle to the governing process. To the contrary, they were considered to be a part of it [45].

It was part of a more general programme of marital unions between noble men and women. Spiritual Pursuits in common with the King. Spiritual interests counted as yet another connection between the two men.

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Indeed, the Franciscan issue deepened the relationship between uncle and nephew. Both considered it a necessity to stage a quest for Jerusalem. Manuel wished to regain the city for Christianity while Jaime intended to visit it as a Franciscan. Jaime agreed with such ideias and fervently incorporated them in his life.

Hence, Jaime's attitude in leaving the kingdom and the leadership of the Brigantine estates, for religious reasons and probably in connection with the Capuchin Franciscan friars, may have surprised and even displeased the king, but he ultimately understood the essence of his nephew's disposition. The latter intended to visit the holy places and devote himself to a life of monastic seclusion. He would travel through Rome, where he would try to obtain the annulment of his marriage.

In truth, the king also partook in such manifestations of spiritual devotion and worship. As confirmed by the materialisation of the second military expedition to Azemmour, in practical terms Manuel had different plans for his nephew. However, he showed deep understanding for the latter's choice. Jaime left Portugal with only one servant by his side. Yet, the monarch's swift reaction to his letter, giving notice of the decision, made it possible for the king's envoys to intercept his nephew. He was still in Iberian ground, more specifically in the city of Calatayud, in the Kingdom of Aragon, where his pursuers reached him.

Até um dia (Enredo dos Afectos Livro 2) (Portuguese Edition)

Virtually unopposed, he was persuaded to return and accept the plans — of a far more secular nature — which the king had in mind for him. Interestingly, in a letter sent to the king, the duke highlighted that the future management of the House of Braganza would be left to his brother, Dinis. However, the king wished for Jaime to lead the Brigantine estates and to assist him in governing the realm. This only illustrates the degree of confidence and complicity existing between uncle and nephew. An individual document integrating the compilation entitled Memorias pera a Historia dos tres ultimos Duques de Braganza includes a revealing reference to the aforementioned letter from Jaime to the king, of particular interest due to its confessional and melancholy tone [50].

It evoked feelings shared only with someone worthy of the utmost trust. Indeed, Jaime entreated the sovereign to refrain from misconstruing his actions, since they were solely motivated by a lack of aptitude to marry and to lead the household which he had been favoured with.

Quite the opposite, the king restated his personal, political, and military trust in his nephew, as would become apparent over time. Indirectly, it also concerned Jaime, his closest relative and companion [52].

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According to this writer, such festivities reflected the deep impact which the Portuguese-promoted crusade had had upon the Italian regions, most especially on the capital city of Christendom. In reading words such as these — elevating his uncle and himself to the same spiritual condition — Jaime would become infused with a sense of religious duty. The author of this account also mentions that the canon, at a particular point in his exalted speech, addressed the ambassadors of the Christian princes attending the mass, commending the deeds of Jaime and Manuel, who were thus presented as the worthy heirs of the first and glorious crusaders.

When it came to the execution of his last will dated 7 April, , in the Convent of Penha Longa, near Sintra , Manuel explicitly stated that Jaime was the person he trusted — and of whom he demanded — the most, aside from his own son and heir. This is particularly revealing of the dimension of his personal relationship with the duke of Braganza.

Furthermore, the king asked his nephew to always provide advice to the prince [55]. This was an unequivocal display of hierarchy, his institutional relationship with the monarch, and of the importance of power-related symbolism. Additionally, it brought to light an emotional bond that was largely assigned to the private sphere and the network of solidarity between relatives. Following this enumeration of situations which, in one way or another, express the confidence and trust ongoing between Jaime and Manuel, it is also important to mention situations which gave way to mutual criticism or repproach.

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These did not, however, taint the existing friendship and complicity namely in political terms , nor did they give rise to resentment between the two. One such situation was the already mentioned journey of Jaime to Rome, with the intention of having his marriage annulled and join the Franciscans as a Capuchin friar. In response, the king actually sent a letter to the pope, providing justification for his nephew's actions [56].

Even worthier of note were the events taking place after the murder of Leonor de Mendoza, the duke's first wife [57]. On the other hand, this was essentially an act geared towards the restoration of lost honour, a concept that perfectly sits with the contemporary mindset.

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It is therefore not surprising that the king was not shocked by the murder. It may even be argued that by granting his nephew a chance for redemption — engaging in battle against the enemies of the Holy Cross, at Azemmour, in — the king effectively put the matter to rest within the royal circle. At the time, honour was a central issue amongst the nobility.

Ultimately, power was epitomised by honour, which had its own language and behaviour [60]. The duke, in view of his high standing and having suffered such an offense, had the right to legitimately restore his honour in public. After all, his reputation would be at stake [62]. Honour needed restoring, with blood if necessary [63]. In that sense, he had nothing to fear: The author fails to grasp the nature of the uncle-nephew relationship.

Rationality was not the only factor conditioning the dynamics of government. It is further possible to see a connection between real-life events and well-known characters from literature. In this particular case, a moral parallel can inevitably be drawn between Jaime and Hamlet, Othello or any other of Shakespeare's tragic heroes.

These connections are based on a supposed correlation: