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We needed to cut those links. An ideal method for this was something that I called the "I. Technique" when I revealed the system in Modern Magick.

...During A Psychic Attack

The "I" stands for "identify. The "O" stands for "objectify. Since we knew the source, the technique requires that we make a visualized mock-up of it—or in this case, of him. But we don't need it.

Psychic Attack and Spiritual Protection (The Sixth Dimensional Upgrade)

What I would like you to do is visualize him standing on the other side of the door. Visualize him as strongly as possible. I'll be back in a moment. As she visualized her ex-boyfriend, I went into my room Scott's room was on the other side of the apartment. In my room I went to my altar and took out the black-handled knife I used in many rituals.

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By the time I came back to the living room where Lauren was sitting, I could see she had a somewhat fearful look in her eyes. She looked quickly at me and then back to where her visualization was. How long do I have to keep this up? I walked forward and with my extended vision saw numerous strands of energy, like white sinews, stretching through the door and into various parts of Lauren.

I stepped forward and started cutting the cords that linked her to her ex. Some were like a hot knife going through a container of ice cream. Others were tough and I had to saw back and forth to sever them. With each cut, I could hear her slightly gasp.

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Once they were severed, I stepped between her and where her visualization of her ex had been. As before, I projected pentagrams in the direction of her visualization. Finally, I did the "B," or banishing of the technique. I pulled Lauren out of her chair and had her sit in the center of the room. I performed the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram around her. The instructions for the I. Technique and the Banishing Ritual are included in Modern Magick.

The "creature" never came back, and she never heard from her ex-boyfriend again. I consider this operation a success. In most cases, if you think you are under psychic attack, chances are you are not. However, on rare occasions it does occur. When it does occur, it is most common that the attack is a manifestation of the attackers anger and rage and not a calculated magical act. If you feel like there is something attacking you, one of the easiest and quickest things you can do is simply this: If that sounds simple, it is.

It is so simple that it works and can work quite powerfully. For added strength, you may wish to add the I. Technique and a banishing ritual. Please note that the use of Llewellyn Journal articles is subject to certain Terms and Conditions. Why Are Certain Locations Haunted? In my latest book, Trail of Terror: As a paranormal investigator, one of the questions I'm most often asked is: It takes a lot to make an agnostic call in a Catholic Perfect for the seasoned tarot lover as well as for the curious Why Days of Hoodoo?

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9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Psychic Attacks

You're my last hope. I don't think anything magical could I increased the "psychic pressure" for lack of a better phrase on it. I turned back to Lauren who was shaking. But it will come back unless we do something about it. Spending time in a sweat lodge, steam room, or a sauna can remove toxicity and purify your body , emotions, and soul.

Sweating clears the negative energies on the surface of the skin and in the deeper tissues pour out of the body. Put a small amount of sugarcane rum trago in your mouth, under your tongue, and blow it out forcefully on yourself, on others, or around the room in a strong intentional blow. It needs to be sent as a strong but soft mist.

It will ionize and rebalance your energy body and surroundings. Use feathers, preferably condor, eagle, or wild turkey, to remove stagnant negative energies. Start at the crown of your head and move all the way down to your feet. Let the feather guide you to feel energy blockages just like dowsing; feathers represent the element of air and the clearing wind. Brush healing stones, preferably black lava stones, over your body to absorb negative energy and create a psychic protection shield to guard against psychic attack.

You can also hold a stone in each hand or put them in your pockets for grounding. For spiritual protection and getting rid of negative energy from your home and office, clap the stones around the room or rooms , especially in the corners where stagnant energy congregates. After using them dip them in sea-salt water or blow sugarcane rum on them to cleanse them.

Amulets can be a piece of jewelry worn for spiritual protection or an object made from stones, seeds, metal, or coins. Amulets sometimes contain words or prayers. They are worn and are created to protect the wearer from psychic attacks, harm, and evil spirits.

They are sometimes blessed and imbued with the power of a shaman. Wear a protective charm, pendant, or bracelet on the left hand, the path to your heart, or over your heart. Wear a mirror or any reflective metal surface over your heart center to deflect negative energy or a psychic attack back to the aggressor and to disperse it into the void.

Plants absorb and clear negative energy and produce negative ions for air purification. A very important plant in South America is rue, also called ruta or ruda Ruta graveolens. It has a very distinct repelling smell and beautiful small yellow flowers that need lots of sun. Plant it in the entrance to your home and place it on your windowsills. It is believed to shield the house from jealousy and envy of neighbors and passersby. Boil a branch and add it to your bath or spray or clean your house with it to get rid of negative energy in your home or self. Spend some time in nature for spiritual protection.

It contains and emits negative ions, which counter the positive ions we are surrounded by in our homes and offices in our digital society. Walk barefoot as much as you can , hug a tree, or sit with your back to a tree trunk; it will absorb your negative energies.

Some people find it helpful to be buried in soil or sand for a few hours or overnight; the soil clears your negative energy and grounds you. Stay by or swim in a lake, river, waterfall, or ocean. Encase your body with plants and green leaves, as they repel evil spirits and confer psychic protection. You should also wear green clothes for the same reason.

You can make the light as wide and as bright as you desire. You can even include objects or other people in your white light that you wish to send healing and protective energy to. Burning sage or smudging is an ancient Shamanic practice that is believed to help remove negative energies and spirits. Smudging is typically practiced in spaces such as your home or office however you can also smudge objects and your aura. How to Cleanse a Space Using Sage. Essential oils are great for cleansing and protection. Dab a few drops of sandalwood oil on the back of your neck to for psychic cleansing and protection.

You can also cleanse your aura using an essential oil spray of lime, basil, bergamot and lavender. Set your intention then fill up a warm bath with salts, flowers, essential oils, crystals or any thing else that resonates with you. As you lower yourself into the bath, imagine all the negative energy being washed away. It may even help to do a body scan meditation where you focus on the negative energy lifting away off each part of your body.

You can also do the same technique in the shower if you are time poor. Just imagine the negative energy being washed away as the water hits your body. After your shower, massage essential oils or natural moisturizers into your skin while visualizing a beautiful healing white light.