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Her teachings are designed to help people gain access to the Light - the radiant energy of goodness and understanding.

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Achieving the psychic protection of this energy creates a collective healing process that promotes positive energy and hope. Until now, the karmic suffering we were born with has been implacable and unchangeable. Now it can be changed, quickly, lovingly, and simply with an easy formula and the blessings of the Lords of Karma, the keepers of our souls' evolution.

Part II is a series of ten energy reprogramming meditations that lead to ascension and that bring your Goddess Within into your energy to stay.

Essential Energy Balancing An Ascension Process, Diane Stein. (Audio CD )

Ascension means enlightenment, freedom from being required to incarnate for future lifetimes on Earth. The processes are intensive and life changing in every positive way, and totally new on this planet. Our bodies are only the end result of our energy and of who we really are. We are many bodies and a highly complex energy system that is unknown to most people.

Astral Void | Explore your Inner Self - Astral Projection

This section describes and illustrates that complex system in more detail than has ever before been known or published. Diane Stein is a superb guide, having rescued healed and trained a number of grown dogs and puppies from animal shelters. She will help you choose and train your dog and advise you on proper nutrition, training and health problems, using all natural methods and remedies.

She will carry you through your dog's life span, from infancy, through the hell raising teenage years, to old age. Her message is simple: You can have a happy, healthy dognaturally! This is a guide for anyone who adopts a dog, whether young puppy or the adult that's been around. Based on the premise that the Earth and all beings are one, she masterfully presents a detailed understanding of Karma—the accrued lessons of past lifetimes continuing in the present—and the process of healing and releasing karmic patterns and situations.

We are introduced to the Lords of Karma, the supreme karmic record keepers working for our benefit at all times, able to grant requests for changed or released karma to those who ask for it. Stein believes an individual's karma is part of the Earth's karma, and as one's karma is cleared of a past life trauma, suffering, or karmic pattern, the collective Mind Grid of the Earth is also cleared.

More than gemstones and their healing properties are listed. Details on how to choose and use the Earth's precious gems are supplemented by explanations of the significance of this type of healing for the planet, for our past and future lives, and for other forms of consciousness. Instructions for choosing and using flowers and gems are combined with descriptions of their effects on emotional balance, an important concept in the emerging field of psychoneuroimmunology.

Includes clear step-by-step instructions for making flower essences and for matching flower and gemstone essences to the hara line and kundalini chakras for maximum benefit. On Grief and Dying offers a healing perspective and important insights on the central issues of death and loss, whether of a loved one, a pet, a body part or a dream.

Information increases from beginning to advanced techniques, a full course in psychic healing.

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Skills include meditation, visualization, the chakras and aura, energy work, spirit guides, hands on healing, emotional release, crystal work, distance healing. Advanced skills include healing karma and past lives, soul retrieval, releasing spirit attachments, dissolving cords and hooks, understanding and aiding the death process--and much more. In the West, Reiki has been kept highly secret for many years.

By demystifying this ancient healing system, Essential Reiki is a ground-breaking bestselling book, with over , copies in print.

Taught from the perspective that Reiki healing belongs to all people, this book differs from anything else available on the subject. L earn this profoundly effective method of healing by attending the extensive workshops at home. Everything you need except the Reiki attunements.

Master instructor Diane Stein has condensed her wildly popular 3-day seminar into this at-home 2-disc guide - that runs for almost five hours! Reiki is an ancient form of hand-on healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism. In this breakthrough, digitally re-mastered DVD, Stein reveal secrets of the Reiki masters, many of which have been kept hidden for centuries and are shared here for the first time.

It's your chance for a private lesson in this powerful healing tool from one of its most acclaimed teachers. The book includes a thorough discussion of several natural healing modalities and how they are used for pets. Each method is discussed for each of the fifty illnesses.

