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Until one night when they obliterate it. Unfortunately for Pip, that thing might be her. Book Details File Name one-night-with-him-by-eden-finley. Table of Contents 3. Thank you for Reading One Night with Him Read Online Swipe version. Read Online Continuous version. Related Titles One Night by K. One Night by Allie Everhart. One Night with Him by Sienna Ciles. One Night with Rhodes by Eden Finley.

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I like Reagan so much, she is a strong, successful woman who doesn't fear to get what she wants! I like how the author portrayed the other charaters - C I was so lucky, I won an arc of this book! I like how the author portrayed the other charaters - Cole's family, Reagan's friends. I really liked the relationship between the Reagan and her best friend Addison. I have to say I've really enjoyed reading this book: However, although I did connect with Cole I was surprised to find myself connecting strongly with Reagan.

I love the interaction between the characters and I find this an important part of any book. The chemistry, friendship and overall emotions were clearly defined between them all. What I particularly like about this book, is that there is a good balance between inner monologue and character interaction. As for the flow and engagement, the book for me flowed effortlessly from scene to scene. Also the dialogue used was free flowing; it was as if I was witnessing the actual conversations take place between my own friends. It pulled me in and I ended up reading the book in one setting.

The only feedback I have is what happened to Heather? Was she sacked or does she still work with Cole? I know the obvious answer is she was sacked but this is just an assumption, I feel this is an important part of the storyline to be left to assumption. Aug 07, Silla Webb rated it it was amazing.

I had the honor of reading One Night With Him for the author, prior to editing. I truly expected it to be rough as concrete, it being in pre-edit stage, but it was truly amazing. Raegan and Cole are perfect, fun loving, playful and frickin' steamy hot!!!! Raegan tries to resist their spark that is igniting, but the feeling is simply too strong. Flames erupt for Raegan and Cole.

Sure, heartache flattens Raegan momentarily, but when tragedy strikes, she stands strong by her man, pulling him throug I had the honor of reading One Night With Him for the author, prior to editing. Sure, heartache flattens Raegan momentarily, but when tragedy strikes, she stands strong by her man, pulling him through when he needed her most.

Raegan is strong, witty and independent, but soft, sweet and seductive. Cole is such a romantic sweetheart, and awed so many times at his words. My favorite quote from Cole: Smith has created perfect characters, that jump off the page and into your heart and mind. She keeps the story alive with hot steamy sex, playful banter, and great friendships. I really hope that there is more to Raegan and Cole's story!

This book is a wonderful debut for K. Smith, and certainly is a 5 star read!!! Nov 05, Lisa rated it really liked it. Loved the start to this book, sucked me in on teh first page - Reagan is a fab best friend.

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After the initial first meeting and then meeting again unexpectedly at Addison's wedding, I was waiting for the "shoe" to fall and it did and then something I wasn't expecting fell as well!!!!! I am glad Reagan put her head back in the game and got on with it, loved the HEA, really emotional. Reagan is Loved the start to this book, sucked me in on teh first page - Reagan is a fab best friend. Reagan is independent, sweet and caring individual with the tendency for panic attacks when feeling overwhelmed and this was felt throughout the book, however I love to have both POV's in these types of stories and this was missing for Cole, there were so many times I needed to understand what was running through his head during situations - WTF with Heather!!!

I understand there will be a second book coming out with his POV in , but I so wished this had been included in this one and made the story "whole"! Great debut novel, looking forward to reading more! Aug 20, Melissa rated it it was amazing. I was truly excited for this opportunity at a sneak peak, as I had just recently found out that Ms. Smith had started this exciting journey. She wastes no time at all pulling you into her story and placing you front and center of all the excitement. I loved the fact she kept it local, that made it all the more real for me.

I felt the character development flowed beautifully and their introductions into the story were flawless. She never missed a beat. I cried literally had tears in my eyes. I was unable to remove the grin that was plastered on my face from ear to ear as my heart raced with Cole's words " explicit baby, you taste as good as sin". All in all, I thought this was a great book.

The characters are genuine. Reagan and Cole are perfect for one another and Addison is a hoot. This leaves only one question for me Heather was fired right? Nov 08, Momoftwins02 rated it it was amazing Shelves: THIS was a great love story without a bunch of drama. Reagan and Cole are simply yummy.

They "meet" and then Reagan runs for the hills embarrassed by her actions. Well, as we all know, fate is funny thing with a twisted sense of humor, right? I don't want to give too much away. There is a bump well, maybe a pot hole in the road which leads into a traumatic event yes, I even shed a tear or two which totally ca THIS was a great love story without a bunch of drama.

