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From John Keats to Nick Cave: poems for every stage in life

Grief and loss have long been assuaged by well-chosen poetry. Many of its members are going through a time of transition in their personal lives.

Encouraging the recitation of poetry learned in earlier decades can help elderly people, including those with dementia, to remain connected with their lives and loved ones. For more information, see alzheimer s. A Year of Reading Aloud: A life in rhyme: I was clinging on to my husband, who was on one side of me, and my mother, who was on the other. And suddenly my mother started murmuring some lines from Corinthians: And those words felt like the first stirring of hope.

This seemed like a shard of something positive, something I could cling on to. When her mother realised the power of repeating words, mantra-like, she sought out more.

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I kept repeating those lines, and they spelled out hope to me: Today, Kelly is OK: Fathers with broad belts under their suits An Uncle shooting smut. I read this at a protest at the Sats tests, where these lines resonated:. How shallow is the soul of the minister for exams? Neil Gaiman is a magician with words, conjuring alternative worlds and rich narratives in a handful of sentences and I love his poetry as much as his extraordinary novels.

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The witch was as old as the mulberry tree, She lived in the house of a hundred clocks She sold storms and sorrows and calmed the sea And she kept her life in a box.