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You do not have to read the book to attend. Copies of the book are available for purchase at the campus bookstore. This riveting novel opens with Anna, the narrator, living in a storybook world: Her father, the son of missionaries, is a charming-though secretive-man, whose greatest joy is sharing his beloved city with his only daughter.

Prologue, Dust, Shanghai, pgs. 1-24

Yet, when Anna and her mother flee Japanese-occupied Shanghai to return to California, he stays behind, believing his connections and a little bit of luck will keep him safe. Why do they name him this? His new name is Star Boy. They name him this because he likes the night time, especially looking at the stars in the night sky.

Do you have any siblings? Are you the oldest or the youngest?

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Would you rather be the youngest or the oldest? He did everything at the wrong time—laughing, talking, interrupting, etc. He jumps, he kicks, he digs, he makes messes, etc. What does Morning Girl think of the new sister? What does Star Boy think of the new sister?

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Morning Girl is very excited about the new sister. When they hear about the death of their little sister, both children are afraid — Morning Girl sees this in her brother, but also realizes that she and her brother are more alike than she realized.

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She sees him as more than just the little child who always annoyed her. Star Boy hears his father talking out loud about how his canoe has been found and there was no damage done, and that he could always replace his canoe but not his son, so now Star Boy knows he will not be in trouble. Yes, because all of them stop right next to Star Boy and start talking out loud, saying things that they think Star Boy needs to hear. Star Boy realizes that his sister loves him, and Morning Girl realizes that she really loves her little brother. She worries about him when he goes to hide and even admits to losing the canoe to cover for him.

What does Morning Girl want to know at the beginning of this chapter? Why is she asking so many questions? What does she not have that we do have today?

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How does her mother explain and describe to her how she looks—what does she do physically? Sketch and Listen Ch.

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Give each student a piece of blank white paper. Re-read the same section again. Then, tell students to sketch what they think Morning Girl looks like based on the description. Re-read the section again, if students need to hear parts over. Give students the time to color in their drawings and then share them with the class. Star Boy says that he was outside studying the sky and watched as the stars were drowned by the storm p.

What kind of natural disaster is Star Boy describing? What is he caught in? Star Boy describes the hurricane as if it is someone or something trying to beat him up: It slapped my cheeks and banged my head and pulled at my elbows. How does Star Boy stay safe during the hurricane? Star Boy gets stuck in a tree and hangs on to it throughout the hurricane. What do they do after the storm? What does Father decide they should do? Father decides that this is a chance to be happy together, to dance, make music, play games, and share food.

It was a time to celebrate that no one had been killed in the storm. Star Boy is mocked by his uncle for acting so inappropriately. What happens that lets us know that the relationship between Star Boy and Morning Girl has changed? When Star Boy is mocked, he is quite stunned and embarrassed, but Morning Girl does not make him stand alone, embarrassed and the center of attention. Instead, she begins to act just like he did, running around and grabbing food. She does this to make him feel better, to take attention away from what he had done. Morning Girl shows that she loves her brother and feels loyalty to him by sticking up for him.

What does Star Boy call Morning Girl at the end of the chapter? What does this new name mean? First, Star Boy gets upset with his best friend, Red Feathers because he teases him about the scene the day before at the celebration. Next Star Boy gets upset with his father because he feels like his father is also teasing him about the day before. When someone is in trouble, they all try and help. They all worry about Star Boy and all try and get him to come home. Two things happen in the morning when Morning Girl leaves her home that make her feel better.

First, Morning Girl decides that she will give her new sister a name—She Listens. Both things that make her happy are related to her siblings. How does she describe it? It was like the panting of some giant animal, a steady, slow rhythm, dangerous and hungry. Morning Girl sees what we know to be Spanish explorers, possibly Columbus or his men. How does she describe them? He takes a job in Chungking and when the war ends, he returns to Shanghai.

He re-establishes himself in business and becomes wealthy again. When his wife and daughter arrive, he sends them back to California after two months. Shanghai is dangerous again because of the civil war between the Nationalist Chinese of Chaing Kai-shek and the Communists of Mao. After the Communists take over, Joseph again remains in Shanghai and is eventually imprisoned.

Essay Topic 1

He is held by the Communists for four years before being released. When he tries to establish himself in Hong Kong, he is expelled. He eventually settles near Santa Barbara, California. By this time, Genevieve's divorce is complete, she is dying of leukemia and Anna is married. Anna and Joseph meet again at Genevieve's funeral and the long process of reconciliation begins. He eventually becomes a beloved member of her family. After his death, she learns of his life from his journals.

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The reader will thoroughly enjoy this book and the journey that the main characters make. The book is fast reading and well worth the reader's time. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. View the Study Pack.