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The ending might won't be good though Give me all what you got!!! Ann Jul 17 6: Kudos to all the actors. This drama deserves awards. It is not overrated. The scenery and visuals are beautiful. Imee Jul 16 Can they have a film version of this? Even when hes not saying anything its his eyes just tell the story. Incredible actor as always! This drama as of right now is just incredible, the cinematography, the settings, the clothes, the story. All just really amazing. Heres to hoping it holds up! Athena Jul 16 8: Four episodes in and I am completely hooked.

My only worry is that it is sooo highly anticipated that no show can live up to the hype. Netflix is really putting money out there for a variety of shows. I am somewhat surprised, but really happy because I watch KDramas almost exclusively. People of kdrama Jul 16 6: Vangie Jul 15 9: I am still planning to watch this one because of Lee Byung Hun, so I hope her writing on this one doesn't disappoint me as well.

Giving her another chance because this seems different. Vangie Jul 15 2: I just honestly and strongly hope that this is not another BS yes, I meant bullshit drama of this writer. Her DOTS was overly rated. It pisses me off every time I remember that drama. This one is different though. It's good and I hope it remains that way. Everyone's doing really good. Prove that this won't be another overrated drama.

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Ero Jul 15 2: It's still age appropriate as long as there's love and one of them not a minor. For pepole who complain about english, come on! I have english spoken friend who always comforting my poor english, she said: I know how hard for you, because it's hard for me too to speak in your bahasa indonesian language. Lalala Jul 15 1: I saw her current drma, about time, n cant recognize her here so that im searching for it. Smells like money, hefty budget we can tell - that's the power of writer Kim Eun-sook and director Lee Eung-bok both collab with DoTs and Goblin.

The plot is very original and sometimes I am surprised by human creativity. The cast's acting is really good. Even child acting these days is crazy, seriously too good. Ep 1 is very historically heavy but do not be put off by that. It's necessary to understand the context. Ep 2 is where things get interesting and you will be sqeaming for more by the end of it. It already broke the ratings for highest first ep. Trust me on this one, it will not disappoint.

Monnie Jul 13 The sound, music and pictures are on point. The actors and actresses are exceptional and they brought the story alive and very real…its in the class of a blockbuster drama.. Neni Jul 11 Mahira Jul 11 5: Cant wait for next Episodes. Leo Jul 10 6: Amazing start, it feels like i am watching a movie. Kharma Jul 10 1: Chill Bro Jul 09 6: Greta Jul 09 I cant wait for next episodes. Just as I expected this is an epic drama?????


Aera Jul 09 Jessie Jul 09 6: It exceeds all expectations! Cinematography is off the chart, magnificent and next-level. I need to see more of him! Jay Jul 09 2: Abbie Jul 09 1: Gosen Jul 08 D Jul 08 High expectations for the next episodes. Beverly Jul 08 8: The music is soaring! Anonymdaebak Jul 08 1: This drama so epic! No joke bout director-nim and writer-nim. Actually I had checked one by one these casting and I find it interesting, because most of these were ever played on drama DOTS or Goblin or Six flyin dragon kkkk.

YesMe Jul 08 9: Ryunami Jul 08 3: Omg i really excited for their cameo as husband and wife even for a brief moment? Lee byung hun, what i knew is a high class actor. Punky Jul 08 2: Relax, we got the best combo of writer and director they won't cast in anybody just for nothing.. So far after the first episode, it was superb! Got a new kind of drama, and was surprise for the Americans, this must be very expensive! Haha Fighting and Kamsahamnida! Inmyheart, dr Jul 08 1: I watched some of her movies Of course mr lee byung hun seems ageless when it comes to acting Forget about the age Giuna Jul 07 9: His character in the drama came to America when he was what?

Those are the most fragile times in someone's life for comprehending languages. His character had been speaking Korean only until he came to America, likely didn't have many friends to talk to because of discrimination, and had to help the guy he was living with learn the language more while he himself probably only learned English in small ounces because I doubt he went to school. He was speaking Korean for the majority of his youth, so it's obvious he wouldn't speak like a native in English.

