Guide Creating Multiple Streams of Income with Information Products: Turning Your Ideas Into Assets

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After you read this book, you will shift your thinking to see a bigger picture. Imagine standing in a large open field that is filled with possibilities. Your success is just beyond the horizon.

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This book is a vehicle to help you achieve what you think is possible. In this book, you will learn how to turn your book into an asset. We show you how to position your ideas in the marketplace. You will learn strategies to create multiple information products and core techniques to take your product to market. We give you a directory of links and resources so you can get started right now. This book is the beginning of your journey as a career author; your first step to becoming an infopreneur.

After reading this book, you will be better prepared to seize the opportunities already presented to you.

Author First Aid Kit: Creating Multiple Streams Of Income With Information Products

Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Author First Aid Kit , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Mar 28, Sandra McLeod rated it it was amazing Shelves: Being "technologically challenged," there were parts of this book that were over my head, but it was still a great resource because it gave me a new way to look at marketing.

31 Passive Income Ideas To Get You Off The Hamster Wheel

I'm now looking at "the bigger picture" and what the book says makes a lot of sense. It covers a lot of material in a very concise way and is a great addition to my marketing bookshelf. Kate Davis marked it as to-read Sep 21, The grade is what determines both the interest rate and the origination fee and is the criteria lenders look at when deciding whom to loan to. Real estate has a significant place in the world of passive income but a lot of people just think of it regarding rental property , and that is out of reach for many.

But rental property is only one passive income idea in the real estate arena.

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A REIT is a real estate investment trust. Think of a REIT as a mutual fund for real estate investing. You can invest in real estate the same way you can invest in any other industry, by buying stock. When you own stock in a REIT, you earn a share of the profit produced by that real estate investment.

Fundrise allows individuals to invest in commercial real estate online through an eREIT. Read our review here. Real estate investing used to be seen as the preserve of the wealthy but crowdfunded real estate sites want to bring it to the public at large. RealtyShares is an online investing platform that allows you to make real estate investments and a virtual space for companies who need financing for their real estate projects to find investors who will buy shares in that project. PeerStreet is a marketplace to invest in high quality private real estate loans. Investments made with Peer Street are a real estate loan and not an investment in the actual real estate.

The difficulty level depends on how involved you want to be. Roofstock is a turnkey real estate marketplace for single-family homes. The properties listed are independently screened, appraised, and certified giving investors the complete picture of the home they are buying.

Some homes even have tenants already in place so the investor can cash-flow from day one. We did a full review.

Passive Income: What it is and Why You Want It

Either way, E-commerce sites have made it easier than ever to make money selling items online. Selling stuff is a great way to make extra money whether you sell things you make or re-sell stuff you buy. If you want to build an online store, Shopify makes it easy. They also have a lot of tools to help you do things like create coupons and promotions, process payments, handle returns, and share your store on sites like eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, and several price comparison sites like Nextag, Bizrate, and PriceGrabber.

It goes without saying that Shopify is the platform of choice for drop shippers. We wrote this article to make money, and the way to do that is by providing value to your readers which drives traffic to your site and then monetizing it with affiliate links. Remember, the more niche your website and topics are, the better. If we go back to our discus aquarium example, you can provide value by writing updated information. The number 2 result on Google is three years old.

You can make affiliate marketing income by linking to Amazon to all of the products you write about on the site. Part of providing value is building trust. The other part of making an audience is consistency. It matters less how often you post than how consistently. If you only have time to do one post a month, that post should come out on the same date and time each month. An excellent way to stay consistent is to write several posts before you release the blog.

Affiliate marketing works well when you discuss products on your blog. For our fish tank blog, we would link to all the things you need to buy for an aquarium and then when people click on that link and buy that item and other items they purchase with it with some exceptions you get a percentage of the purchase. Google Adsense pays to post ads on your blog.