There is a bump well, maybe a pot hole in the road which leads into a traumatic event yes, I even shed a tear or two which totally caught me off guard. Nov 10, Meli rated it it was ok. I don't like insta-love however, there are instances where it's actually believable not in this case I think my biggest problem with this book is the character development.

I didn't even know she was a lawyer until a little after that. Little details like that were lacking.

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Given ARC for honest review. This was a nice light read, which I needed after my last deep emotionally charged books that I am still feeling hungover from. Cole was a very delectable treat indeed. This was a delightful debut novel for K. The best part of the book for me was the beginning with the bachelorette party for her best friend Addison, where she meets Cole, her mysterious sex on a stick. Reaga Given ARC for honest review. Reagan and her girlfriends set off on a night of debauchery at a V.

When she goes down to the main club for some more alcohol, she runs into her sexy stranger.

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She instantly gets hot and bothered by him and it seems he has an interest in her as well. That will definitely leave a lasting impression he surely won't forget. Reagan and her gaggle of friends end up staying in the same hotel as mystery man After she spends a wild sex filled night with him in his hotel suite, she wakes up in immediate distress and bolts out of there as if her hair is on fire A wham, bam, thank you ma'am if you will.

He never calls or texts her afterwards, which makes her all huffy and puffy, despite her being the one to leave him high and dry. Reagan continues to go about her life trying not to spend all her spare time thinking about Cole. The upcoming wedding of her friends Addison and Casey has been keeping her busy. She is tasked to pick up Casey's best man's Colton parents from the airport, who she's never met by the way.

When they get to the reherseal dinner, she finally meets Colton, who's parents haven't been able to stop yapping about the whole trip from the airport. Well, well, well, guess who Colton ends up being? Yup you guessed it After reconnecting, they finally go out and start off their heated relationship. Cole is just such a charmer, that it is hard to believe that he is a reformed playboy. Reagan and Cole hit it off and kind of fell in insta-love. I have read many books where the characters fall in love quite quickly, so it's not that I am opposed to it.

I just didn't feel a deep enough connection with the characters to make the insta-love feel realistic to me. These are just small hiccups, however, and can be easily over-looked in the bigger picture. Even though the inevitable reconnection of Reagan and Cole was brought on by Cole getting into a horrible accident, it was still a sweet heart melting reunion.

It took the accident for her to finally listen to his explanation. Cole was so understanding of her feelings, and was just overwhelmingly happy to have her back in his life. So that machine you're referring to is only screaming, because that's what happens to my heart every time I kiss her. I had such an overpowering need to do the girlfriend-slap-the hell-out if-it-and-open-your-eyes-smack down to Reagan. The story has a great reciepe, just perhaps needed some bolder favors to spice it up. I had no problem feeling the heat from Cole, however.

If you are looking for a light hot read, look no further. I would definitely read more from this author in the future. Dec 03, Lindsay rated it liked it Shelves: I'm sad that it didn't live up to the start of the book. The beginning was awesome. I was completely hooked. It was funny with great banter.

And it was even better when Reagan and Cole were bickering and fighting. I loved those parts. Unfortunately, things started speeding up and moving at a fast pace. It wasn't so bad when they admitted that they wanted each other. I was glad they didn't play games and spend half the book staying away from each other. But after that, they were So much promise.

But after that, they were apart for two weeks with very little contact. That was followed by a three month time jump. Things just stopped working for me after that. There was a scene on the way out of town where Cole's driving and they start getting frisky in the car. Reagan ends up on his lap while driving and they're going at it. Now, aside from this being dangerous, how in the world is that possible?! The scene made is seem like it was all easy-peasy for her to end up in his lap and him driving.

And while I've never sat in someone's lap while they drove, I've had to climb into the driver's side from the passenger's side because the driver's side door was frozen shut. And it wasn't easy, it was difficult and awkward. So I just didn't buy that it was so easy for him to pull her into his lap while he drove. But the real part that gave me problems was this quote: It just put me off wanting to finish the story. But, finish I did. You'll have to excuse me here because I need to rant on a little tangent The assistant as the evil delusional "other woman" is obvious and frustrating.

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And in this case, she was perfectly sweet and nice until Cole and Reagan said "I love you". Then she went out of her way to flirt, wink and make suggestive comments right in front of Reagan. Anyway, after Reagan catches the assistant kissing Cole, she's understandably upset. Now, since I tend to hold grudges, I didn't blame her one bit for running away from him and staying away, avoiding him. He did attempt to explain and make things right, but she wouldn't give him the time of day.

