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Have faith in yourself. One of the worst things you can do as a supervisor is to doubt your own abilities. If you're new to supervising others, recognize that you will probably make some mistakes along the way, but that does not mean you are not a good leader. Cut yourself a little slack, but then commit yourself to doing the best you can.

Now you just have to prove your boss right. Don't let yourself believe that bosses never make mistakes. Nobody expects you to be perfect except yourself. It's important to give your employees a good example of model behavior. Just because you are in charge does not mean you no longer have to abide by the rules. If you are hard-working, committed, and ethical, your employees are more likely to be that way too.

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It's important to respect your employees if you want them to respect you in return. Your attitude is just as important as your actions. Always be friendly and professional. It's important that your employees know what to expect out of you. Be sure to always lay out the rules and expectations to new employees and to enforce these policies consistently. If there are changes to the policy, make sure the employees understand them. Always treat employees fairly, and don't favor one over another. Be willing to change. Good supervisors can't be completely stuck in their ways. They need to be willing to recognize when a specific approach isn't working and make changes accordingly, even if it involves admitting that they were wrong.

Some employees may flourish under hands-on management, while others may benefit from more freedom. It is your responsibility to recognize these needs and react accordingly. This does not mean that you should have different standards for different employees in the same role. While you may want to customize your approach to each employee's working style, you still must be consistent in your expectations and disciplinary measures.

As the supervisor, you are responsible for your whole team. If you miss a deadline or lose a client, don't point fingers and blame others for the mistake.

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Instead, evaluate the role you played, admit your own mistakes, and come up with a plan to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Part 1 Quiz How can you gain credibility as a supervisor? Take a hands-on approach. Appear as though you never make mistakes.

Be a friend to your employees.

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  • Share your expectations with your employees. Communication is vital to good leadership. You need to communicate your expectations clearly, whether you're explaining a single project or reminding the entire team about the company's policies. When you give workers your undivided attention, they feel respected and are more willing to listen to your guidance. Strictly giving orders without listening can erode worker commitment and enthusiasm. Avoid lecturing workers or sending directives by way of wordy emails. Think about the most important messages you want to convey and communicate them face-to-face or over the phone.

    Put thought into your email communications to ensure that they are clear, concise, and respectful. Regular meetings with employees will give you the opportunity to ask them about the projects they are working on, hear worker grievances and triumphs, discuss team successes, and brainstorm solutions to new problems.

    Always be responsive by answering your employees' emails and returning their calls promptly. Let your employees know that you value their time by putting all distractions aside when you meet with them. You can't expect perfection out of your team, so be careful about over-criticizing or setting goals that are beyond reach. This will only discourage your employees.

    1. Build a bond of trust

    If you encourage an honest discussion, your employees are more likely to let you know if your expectations seem unreasonable. You should have a good understanding of the work volume that already exists and the amount of time it will take your employees to finish a specific project before setting a deadline.

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    If you don't have the right information, you risk over-committing your team. As a supervisor, it's impossible for you to do everything yourself, so you need to be able to trust your employees to take care of things without you. You may have to give up a little control, but you will have more time to focus on your own responsibilities and you will be giving your employees the opportunity to flourish.

    If you don't completely trust your employees to do the work on their own, establish some kind of review process until you think they can handle it. When an employee does a good job, it's important to acknowledge it! Give all of your employees credit for a job well done and let them know that their hard work is appreciated.

    You should be proud of your high-performing employees, not jealous. One of your responsibilities as a supervisor is to unlock the potential of all of your employees. You can do this by offering constructive criticism and by looking for ways to allow them to take on new responsibilities or new roles within the organization. For example, a worker may be excellent on the phones but a slow typist.

    Find opportunities for her to apply her phone skills to building company connections, selling products, or serving customers. Whenever possible, offer training to employees to help them learn new skills. A slow typist, for example, can be encouraged to take a typing class or be assigned additional typing tasks to improve her skills. Avoid drawing attention to weaknesses unnecessarily. Excessive focus on employee weaknesses can result in discouragement and low employee morale. Use employee reviews as an opportunity to both praise your employees for their strengths and to offer constructive criticism on what they can do better.

    Part of being an effective manager is assisting employees to transform their weaknesses into competencies. The first step is creating awareness of an area that needs improvement. Don't wait for your employee's next yearly review if you can offer some constructive criticism today! Supervisors have to deal with a lot of uncomfortable situations, from disputes between employees to layoffs. While it may be tempting to avoid dealing with these situations as much as possible, it's best to tackle them head-on instead.

    When having a difficult conversation with an employee, always focus on objective observations and avoid making accusations. Being a leader means being able to influence and aspire others, to make the best of them. Both descriptions sound like two sides of one coin, right?

    Unfortunately, not every boss is a leader, and not every leader is a boss. On the contrary; if you want to be a good boss, you should be a good leader. The most important part of being a boss is constant work on building a bond of trust in your team. There are several benefits of building trust: Recognition at the workplace cannot be underestimated.

    Just look at the statistics:. It means that employee recognition is essential if you want to have a well motivated, efficient team. There are more benefits as well! For example, thanks to recognition your employees will be more loyal and satisfied, their individual productivity will increase and their retention will be lowered.

    2. Know Your Boss’ Goals

    Inspiration at work is about commitment and passion. If your employees love what they do, they will need only a little bit of help from your side to spread their wings. If you want for your employees to be highly motivated, you cannot increase the division between home and work. You need to integrate them. There are no perfect people as there are no perfect workers.

    Even if you hear something unpleasant, treat it as an opportunity to develop. Research shows that people who are better at handling negative feedback tend to be more successful! Provide them with the tools and training they need to reach their full potential, and to meet and exceed the standards you have set. Encourage them to identify their strengths and what motivates them. When possible, incorporate what drives them into their daily tasks.. Ensure that your employees feel challenged with their jobs, but not overwhelmed.

    Create a clean, well-maintained, and organized working environment where they can do their work and feel comfortable.

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    Delegate tasks appropriately and look for opportunities to maximize each employee's strengths. Make your employees feel like they are a part of something special and that their efforts are truly appreciated. Involve them directly in the success of the organization. Create and cultivate a sense of camaraderie, where people feel it is fun to come to work, because it is a positive and productive environment and they feel they are part of an efficient, skilled, and highly successful community.

    These practices and behaviors will have a major impact on the effectiveness of your employees. Be the very best boss you can be and your employees will step up. When you get the very best from your people, your business will be tough to beat.