He doesn't need to automatically speak like a person who was born and raised in America does The way he speaks English is quite realistic to the character. You know how cringeworthy it'd be if they got a big star to play the lead of Mr. Sunshine who had such a broken English? Byung Hun is one of the few greatest choices for the role. And like I said before for another cause , if you're so bothered with Byung Hun, just don't watch the show. It's as simple as that. Byung Hung oppa is the only korean actor can fluently used english and thats why he became the main lead Me Jul 07 7: I love this writer.

As for Byung Hun, I already like him. Even someone else can be better, but they picked him, so we have to accept it. We been waiting so long for this drama. They spent lots of money and time made this drama and we get to watch it for FREE. Why not enjoy it right!! Lol Have fun watching everyone?? Jones Jul 07 6: Not only was his english impeccable, but the acting was well done.

Byung Hun's english sounds way better than any other kdrama actor I have seen in a long time. Tilak Jul 07 6: Nam Jo Hyuk as the male lead among these seriously amazing actor as the second lead? Isley Jul 07 6: But be honest Byung Hun is not speaking English like someone who grew up around English speaking people.

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He speaks like a Korean actor who grew up speaking Korean, attempting to speak English. Holy crap it's taken him more than a decade to get to where he is with that. But I guess it is easier if one started at a young age or lived with Americans for a decade and spoke only English with his lovely wife. Isley Jul 07 5: We can let him off, he's doing his best. And I grant you; the actors I recommended are worse. Giuna Jul 07 3: You don't seem to be understanding that Byung Hun is literally one of the only people who can play the lead role of Mr.

The lead in Mr. You cannot replace Byung Hun with either of those actors just because of their age or how they look. They have broken English, and it'd just be too unrealistic if they were given the roles. Byung Hun is a great actor and has a decent enough English-speaking voice. Also, his age IS of the right age as opposed to someone who's in their 20's or something. This is a war story focusing on "Mr. Sunshine", and It'd be unbelievable if he were only in his 20's. This is of a time when discrimination was part of everyday life and yes, discrimination still happens, but back then was more horrid.

You honestly can't think the "Mr. Sunshine" gained enough respect in years in America since he arrived there around years of age meaning when he was around 20, to do the things he's doing in the show. If you saw the writers' other work "The Heirs" where Lee Minho was speaking to his American friend with his broken English which is just so unrealistic , you'd realize how terrible it'd be if she hired someone just because of how they looked, or their age, instead of their capabilities.

I have nothing against Tae Ri, but instead of people saying to "Replace Byung Hun", it'd just be easier to replace Tae Ri because there's nothing too specific about Tae Ri's role that other people can't do. It's just that they need to be a good enough actress. And like someone said before, age gap romances were very present during war times.

It's not being done just for the sake of being done. Just enjoy the show and if the age gap concerns you that much, don't watch it. Monish Jul 07 Isley Jul 07 However, the age gap between the leads is a worry and probably the result of a business decision. It will be a challenge to the efficacy of a romantic liaison. Nichole Jul 07 Lee Byung-Hun is 47 years old. Kim Te-Ri is 28 years old. I hope the writer does not try and tell me these two were childhood sweethearts. Or, looking at the people playing their younger-selves, two or so years apart in age.

If this show tries to say that they have anything less than a ten year age difference, I won't be able to take it seriously. I don't mind age gaps in couples. But, I just hope the writer doesn't try to make it seem like these two people - who both look their ages - are the same age or less than ten years apart. Ginali Jul 07 8: He lives years. Lhian Jul 03 I just dont know if the female lead will do a great job too.

I just hope that she will not ruin the whole cast. But I know they will not cast someone who dont know how to act. Wow this is going to be a big hit. And the plot and genre is kinda interesting. As for my first impression Lee Byung-Hun is a great choice. Lilili Jul 02 I hope mny ppl will support n love this drma too. I think its been a while since the last time i watch this kind of genre. Kdw Jun 28 2: Seoksa Jun 22 7: Angel Jun 16 6: I think i can't expecting much from Kim Eun Seok jagganim this time. But i still hoping this production will be great anyway.

