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Newlywed bliss is right around the corner. Discover our most romantic getaways, receive perks from our preferred partner resorts and begin planning your adventurous honeymoon excursions. We encourage you to browse through our many channels of wedding inspiration to help you begin planning your romantic escape. With world-famous beaches, stunning colonial architecture and balmy, beautiful weather, a Mexico destination wedding awaits.

There are three constants you can expect from a destination wedding in Mexico: From that starting point though, your trip is bound to be infused with plenty of local flavor and charm depending on the destination you pick. Whether your dream to get married involves an escape to a white-sand beach in Cancun or an exploration of the ruins in Riviera Maya, Mexico provides endless possibilities for every taste and budget. Mexico destinations provide travelers beautiful and diverse beaches, with the Pacific coast offering stunning vistas and dramatic cliffs.

The Caribbean and Gulf shorelines have plenty of snorkeling hotspots and colorful reefs.

Regions of Mexico

On land, there are a number of enjoyable excursions, including parachuting off the Acapulco coast, golfing seaside in Cabo San Lucas, or exploring Mayan ruins. Wherever you end up, a siesta will likely be in order. In short, destination weddings in Mexico are accommodating to all types of travelers, so start planning yours today!

From weddings to honeymoons, anniversaries and vow renewals and more, we love all things romance travel and are here to make your vision come to life.

Destination Wedding Regrets?

Let us help plan your perfect destination celebration! Destinations Start planning your dream wedding with Destination Weddings. Why Choose Us Learn about our destination wedding planning specialists. Preferred Partners The Destination Weddings premier Preferred Partner Resorts collection includes over exquisite properties that will make your celebration unforgettable. Honeymoons Newlywed bliss is right around the corner. Mexico Destination Weddings With world-famous beaches, stunning colonial architecture and balmy, beautiful weather, a Mexico destination wedding awaits.

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What size wedding are you planning? Enjoy crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views There are three constants you can expect from a destination wedding in Mexico: Enjoy the view Mexico destinations provide travelers beautiful and diverse beaches, with the Pacific coast offering stunning vistas and dramatic cliffs. Let us help plan your perfect romantic celebration. Find the resort that's perfect for you.

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You will probably make deposits based on your estimates and on a schedule outlined in your contract. Any extras or add ons are usually paid at your final settlement and after your event. Open bar tabs, especially, are something that is calculated in this last payment, and vendors who bill through the hotel may be paid at this time. After the wedding, the responsible party will most likely see a final bill with credit for the deposits.

Most of your expenses will be paid upfront, but this last payment can be substantial. Read your contract carefully, negotiate anything you choose, and make sure you understand what services you will be paying on your own and what will be paid through the hotel. These events tend to be a bit "cookie cutter," and there are likely to be several ceremonies one after another. Some couples want and appreciate the simplicity of this kind of event. At an all inclusive resort, the reception is likely to be less expensive than at other locations, but the bride and groom will probably have fewer choices about the details.

For the day of the wedding, guests at an all inclusive will have a meal and beverages included in their room rate, and this is often be applied to the reception cost. Other locales - I'll call them "a la carte! Ceremonies in this type of venue require a bit more planning, but your wedding will be more individualized. If the number of weddings per day is a concern for you, ask about this, but yours being the only event on a given day is something that probably can't be guaranteed. There are all types and sizes of weddings, and our resort had enough event locations that if there was another wedding taking place, we didn't know it.

You just don't want to feel rushed out of your location if another event is following yours. Wedding cakes are usually available through most hotel chefs, but some venues will let you cater this on your own. For most services, there may be in-house vendors available through these hotels, and though these services may cost less than an independent vendor, you may still pay a separate fee. Expect to pay separately for lighting, audio and electronics for your ceremony and reception, but as with everything else at this kind of resort, these can be customized.

Be prepared for local customs and mores when negotiating with vendors in other countries and be patient. The number of events you plan is really up to you and your budget. A welcome party is often customary and can be planned in lieu of a rehearsal dinner. A sit down dinner, however, is also common, but our reception was formal and we decided not to plan two similar events back to back? We decided to forego an after wedding day brunch as most people find it painful to attend these after a night of partying!

Wedding party events can be scheduled as you choose and feel necessary. If you are serious about getting married, be serious about your marriage documents. If your marriage documents are issued in a foreign country, it is up to you to make sure that they are recorded in the US. Do your homework on this important issue. If you do this, be prepared to travel several days before your wedding for a blood test at a medical facility in your destination locale, and follow through on the document recording once you are home.

In my opinion, the legalities of a marriage are just not the best issue to be driven by romantic notions. There, vows and rings can be exchanged in front of family and friends, and that will be your wedding day! In any case, most foreign countries require a separate civil ceremony should you opt for a religious or spiritual ceremony as well. Your civil ceremony at home is actually meeting this requirement stateside if your religion allows this separation of services. Learn the custom restrictions for your destination. In Mexico, for instance, there is a ban on items from China being brought into the country for resale.

