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In this episode the gentlemen discuss some of the most weird and wonderful failed assassination attempts. Some of these are absolutely bizarre. What a way to mark the 30th episode! In honour of Tom's anniversary with his girlfriend I know right, what a soppy bastard , James and Tom talk about some of the most romantic gestures in history. Although, the gentlemen believe that they are far more romantic than anyone mentioned!

Let them know what you think In this episode, James and Tom talk about some of the lesser know resistance movements in history. They range from all over the globe, and some are more significant than you would imagine! The gentlemen get progressively more and more drunk, so the longer you listen, the more ridiculous it gets. First Rule of The Katipunan: In this episode, the gentlemen discuss famous James's throughout history while being joined by their guest Nicola.

How do the James's fair against the Thomas's? In this episode, the gents talk about what Australia has given to the world. Talk about scraping the historical barrel. We joke, we love you Australia! With a surprise guest.

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In honour of Tom's birthday, the gentlemen discuss famous Thomas's throughout history! That being said, Tom was outnumbered two-to-one by James's! This is probably the funniest episode yet and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording. WHen pleasing Cares disturb the youthful Breast,. A Wake, my Lyre! ON a Bank beside a Willow,.

HOW vain are the Efforts of Art? SEE how Saphira'mid the Croud appears! NO more I shall dread the Disaster,. HOW could you deceive me, my fair? Answer to the Foregoing. THE wanton God who pierces Heart,.

HOW can you lovely Nancy thus cru-el-ly slight. MY fond Shepherds of late were so blest,.

Angry Fools Day... Angry birds get the Pigs with Thomas the Train - ThatCrazyFamily

AS Jamie Gay gang'd blyth his way,. NO more my Song shall be ye Swains,. Green at Sadlers Wells,. THO' I sweep to and thro' old Iron to find,. THE Morning is charming, all Nature is gay,.


YE fair marrie'd Dames who so often deplore,. A Virgin like me sure was ne'er so distress't,. YE Subjects of Bacchus who laught at dull thinking. Address'd to the Batchelors. Wine we allow the brisk Fountain of Mirth,. THE Virgin when softned by May,. With all their Elegance and Ease,. The Golden now then B—y seize,. On musty Greek let Parsons pore,. SEE, Daphne, see, Florelio cry'd,. Unjustly, dear Cynthia, your Sylvan. I continue still constant, does Cynthia, the same?

Was the Sheep then in Fault, or my Cynthia, I pray. A Fortnight was spent e're dear Moggy came to,. Surpris'd at this Treatment, she cried, Gaffer Jock,. Polly throw by that contemptible Air,. THE Sun was now descended to the Main,. TO Peace and Love, in Courts but seldom seen,. Sung by Miss Thomas. Sung by Sigra Galli. Sung by Miss Young. IF those who live in Shepherds Bower,. Howard, Sung by Mr.

Caesar and Pompey were both of them horned. Caesar and Pompey, were both of them horned. Sung by Miss Stevenson. The Words by Mr. BOast not mistaken Swain thy Art,. Like Strephon from Beauty to Beauty they'll range,. For to find Fault with Hebe, would forfeit my Name. MAKE haste, and away mine only Dear;. O Cupid befriend this Loving Pair,. ON a Grassy Pillow,. A Merry Lard by this Light,. They Christen us sories and Whigs,.

Let chaste Clarinda too be there,. Yet Phillis you love a false Swain,. SAD Musidora all in woe,. Set to Musick by Mr. LET the Tempest of War,. TO Fanny Fair I would impart,. YE Shepherds give Ear to my Lay,. No more ye'd prate of Hybla's Hill,.

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Arne, Sung at Ranelagh. Who always beat France when they tock her in Hand,. Let us sing our own Treasures Old England's good Cheer,. Shou'd the French dare invade us thus arm'd with our Poles'. WHEN first we see the Ruddy,. Sung by Mis, Young. With Change of Habits Strephon press'd,. This found his Courtship Strephon ends,. COME here, fellow Servants, and lislen to me,.

NO Lass on fam'd Hiberrigs Plains,. AS May in all her youthful Dress,. IN all the Sex some Charms I find;. Adzooks, cries he, could'st fancy me? I like the wond'rous well, I like thee wond'rous well. Let's sit and chat a While with thee, my bonny Nell: I like thy Person well, I like thy Person well. Young Roger, your mistaken, the Damsel then reply'd;.

Thomas Nashe’s Summers Last Will and Testament

O no indeed, not I;. I'll neither wait, nor chat, nor prate; I've other Fish to fry, I've other Fish to fry. What tho' my Name be Roger, that goes to Plow and Cart,. There's buxom Joan, it is well known, she loves me as her Life, she loves me as her Life.

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Pray what of buxom Joan? For she has ne'er a Penny, and I am bouncing Nell,. O then, my dear, I'll draw a Chair, and chat with thee a While, and chat with thee a While. NOW the Snow-drops lift their Heads,. Thus Sylvia in the conscious Grove,. HOW blithe was I each Morn to see,. ASK if yon Damask Rose is sweet.

If Daphne doubts, let Hymen 's Bands. SAY, lovely Peace, that grac'd our Isle,. As Rome of old her Terrors huri'd,. WHO has e'er been at Baldock must needs know the Mill,. I'd swore she was Venus just sprung from the Flood. Prometheus stole Fire, as the Poets all say,.