Greta Jun 14 2: Liri Jun 09 5: I bet this is Kim Eun Sook's biggest drama yet. It looks like a film! Simglo Jun 07 3: It looks like Byun Ho-Han might finally get a role here that can maybe come close to rival his portrayal of Lee Bang Ji. I hope he has lots of fun with this character. Windy Jun 06 6: Malcolm May 30 Lovely May 25 The casts are daebak!

Been waiting for this!! Reading so many negativ comment below that people dont like him as the main lead. Whats wrong with you?!? He is no doubt one of the best actor in Korea and the only asian actor that made it success in the state without knowing any kungfu. So excited for this drama!!


BfromBrazil Apr 10 Dae Apr 09 He's one of the actors who gets less recognition regardless of his indisputable acting skill. Eggs Apr 09 Maxine Apr 08 6: The cast too, wow, daebak. BryanJudell Apr 07 9: Lin Mar 30 2: Dramatic Mar 28 Amna Mar 24 3: Lee SeoHwa Mar 09 Goblin Mar 05 5: Kim Eun Sook has been bringing her second leads from previous dramas onto her new better-received dramas Descendants Of The Sun, Goblin. Of course, we don't know if her role is second-lead or not, seeing as though her role didn't seem to be a part of the main cast, but having her on here would have just been perfect.

She has that star power look that would have done wonders to Mr. I'm just confused on why she dropped the project. She has no dramas coming up nor has she been working on many dramas previously , and it isn't like she's a singer who'll be busy promoting music. I just cannot comprehend on why she would drop out of this project when it could possibly be such a great drama that can even surpass Goblin like how Goblin surpassed Descendants Of The Sun.

It could give her such a name in the industry. This is no hate towards the new girl taking Sarang's place, but when you compare the 2 actresses, it just seems like such a waste that we lost Kim Sarang. Now this would be different if Kim Sarang had been replaced by someone with more star power than the actual replacement, but I guess we'll just have to see how she does.

It's just sad thinking about how great of a role Kim Sarang could have had, and how many emotional moments she could have had in Mr. It would have been such a treat to see her here. I guess that it is easier for the budget now that she's gone however. I feel like Mr. Sunshine is going to be the last trilogy of great dramas from Kim Eun Sook with the director she's working with, completing a trilogy of great dramas Descendants Of The Sun, Goblin, Mr.

Sunshine , and then she's probably going to go back to simple dramas with SBS. If they do continue though with a 4th and 5th one, I hope that Kim Sarang can come back. As for the actual drama, I hope this drama turns out to be phenomenal. I won't say masterpiece, because Goblin was a masterpiece and for the right reason, since it was a fantasy story that could be an actual masterpiece because of the laws it could break.

Sunshine is a military romance story like Descendants Of The Sun, however, with historical context, so we can only hope for it to be phenomenal, since it goes on the realism side. It even has 24 episodes. I just hope for perfection with this story. And if it's a masterpiece, that'd be even better. Ronahiv Mar 02 9: I'm so saaaad now. I loved her sm. I'm gonna be annoyed the whole time watching that actress from man to man. I hope he is Jaebal! The teaser is Dope! T Feb 17 2: Her acting is beyond awesome. Lee byung hun, his acting was awesome in Iris.

Will wait for this. Fan Feb 15 7: The production is going all out on this one. DAY can't wait til July. Killo Feb 15 BfromBrazil Feb 15 9: Looking forward to see these amazing actors and actresses together on screen. HanaRadzi Feb 15 6: Hanna Feb 14 7: DOTS and Goblin are more than enough reason for me to watch this as well.

Lee Seohwa Feb 11 4: Wayer Feb 04 Killer casting, killer writer. Eri Jan 26 9: I loved my taeriyakki in 'The Handmaiden' and even before I watched it! I love her very much; I can't wait for this! Sara Jan 18 9: Never knew any TvN dramas with more than 20 eps before. Heba Jan 15 1: He is an amazing actor. Late Bloomer Dec 28 SBS seriously let go of this project? Sorry SBS that Kim Eun Sook doesn't want to write any more cheesy cliche rich man poor girl stories Secret Garden, Heirs and actually wants to write shows that sell well and are well-received by audiences.

