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I will even live stream the process if the timing is right for you. Shipping drum graphics will be personalized too. If you want some of the swag from the other pledge tiers, you can add the values below to your pledge and get them. See Signed Codename Colossus Mk. I Cyclops Posters reward tier above for more information. Worldwide shipping is included in this price. See The Machination Studio Story magazine reward tier above for more information.

The Modeler , Craftsman , Builder , Collector and Individual reward tiers will include one copy of the magazine. See The Dapper reward tier above for more information. See The Modeler reward tier above for more information. See The Craftsman reward tier above for more information. See The Builder reward tier above for more information. The project would not be possible without the contribution of the following organizations and people.

Rick Treweek of Trobok Toys for introducing me to 3D printing and helping me with my initial 3D print prototypes. Goi Chin Yee of Lucidity for branding and graphics advise and help. The development is complete. This project is ready for production. The main variable is whether I can get people to work on some of the electronic components at a low quantity.

If not, I would have to solder them myself. I have also yet to finalize the design of the packaging and the design of the The Machination Studio Story magazine and instruction booklet. This project was not developed by a team of professional engineers, it was created by myself as a garage maker. Bumbling along experimenting with materials and off-the-shelf components.

Machinations Visitor Centre | Machinations

I Cyclops is a project without warranties. Should the electronic parts arrive not working, that the resin cast parts arrive broken, or that code needs to be flashed onto the hardware again. I would endeavour to help resolve these problems and replace parts out of goodwill. Collectors of the scale model have to bring out the tinkerer in themselves so we can troubleshoot any issues that might arise together over communication tools like video calls.

Each reward tier is made and shipped from different locations. The magazine and T-shirts will be shipped by fulfillment companies from the US. The Craftsman and Builder kits will be shipped from China via FedEx, and the assembled Collector and Individual models will be hand finished by myself and shipped from Singapore. Do not be alarmed if different parts of your rewards are delivered at different dates. The assembled models will be shipped in a shipping drum that counts as an oversized package by the courier companies, incurring higher shipping costs.

I have yet to decide on the courier company yet.

Studio Machinations

I have put the assembled model in the shipping drum through check-in luggage across the Pacific ocean twice. Going through Singapore, China transit and US airport security. The model arrived without harm, I wouldn't risk your models until I have tried it myself. I have also specially designed the foam inserts for the unassembled kits myself to have maximum protection while remaining small in size to keep shipping costs at a minimum. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. I started this journey not knowing anything about 3D modeling or electronics.

Along the way, I got invited to speak on the biggest stage at TED. I still do not know much about crowdfunding, or whether any one even wants my models. But not knowing never stopped me from doing it. I will be sharing the story of my journey, my thoughts and my process, with photographs and drawings, printed in a 32 page magazine format.

It will also include a 5 page short comic from the Codename Colossus world specially drawn for this Kickstarter campaign by the award winning Canadian graphic novelist Gregory Chomichuk. I even wore a T-shirt on stage at TED. This is a painted " tall small resin cast walker model with a 3 point articulated loading arm. Resin cast and electronics kit comes Unpainted, Unassembled and Unweathered. For those who like to put things together.

Resin cast and electronics kit comes Fully Painted but Unassembled and Unweathered. Requires assembly with glue and screws. I Cyclops as envisioned and intended by the creator. Fully assembled, painted and weathered like what you see in the video. For the first 50 pledges, I will be personally assembling and painting the weathering them. Each piece is finished by hand by the creator with progress openly shared online.

Each piece is finished by hand by the creator, progress will be openly shared online. Personalize the colour of the model, and tactical markings, and I will personally paint, assemble and weather it. Machinations formed in in Sydney with the line up of Tim Doyle on guitar; Fred Loneragan on lead vocals; and Tony Starr on keyboards, vocals, and drum machine. Their school friend, Loneragan, joined, [2] [3] and in early Machinations played their first show at Garibaldi's in Darlinghurst.

Another school friend, Nero Nick Swan, soon joined on bass guitar. In late , with the assistance of radio station Triple J , the band recorded tracks at Trafalgar Studios for the new music program. Their debut self-titled, four-track extended play followed on 20 November; both appeared on the independent Phantom Records label. It was followed by " Pressure Sway " in April, which peaked at No. In April Machinations released their debut album, Esteem , which peaked at No.

Dempsey declared that lead singer "Loneragan gives a high-powered performance which is probably rivalled only by Midnight Oil 's Peter Garrett ". Big Music provided three charting singles. And Big Music is one of the best Australian dance albums about. It captures beat, depth and harmony that could well have eluded the Machis. The second side is by far the better. Led by 'No Say', the four other songs combine to give an exhausting record of the band at its best". Their third album, Uptown was released in October and reached No.

The lead single, " Do to You " was released in August and reached No. The group had become a popular band on the Australian touring circuit. Initially fellow band members intended to continue whilst Loneragan recovered, [3] however the group disbanded as various members left to join other local groups. Welcome to Machinations Visitor Centre. Enjoy a great day out at this unique visitor centre in mid-Wales. Open All Year from 9.

Machinations (band)

We have something for everyone whatever your age, interest or need. We are the only permanent exhibition of contemporary Automata mechanical moving models in the UK.

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Our hands-on interactive moving model characters spin, whirl or bob up and down with fascinating mechanisms displaying cogs, cams and levers - an infinite variety of movement.