And when she finally went to get his story, he was in a car accident. But, I did enjoy the author's writing so I would definitely read another book by her. Dec 01, Christina rated it it was amazing. Love him Love him Love him!!! It all started at a bachelorette party.. Where drinks are flowing and girls going wild sounds like fun! A hottie looking for a drink but can't get the bartenders attention.. Well ya he's just that damn good looking!

So what ends up happening? But of course she does the walk of shame.. I mean wedding time is "mating season"..

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I know what I'm saying! Well of course there are pleasantries BUT Cole is just not that happy.. Ugh men are such jerks sometimes! I love how Reagan kept Cole on his toes, they were so compatible to each other. Both successful, attractive people I want in on their relationship! Great Debut Novel MS. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I was given an ARC in return for an honest review.

I really loved this book and was very impressed that this was her debut novel. This book showed that people can change and believing in and fighting for those that you love can get you through anything. I both laughed I loved the relationship between the main character and her best friend and cried. The author made you connect with the main character, Reagan, and you felt what she felt happiness, heartbreak, and love.

The story had a great flow I was given an ARC in return for an honest review. The story had a great flow. Once I started I could not put it down. Reagan is a contract attorney whose time for love. She lost her parents as a teenager and is afraid that if she loves again that she may lose them too. Cole is successful and owns his own company. He is a workaholic and is model HOT and known for his playboy ways.

He has never found a woman who has made him want to stay and want more. That is until he met Reagan. There is an instant connection that leads to a one night stand. However, nothing is ever simple and Cole happens to be the best man in the same wedding that she is maid of honor. Between meddling best friends and parents, Cole and Reagan are pushed together. Regan tries to fight him, but Cole is very persistent and wears her down. The sex is hot and there is just enough description given by the author.

I love the playfulness and dialogs between Cole and Reagan; they really are a great match for each other. There are a few obstacles that stand in the way of their HEA, but they make it through and realize that they cannot be without one and another. This is a must read and a fun romance. There is a HEA and no cliff hangers. Nov 06, Alia Trafficante rated it it was amazing. Wow what an amazing book by a new author! I could not put it down at work, at home, in the car at red lights of course ;. Sassy Reagan stole my heart immediately! I am not one to enjoy these types of novels normally because the men seem to be controlling jerks and the women meek pushovers, but Regan and Cole were exactly the opposite.

Reagan is strong, witty, stubborn, driven, and sexy. Cole is sweet, sensitive, loving, unbelievably sexy, and like every man screws up from time to time. He let Wow what an amazing book by a new author! He lets her be her and loves her for exactly who she is. The sexual tension from chapter 1 between these two characters is electrifying and the sex scenes will make you blush. The progression of the relationship is perfectly timed and will have you yearning for more from these two. Addison is probably my favorite character in the book! She is hysterical, feisty, loyal, and exactly the kind of best friend every girl should have.

The connection between Reagan and Addison is so endearing and easily relatable. Smith does a perfect job of showing these two are not only best friends, but sisters at heart. I want to read Casey and Addison's story! Overall, I would give this book 6 stars if I could. It was a beautiful love story filled with steamy sex scenes and just the right amount of drama. What a perfect rollercoaster!

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If I did not know this was K. Smith's first novel I would never have guessed because it was that good. I can't wait to read Cole's POV next and her many novel's to come. If the quality of this book is any indication, I have a feeling this author has a big future ahead of her. Nov 05, Book Junky Girls rated it really liked it. At least that's what she calls the model worthy hunk. When she runs into him again at her hotel what happens is one drunk fun, crazy night, but when she wakes up in the morning horrified that for the first time in her 27 years she's had a one night stand she does what any girl would do she runs.

When he doesn't call her she figures that he wasn't really interested anyways and tries to f 3. When he doesn't call her she figures that he wasn't really interested anyways and tries to forget about him, until she finds out he's the best man for the wedding! Cole is a ladies man but with Reagan he wants something more the problem will be in convincing her. I enjoyed the story line, but I wish there would have been more to it. More to their backstories about past relationships or one night stands in Cole's case. I loved the secondary characters seen throughout, but wish there would've been more to Reagan and Cole.

Nov 13, Sara Luck rated it it was ok. Cole and Reagan meet at a bar and have a one night stand. No names are exchanged, she wakes up, freaks out and runs away. Cole ends up being the best man in her best friends wedding. All of a sudden they are in love When she finally decides to give him a chance to explain He wakes up, and they love each oth Ehhh