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We had no furniture, and instead slept as a family in sleeping bags across the living room floor. My father found a job at a lumber yard.

My mother became a bedmaker at a hospital. My father ended up bouncing around quite a bit. Losing the job at the lumberyard to get a job at the airport.

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Losing that to get a job as a janitor. But mentally ill is mentally ill. Odd people get fired easily. Did he mention he had been to another planet? Did he mention he was a religious emissary? Unemployment rates drove sky high. As people got laid off from jobs everywhere, my parents were no exception. They tried for months, then over a year to find new jobs. My parents dutifully voted for Ronald Reagan in like good conservatives. So did I in my 4th grade class. It was ended by the summer of in our state due to block granting. The first step was figuring out where to live.

By now, my uncle had abandoned the farmhouse.

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It was riddled with problems. Since it sat empty, we moved there. The only income we had was my paper route for the Des Moines Register. It was okay over the summer. In the winter, the water froze as the house froze. We moved down there in the dark cement. The gardens we planted reduced down to meals of popcorn, pickles, and other canned vegetables.

My parents had a single credit card. A gas card, which they were able to use to buy milk, eggs, and peanut butter at the convenience store. Quickly, the credit card was maxed. She actually got the idea from her father. We called him Grandpa Third Reich, because he was a racist, loudmouth conservative. He always insisted that churches should help poor people instead of the government.

When my mother went to the church, she ended up having to point out how much money her family had given them over the years. With a load of Christmas gifts for us kids. There were used stuffed animals, dolls, and games. The church had done a toy drive for us, I guess. What they never helped with was food. Or gas money to find new jobs. Or money to wash our clothes at the laundromat.

They never felt this kind of charity was their responsibility. This meant our clothes got dirty. This meant our family was on the radar of the town of Denver for being very poor. My parents had always had a strained relationship, but now it became violent.

6 Reasons to Move to a Small Town

They were actually hurting each other. Throwing things at each other. It was frightening to watch. But I had problems of my own. I begged children for food at lunch time in school. One day, I took my lunch tray to the giant garbage bins to clear the trash from it, and saw an untouched hotdog sitting on the top of the pile protected from garbage by its bun.

I was so hungry. Without thinking, I grabbed the meat and took a bite. Axe Camp is an experience-based workshop that teaches people how to safely and properly chop down a tree, then split and stack it all by axe. Then, this winter, he is leading a Tree ID class on our property where folks will learn to identify more than 40 trees by profile and bark only.

Was this kind of lifestyle always a dream of yours? How did you go about making this dream a reality? We always knew we would have — we both grew up on farms — and we knew we wanted to create a simpler way of living. We started looking for land soon after we got married probably about 10 years ago , but life and timing don't always sync up.

Finally, in the fall of October , we found a piece of property that had a lot of the characteristics we wanted — privacy, woods, flat land for growing crops — and it needed some love. Like, a lot of love. We tore down buildings and made countless trips to the dump, all the while drawing and redrawing the house we've always dreamed of. After living in Nashville in a home that was much more than we needed, we knew that we wanted something a lot simpler.

We sketched out a home with about 1, square feet and a basement and handed it to a builder. We created spaces meant for gatherings: The bedrooms and closets are small and we didn't make space for storage because aside from our camping gear and some tools, we use or display what we own. Our location is pretty far for a lot of my freelance work, which is mostly in Nashville. However, it is a really lovely commute. I can choose between the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway, which has a speed limit of 50 mph and takes you through some of the most beautiful land in Tennessee, or I take backroads, which follow creeks and wind around old farms.

My favorite thing about Santa Fe is the community of friends we have found here. Every Thursday evening, we are one of a dozen or more families that gather for what have affectionately called, "neighbor night. There are folks of all ages and backgrounds, and we all bring a dish to share for supper and visit around a fire or on blankets spread out on the ground.

Living the Dream: A Simple, Sustainable Life in Small-Town Tennessee | Livability

I have never felt more a part of a community than I do now. We moved out to this rural area thinking we might be a bit stranded, but it has been the opposite experience. I could go on.

We are also close to the county seat, Columbia, where we also have a very strong and supportive community. We both grew up there, and have life-long friendships as well as new ones as our hometown continues to grow. Our two kids Jack, 10, and Ivy, four, are early risers, and get our day going.

Jack is responsible for feeding the chickens and our barn cat, and Ivy feeds the inside animals our two dogs. In the winter, there is a wood stove to keep going and ice to break for the animals — chickens, cat and dogs. Duren said he loved trading off the concrete jungle for miles of trees and open sky. Here are 10 ways to sneak mindfulness into little moments. Lexi, who moved from Los Angeles to a city a sixth the size in population, said that many students who were going through the school system saw high school as an end goal and college as an option.

What happened to my family in small town Iowa was the stuff of nightmares

Many people in small towns, particularly in rural or remote regions, have family ties to the area and are complacent doing ordinary jobs as long as they get to stay local. After moving to Gastonia, North Carolina, her reality changed. Learn 50 other simple pleasures that make life worth living. Katie Wagner moved from humming San Francisco to tranquil Cornelius, North Carolina, where she was gratefully surprised by one glorious perk of smaller towns—parking everywhere! In other less-populated communities, finding parking is as easy as pulling up to an open lot and stopping wherever you please.

In other towns, you can even walk to all the local shops. A smaller community will have fewer employment opportunities. Eventually, an opportunity may open up or better yet, you can create your own. But in a small Hertfordshire town?