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  • Many people use natural healing for themselves, but wonder how to use it for their dogs and cats. This book is a comprehensive answer to that question. The book includes energy anatomy for pets. It is the place to start for anyone wishing to bring holistic healing to their dogs and cats. A comprehensive breakthrough guide with over 50, copies in print.

    Designated for women, most of the information is as valid for children and men as well. Part 1 presents ten natural healing methods in depth—vitamins and minerals, herbs, naturopathy, homeopathy and cell salts, amino acids, acupressure, aromatherapy, flower essences, gemstones, and emotional healing. The material is an education in natural healing in itself. Part 2 describes fifty common health issues and diseases.

    Remedies from all ten methods are given for each illness providing women with a wide variety of choices. As in all her previous books Diane Stein emphasizes self-healing, simplicity, and a return to the ways of the earth. Diane, seeking these answers, has gone to women visionaries and seers: This is the time, Diane states, for women to define what needs changing and begin to do the work.

    By women's power of thought and creation, we together can make a better world. There is a great deal to think about in this information. The cast circle is a safe space, a space for women to be what they are. Ritual space is a microcosm on earth of the cosmic Goddess universe. By creating it, women become designers and directors of what happens in a model world. The symbols of the ritual are a reduction of universal elements to manageable size, a reduction of the planetary order to something available for use and touch. Contains a Wheel of the Year cycle of Wiccan rituals and a lifetime cycle of Rites of Passage rituals, as well.

    Along with the methods, women are reclaiming the peaceful, cooperative, Earth- and life-affirming attitudes that made the matriarchies the originators of human civilization. They work to end the abuses that threaten women, threaten life, and that threaten the Goddess planet. For the first time since patriarchal hordes destroyed women's culture, there is hope for women and the survival of the planet. This inspiring book will help you reclaim this gift as your very own.

    Essential Energy Balancing: An Ascension Process

    You will learn how to:. Fascinating stories of psychic occurrences by over 70 women, interwoven through the text, illustrate the abilities available to you when you discover your psychic powers. The book teaches the beginning practices of healing, visualization, Tarot, and the women's I Ching. Diane describes the specific hands-on techniques—the craft—of Goddess worship, encouraging women to become leaders in the transformation of the world into a safer, gentler place for all. Finally, a feminist Goddess matriarchal interpretation of the ancient I Ching, a popular Chinese oracle for divining the character of events--almost a written tarot.

    Stein's version reclaims the feminine, or yin, content of the ancient work and removes all oppressive language and imagery. Her interpretation envisions a healing world in which women can explore different roles free from the shadow of patriarchy.

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    Not just a feminist inversion of this very masculist I Ching as we know it, this is a major work of broad perspective See if you have enough points for this item. Part II is a series of ten energy reprogramming meditations that lead to ascension and bring out your Goddess-Within. Awaken Your Psychic Abilities. Auras, Chakras, and Energy Fields. Manifest Anything You Want in 30 Days. Trusting the Voice Within. Listening To Your Angel. Law of Attraction is only the tip of the Iceberg: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts for Illuminated Living. Simple Wiccan Magick Spells for Everyday.

    How to Master Abundance and Prosperity The Ancient Spiritual Keys to Success. Carlson Haanel Wattles Mentz. Meditation For Dummies, Mini Edition. When the Dead Speak to Us. Dying to Get There. Awakening to the Supreme Reality. My Life After Death.


    We Are Human Angels. The I AM Principle. There Is a Beauty Within You: Become a Medical Intuitive. Masters of the Secrets. A Guide for Beginners. Thoughts From the Inside. Autobiography of a Psychic Medium. Wisdom of the Archangels. You Are a Medium. The Masters' Reincarnation Handbook: Psychic Development for Beginners: Ego, Attachment and Liberation.

    Moving Beyond Negativity and Limiting Beliefs. Self Hypnosis for Success in Life. When the Soul Cries. How to Shit Money! The Big Book of Practical Spells. Detailed Guide On Voluntary Clairvoyance: Atlantis and the Atlanteans.