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What drew you to them originally?

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In Wilson began getting shirts printed with his designs on them and was somewhat underwhelmed with the first run of shirts he received. Whether it was Wilson designing our album artwork or shooting a music video or me recording our albums or booking our tours, nearly every aspect of what we were building was done in-house. We were never entirely satisfied with shirts we would get printed from elsewhere, so it just made sense to make the investment and start our own screen-printing company. As two guys who have always been centered around the love of music and the need to be creative it was always understood that A Thousand Arms was going to be driven by music.

In a lot of ways, it was our years of experience playing in bands that helped build and mold the A Thousand Arms business model. While screen-printing had become the driving force of A Thousand Arms for over six years now, we still felt compelled to use the business as an asset and contributor to the music scene. Being fairly secluded here in Bozeman, MT, we had been constantly searching for a way to be more involved on the national and worldwide level of music in an attempt to get our name out there and garner some type of music business from some larger bands.

We eventually came across the idea of assembling band compilations to begin the process of building A Thousand Arms into a more recognized name. In order to more adequately handle the daunting challenge of getting bands involved, we decided to narrow the scope our focus to the post-rock genre. Having already made numerous connections within this genre through the endeavors of our own post-rock band, RANGES, this made the most sense.

The response to the compilation was staggering and proved to be an exciting breakthrough for us as a business. With a newly acquired network of bands we saw the potential to expand A Thousand Arms into a band merchandising and fulfillment company.

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Since we already had the screen-printing aspect figured out it made perfect sense to start offering web store hosting and fulfillment as a service to bands who needed it. We offered to host a web store for Belgium label dunk! Plenty has been said about the repetitive nature of post-metal and post-rock; some even say that the genres are in crisis. You can only rely on Apple Music and Spotify suggestions for so long before you find yourself in the same cycle of bands that no longer become challenging for you as a listener.

Speaking of listening widely, what created the global focus of your recent compilation, Hemispheres? Why divide it into two parts like you did?

It seems like Europe is the place to be when it comes to post-rock music and post-rock festivals so he suggested we only feature American bands on one side and fill the other side with international bands to show the palette of talent US post-rock bands have in comparison to the rest of the world. I guess it worked, as dunk! We were able to dig up a lot of really great music from some pretty secluded areas around the world.

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A lot of these bands bring a more math-centric, uptempo vibe to the compilation which I think is great. Is there something unique to be gained by a global perspective on music? There really is no language barrier when it comes to instrumental music. A rising tide raises all ships. How did work with dunk! It was honestly one of those things that just fell perfectly into place because certain things happened at just the right times.

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Once we were able to get A Thousand Arms into the position of a distributor and a merchandiser it made a lot of sense to offer that service to them in order to get some really great European releases over to the states. As I mentioned, dunk! Both of these bands have played a major role in my life and are always a go-to when it comes to introducing people to the genre. Whether your band is in need of tour merchandise or show posters or your business is in search of a new line of branded apparel, we have the tools and experience to help you achieve your printing needs.

Please review the Printing Quote Guidelines below and then email us to get started on your next print project.


Design services for A Thousand Arms are facilitated in-house by L U X I N V I C T U S, an artist working primarily in the medium of collage-based digital artwork for print-specific projects, but also offering photography and video services where applicable. A Thousand Arms provides online fulfillment for bands, artists, and record labels who want to provide their fanbase with exceptional products and customer service but don't have the time nor resources to do so.

A curated and maintained web store and a shipping and handling process that insures products arrive in perfect condition, allows for an extraordinary shopping experience for your fanbase. Whether you're an international band looking to grow your American merch presence or an American record label in need of a fulfillment partner, A Thousand Arms is built to provide top end products with unparalleled service.

A Thousand Arms offers a solution for domestic and international record labels and bands looking to introduce their music to the American market. Almost all distribution deals are built on a consignment structure but we are always open to discuss unique partnerships to help you improve your product reach into North America. With over 15 years of engineering and mixing experience, A Thousand Arms can help take your project to the next level.