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Climate models therefore must parameterize gravity waves to ensure an accurate simulation of middle and upper atmosphere mean climate and variability. Many parameters of the gravity wave parameterizations and particularly gravity wave source parameters are uncertain due to a lack of long-term high-resolution observations.

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The amplitudes of the atmospheric tides are large in the middle atmosphere. Tides generated by stratospheric ozone and by the water vapour in the upper troposphere, can induce some systematic difference between non-simultaneous measurements and represent a key issue for satellite validation and long-term variability when times of measurements are changing.

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If the tidal theory is well know, the exact amplitude and phase characteristics are not yet well characterized as few measurements can observed them. ARISE measurements will allow to validate tidal simulations using numerical models that will be used for systematic corrections of satellite comparisons and trend estimates.

In a higher frequency range, measurements of infrasonic atmospheric wave present a large interest for monitoring of volcanoes and extreme events. Monitoring infrasound from volcanoes provides relevant information about ash injection in the atmosphere when satellite information is not available, because of cloud coverage.

Atmospheric Dynamics (Wernli) – Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science | ETH Zurich

L Lee wave List of waves named after people Low-pressure area. O Omega equation Outflow boundary.

Q Q-Vectors Quasi-biennial oscillation. R Rossby number Rossby parameter Rossby radius of deformation Rossby wave. W Atmospheric wave Wave cloud Wind.

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