There are two ways to make money with Adsense; impressions which give you money for every 1, page views and clicks which provide you with money when a visitor to your site clicks on a displayed ad. You can sell information to your readers. If you write a travel site, for example, you could write a series of city guides and charge people to download them.

You can design courses and charge for access to those. In fact, plenty of bloggers sell classes on how to make money blogging.

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  • The essential services on most of the publishing sites are free, and you can pay for premium services like marketing and editing. You can use AudioBook Creation Exchange to create and sell your audiobook. I would happily have paid for the guide he wrote for free. If you know anything well, a place, how to fix something, how to make something, how to do something, you can write a guide for it. You can sell your guide as an e-book, offer it as a download for a fee on your site or reach out to bloggers with similar content and ask if they will offer it as a paid download on their website for a price of course.

    Forty percent of Amazon sales come from third-party sellers. Choose a category and then Best Sellers. Monitor best sellers for a few days or even a few weeks to help make your decision. Within those items, choose some things you have some familiarity with. Some people find whole sellers and re-sell their products but this method can tie up a lot of your money, and unless you find a relatively unknown one or negotiate an exclusive contract with them, there is too much competition to make it worthwhile.

    Much better to trawl thrift shops, post-holiday clearance sales, and estate and garage sales which can be terrific places to buy a lot of merchandise cheap. We wrote a detailed article on the process. Some things sell better and for more on eBay than Amazon. We interviewed Jordan Malik about this.

    31 Passive Income Ideas To Get You Off The Hamster Wheel In

    When you shop online, you should be comparing prices and looking for the best deal. But even if you do your research and buy something at the lowest price, that might only be the lowest price at that moment. If you buy something and the price goes down within a specific time frame, Paribus works to get a refund of the difference. When you join Swagbucks you can get cash back when you buy online from more than 1, retailers including places you probably already shop like Amazon, Target, and Starbucks. You earn points for each dollar you spend and also get exclusive coupons and deals exclusive to Swagbucks shoppers.

    Also, you can earn points when you use the Swagbucks Yahoo search engine, and when you watch exclusive videos, Swagbucks has put together. You can redeem your points for gift cards or get cash back through PayPal. This is a site that gives you cash back when you shop online. Each store shows what percentage cash back you get when you shop with them. This is probably the best thing on this list. It sounds too good to be true, but I know it works because Andrew and I both use it.

    The rewards are available within 24 hours of your completed reservation. There is a ton of competition among credit cards, and one of the ways they try to entice new customers is a sign-up bonus. Cashback cards give you a small percentage back for every dollar you charge to the card. Some give back on only specific categories like groceries or gas, and some offer cash back on all purchases. In larger cities, it will often be much more and in smaller cities, sometimes a little less. The appeal of Uber is that you can set your schedule and there is no commitment.

    Americans spend an average of five hours watching TV every day. You can also buy an existing blog that is already making money. It takes some research to find a blog worth buying though, kind of like choosing the right rental property. There are some minimum criteria that should be met before you delve further. You can then choose to take over the blog yourself or make an offer to keep the founder on as a writer and perhaps the face of the blog too while you collect the income generated.

    You can peruse sites for sale at Flippa, and some can be had for just a few dollars. The barrier to buying an online business is much lower than purchasing a brick and mortar business. You can find online businesses for sale on sites like BizBuySell. Had no idea this was a thing! Music ownership is managed via royalties. Having ownership of those rights means the holder earns money on the earnings of that music.

    Royalty rights are not affected by financial markets and provide a steady stream of passive income. You can bid on royalties on the site Royalty Exchange. Internet domain names can be valuable! There is some luck involved in choosing a good domain name to buy, but there are also ways to research what might be a good one.

    You want to look for hot keywords and buy a name that in the future, a business would want to buy. You can purchase domain names at Flippa. We interviewed Adam Dicker about this process. The right brick and mortar business can be a good investment, but there are much more overhead and more moving parts. Therefore much more research has to be done than you needed to invest in an online business.