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That was only the beginning of many fun things that TDE would have to offer to both members and non-members alike. Before the fun began to take full swing, however, TDE itself experienced quite a swing — a complete turnaround; the club underwent a thorough transformation from top to bottom in the middle of ; everything changed except the name of the club itself.

Enter the Dark Empire, a Sith-Minded Costume Club

With the overhaul, the Dark Empire incorporated many aspects from its namesake, as well as some of the Sith language into the many leadership positions and other aspects of the club. Maybe you are a fan of the dark side, but not necessarily a fan of the Sith? Maybe a non-Mandalorian bounty hunter, or Sith-affiliated pirate, or smuggler costume is something more to your liking? TDE offers canon and custom costuming choices in its membership base.

Well, TDE is observed to have been founded in April , very near to when our sister club, the Mandalorian Mercs, were founded.

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Hondo Ohnaka is a great example of a canon Sith-affiliated pirate, and members of his species would make for great customs of this category. The most notable difference between the Dark Empire and Palpatine's earlier Galactic Empire was that the latter was not openly run by dark side users. The Emperor kept a group of Force-sensitives , called the Dark Side Elite , to carry out his will, similar to the Emperor's Hands of the earlier Empire. There were always seven of them, and once one died, another was immediately appointed.

Despite being trained and empowered by Palpatine himself, the Elite took heavy casualties during Operation Shadow Hand and were wiped out by the end of it. Palpatine intended to eventually use solely the dark side of the Force to run the Empire, but had to use regular vehicles until that could be accomplished.

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His rule introduced a new line of superweapons to take the place of the two Death Stars his earlier Empire had. They were the Eclipse -class dreadnoughts , massive warships nearly twice the size of Super Star Destroyers that were equipped with small superlasers. Both of them, the Eclipse and later Eclipse II , were destroyed.

The first was consumed by Palpatine's Force Storm , which he lost control of, and the second was destroyed when R2-D2 set it on a collision course with the Galaxy Gun , another superweapon, similar to the Tarkin. The primary method of governance was a dark side magocracy, where the most powerful Force-user Palpatine would rule, with several Dark Side Adepts enforcing his will. He also intended to use the dark side of the Force alone to attack his enemies, to the extent that he eventually wouldn't even need to rely on superweapons to enforce his will.

Another difference regarding the Dark Empire is that Palpatine designed it to run on autopilot in the event that he was killed before he could do a soul transference, at least while Byss was still in existence.

Star Wars: Dark Empire Trilogy

Although the Dark Empire intended to fully replace all superweapons and vessels and solely use dark side-related methods of enforcing its rule, it was forced to rely on them to defeat the New Republic. Force-related weapons included the Shadow Droids , which were biomechanical weapons created with Sith alchemy , and Chrysalides , which were Rancors mutated by Sith Alchemy.

Imperial Sentinels , mindless bodyguards used by Dark Side Adepts, were also used; often accompanying them on missions across the galaxy. Non-Force related weapons and vessels included various Capital ships, including Imperial -class Star Destroyers , Victory -class Star Destroyers , at least 4 Sovereign -class Super Star Destroyers , at least one Bellator -class dreadnought , at least five Allegiance -class battlecruisers including the Allegiance itself , the Eclipse and Eclipse II of the Eclipse -class dreadnoughts , at least one Secutor -class Star Destroyer , at least three Procursator -class Star Destroyers , at least two Vengeance -class dreadnoughts , Lambda -class T-4a shuttles , at least three Executor -class Star Dreadnoughts , and several Modular Taskforce Cruisers all varieties.

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Security drones likewise included Hunter-Killer probots. Many of us die-hard fans might lament the expanded universe we grew up on, but the loss of Dark Empire from the canon is not one I will mourn.

What could have been in the Star Wars universe. What could have been in the Star Wars universe Posted by: Just repeat what went before! Tech-obsessed wizards It feels like Veitch misunderstood the nature of the Star Wars universe.

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So many questions… The one thing it does right Before the prequels introduced the idea of only two Sith being in existence at any one time, it made sense that anyone could fall prey to the dark side. The new Star Wars Expanded Universe: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon by Delilah S. All the Birds in the Sky: Magic meets science in the ultimate reckoning.

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