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The Beethoven Violin Sonata in C minor is admirably played, and arrangements of Shostakovich piano preludes make an attractive opener to a stimulating programme. Other works include The Nativity for soprano and orchestra, sacred choral anthems, hymn preludes for organ and works for trumpet and organ. King opts for slower tempos than expected, illuminating every stately arpeggio in the opening instrumental prelude until the explosive entry of the voices.

There is a long orchestral prelude, and the orchestra plays an extremely important role throughout. Hurried, resounding strains of a Rachmaninoff prelude are abruptly cut short. After the Brahms and the Haydn he learned three preludes and fugues of Bach, two Beethoven sonatas, a nocturne by Chopin, and pieces by Schumann and Ravel.

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When I was studying Bach - the preludes and the fugues - it was very hard for me because my hands were playing different voices at different times. This collection of preludes for piano is a treasure waiting to be explored. The original orchestral prelude is only rarely being heard these days and so the Chailly CD is a true gem for connoisseurs of Verdi operas. The suites mostly have four short movements, a prelude or allemande, courante, sarabande and gigue, with some variants.

From the opening orchestral prelude, the depth and intensity of Bloch's vision of the Old Testament roll over the listener. He's also found time to be the pianist on this unusual release, which includes seventeen of his short works for saxophone and twelve equally short preludes for piano. Ruth Foss, from the Music Division of the Library of Congress, guides us through the preludes with a short and precise sentence on each of them.

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The majority of these preludes are short in length, ranging from sixteen to thirty-two measures. There are various Dutch titled preludes rather similar to the more erstwhile Bach style but at the same time retaining that unique Sweelinck touch.

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The latter part of the book includes a guide to the individual preludes and fugues that digs into the influences reflected in each piece, its stylistic background and provenance. British composer Colin Matthews is orchestrating all 24 of Debussy's piano preludes, a project which many will find either foolhardy or sacrilegious.

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For At the Edge of Night Baynes used seven Rachmaninoff piano preludes to generate an atmosphere of dreams and remembrance. There is also the legacy of an enormous quantity of piano music, including two and three-part inventions and thirteen volumes each containing twenty-four preludes and fugues of The tempered piano.

His surviving output consists solely of instrumental music, including organ preludes and fugues, concertos for two harpsichords, and trio sonatas, much of it strongly influenced by Bach. Accompanied by Debussy piano preludes interpreted by Steve Gosling, the dancers took wing, as though they were laughing through the air. I've used Berrini's Op.

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A recent project of yours has been the orchestration of Debussy preludes. When I first heard these pieces, they reminded me of the Bach 48 preludes and fugues in form and coherence, if not in content and style. What do they call French toast in France?

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