If you get the wrong customs agent, the number of items you are carrying for a wedding could be misinterpreted this way. Most nations are happy to see brides come to their country for a wedding, but be prepared for the agent who is having a bad day. Chances are that you will breeze through customs, but bring receipts, cover or cut out labels that could be suspect, and be prepared to answer questions. Shipping outside the country is not the best idea for the things that matter for your wedding day. Friends and family can help you distribute your items to reduce these fees. Most airlines are prepared to hang wedding dresses on a plane, but this is not always the case.

Bags get misplaced, and it's "the dress! I didn't know anything about weddings when we started planning my daughter's event, and she and her fiance made this even more duanting when they decided on a destination wedding! I'm glad that they did, and I would not have had them marry any other way. This is a summary of things I learned as I went along, and I hope this helps some couples get started and excited about their destination wedding. Planning a wedding is intimidating at first, so let me know if I can answer any more questions.

Do you have any comments on how things might be different planning a wedding in Italy?

Why Mexico?

Weddings in Mexico and the Carribean tend to take place in large resorts, and I'm thinking things might be different in Europe. I'm hoping to get a discussion going so brides can read this thread and get some idea on how to get things started in different parts of the world. Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming and even more so if it's a destination wedding.

Actually I think the points you made are generally true in Italy as well. I have to say I value the work of independent planners more than that of the venue planners, but maybe because I know a few and I know how much more they can do for their clients. The bureaucracy is quite crazy here so you might need local assistance with that as well. However, I totally agree on the facts you recommend to double check. And I would like to add that opting for local businesses is always better than going with large national companies in these matters.

Like you, I would recommend a symbolic ceremony over a real one, but I guess nothing is impossible with a bit of patience! Also, how much time did your daughter have between "booking" and "the big day? My daughter was married at the Fairmont Mayakoba, and it was lovely.

Marrying in Mexico: An Overview for Destination Weddings in Mexico

The staff was wonderful and our guests were very happy with this unique resort. The Fairmont is not your typical resort that you might find anywhere, and the feedback was that our guests were happy that we chose a place they might have chosen for their own vacation:. This is an area that is not one resort after another and the setting is lovely. There are two other resorts in the Mayakoba gated development, the Rosewood and Banyan tree. These are wonderful, but pricey. The Fairmont is also wonderbul, but a more affordable price.

The best way to contact the events office to to call the Fairmont's "" number and ask for the Mayakoba. The phone will be answered in Spanish, but they speak excellent English. Here is a link to the vendor and supplier reviews I posted on weddingmapper. The site is wonderful for managing your guest list and seating. Wedding Mapper put my comments about their site under "Wedding Planner," but they're not; it's a website. If you visit the invitation printer site, our invitation and "day of" pieces are "Ellen" under "Classic" in their gallery.

We wanted traditional with an edge and letterpress, and if you visit the Fairmont, you'll see why the design worked. Let me know how else I can help you. We had a wonderful time planning my daughter's wedding, and love sharing our experience. You will be happy that you chose a destination ceremony! Thanks so much for a very informative post.

Our daughter is planning a wedding for late spring or , May or June, in Mexico.

She is thinking that all-inclusive will be easier on the guests but seems like it may make the wedding less personal. Several times I have called what I thought were the hotels number only to hear a wedding planner or travel agency answer the phone. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to reach the hotels directly and is there a site that reviews wedding planners? There are so many questions We are open to all suggestions. Thanks again for your very thorough post.

I am going to print it and keep it with us. An all inclusive resort is likely to offer a choice of packaged weddings and your choice of vendors may be limited to their list. Some couples like having everything done for them, and an AI is good for that kind of ceremony.

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  • If you want a more individualized event, choosing a resort with an event planning service is a good way to go. A professional in house planning service can direct you to reliable vendors and will stage the wedding without your needing an outside planner. I really think that an outside planner is an unnecessary expense and could complicate things. These planners are sometimes travel agencies that will book your guests travel and accommodations at a higher price than they can do this on their own or direct you to resorts with whom they have a commercial relationship.

    If a couple has an idea of what they want for their wedding and have chosen a reputable resort, they can plan their wedding through the resort's services without hiring a third party planner.

    Things I learned planning my daughter's destination wedding - Destination Weddings Forum

    Just remember that everything is negotiable, and you and your guests will get a better value without the expense of a middle man. A wedding is not unlike business meeting in that there is a dinner "reception" and group activities and accommodations. It's the trappings that are different and from a planning standpoint, a wedding is really not that different or complicated. A good resort will be ready to help you and have staged other weddings. Don't underestimate what your guests are willing to spend on their resort stay or be put off by online rates.

    Depending upon the size of your group. After spending money on travel, guests sometimes prefer a more upscale location than one that is "cookie cutter" or like a resorts that you could find just about anywhere. Your block rate could mean a good value for your guests. You should be able to do this through any of the other chains or larger resorts.

    Whatever resort you choose, remember that you are dealing with a different culture. Things may not always seem as "urgent" as they are to you, but everything will be fine in the end. Be patient and live with the things you can not change. Here is a link to my reviews of the vendors and services we used in the Riviera Maya:.