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I have just started to use this particular product in the New Year and I was surprised at how much I like it. Fit and Slender cuts sugar cravings as well as craving for greasy food. Taste is good but I'm used to it.

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I put a dropper in my water bottle throughout the day. Seems to encourage healthier eating habits. I like putting this in to my water bottle and enjoying it all day It has a great taste and is easy to use. I have lost 14 lbs. I don't have to remember to take pills. I love is stuff! I don't exactly have a 21 yr old body not that I had one when I was 21 but I certainly feel lighter and stomach appears flatter.

Been taking this for months now and love it.

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The bottle leaks a bit towards the end so if you carry in your purse put it inside a ziploc bag. Mix 1 full dropper 1 ml in ounces of cold, hot or sparkling water.

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I always drink more when I put a dropperful in my water bottle! I went to a spa to get a massage and they had this in their water.

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I had to buy it. I have greatly increased my water intake. I have always struggled getting in my glasses of water a day. It was always a chore for me and most days I failed miserably. With half a dropper full, this adds a light, refreshing, delicious taste to a 16 oz bottle of water, and now it is so easy to get in that 64 oz a day.

Pure Inventions - Hydration Coconut Water Enhancer (30 Servings) 1 Oz

I love this stuff!! When it's a challenge to drink a good amount of water in the chilly wintertime, I just add a squirt of this liquid gold to my water bottle and I get all the hydration I need. It tastes great and goes far. You can make it as strong or weak as you want. We add it to smoothies, use it to enhance our water.

A message from your nutritionists:

I only wish these products came in larger sizes. It's a waste of packaging for those of us who order regularly.

I add this to my hot green tea daily, and it absolutely kicks it up a notch. Only tea we drink. Safe, healthy and convenient.

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I always add it to my water throughout the day! I have tried several flavors and the Raspberry Tea is my favorite. Flavoring my water with this product has definitely helped to increase my water intake. I enjoy the other flavors as well, but this flavor is my favorite. I also like that it is free of sugars and artificial flavors and colors. Pure Inventions Raspberry Tea is all I drink all day.