Could have gotten so much revenue back, but I guess they weren't cliche enough for you to want them. I guess you'll lose the chance for Mr. Sunshine also, but that's okay, since Kim Eun Sook has been better off without you. I hope she never returns to SBS, or else they'll make her write more cliche boring dramas. PS, Yeah, Goblin technically was a rich man poor girl story, though it wasn't anywhere near cliche for those type of stories.

Bromancer Dec 03 Sunshiner Nov 24 2: Yet if Byung Hun had a flower boy face, and the 20 year age gap was still there, barely anyone would complain. Use your brains please, and realize that many soldiers who came back alive, married younger women. Doesn't matter if you watch it or not because Kim Eun Sook is on a roll, and I'm positive it can be a success even with all y'all leaving over petty little things.

I won't even be surprised if this becomes her next masterpiece, after creating the piece of art called Descendants Of The Sun, and the critically acclaimed Goblin. The age gap is too severe Someone Nov 16 Malcolm Oct 25 6: Karauna Aug 28 5: Vladut Aug 18 6: He is good-looking too. I think his role is not easy, but he knows how to act. Sean Aug 16 3: Try watching some movies of him and I bet you would like to watch this. I am watching this for sure. Pinklanguage Aug 15 Ron-oppa Aug 14 8: This is going to be another great hit and this is going to break rating records!!!

Kelldo Aug 13 3: Also apparently, there is going to be lots of English in this series, and if this IS a work of art like the writers' past 2 dramas DOTS and Goblin , then I don't want some young good-looking guy who isn't fluent in English. But if it turns out to be another Heirs, then you can trash about it all you want. Just wait until the actual show comes out and ends before you judge. Personally, I don't find the age gap wrong.

Keep up with the world. Please don't be so low minded. Wait until you see the main pairing in the actual drama before you judge if they have chemistry or not. There was nothing wrong with it in Goblin, so it shouldn't be wrong in here either. Most audience of Kdrama and Kpop are just into look, so an actual actor who can actually deliver his character is disliked. Kdrama and Kpop is becoming big, mostly because of the celebrities aesthetic appearance. Fullheart5 Aug 05 Love all her works. Sadly, not a fan of Lee Byung-Hun, so probably going to skip this one.

Love Yoo Yeon-Seok, but still not tempted to watch. Tanashiri Jul 24 Zewicy Jul 21 I watched her in the Handmaiden and she is like out of words actress Incredibly fantastic acting, I'm looking forward to this drama!!!

There was an error trying to load your rating for this title.

Idk why people are hating on Lee Byung Hun he is also amazing actor, be a professional audience please you will never get the feeling of its art if you put your personal feeling first.. I don't like lee byung hun, but I like other cast especially Byun yo han I will watch lol why not yoo yeon seok or byun yohan as the main lead, I think they more look good to pair with Kim Taeri then lee byung hun Valentina Jul 18 8: I hope that this drama will give him another push just like Six Flying Dragons did. With this cast the drama is certrainly going to be watched. Ginali Jul 17 9: Elisabeth Jul 15 7: MikaruMikaru Jul 11 9: Their age gap is 19 years..

Too far but have a good chemistry.. Jin Jul 10 Another couple by Kim Eunsook. They won best couple with 19years age gap. Just wait and let's see about this drama: LoL Jul 09 I think the story will be a "triangle love" lol. Yeon sook love taeri and taeri love byung hyun hahaha. There are age gap everywhere. Taeri 27 years old, yeon sook 33, and byung hyun 47 hahaha. MikaruMikaru Jul 08 5: It's little bit too far for me..

Jeu Jul 07 7: LBH Jul 06 Anjela rai Jul 06 6: Impossible in my opinion. Yani Jul 05 Like he's so old for her. I even hate the fact that Lee Minjung married him. Ron-oppa Jul 05 9: Not expecting that at all This is really big for her debut on TV. She's going be a top star after this! Clara Jul 05 5: But this time I'm so disappointed with the lead male cast I know that he's a good action actor but I just can't feel anything romantically towards him because of his scandals Janet Jul 03 6: LBH is a great actor and I'm looking forward to seeing him in a regular series.

No matter how old he gets, LBH gets better looking and he stays in shape. Can't wait to see this show. Love him here in the US and it will be a treat to see him in a regular drama. The co-owners will also unveil where some of the golden magic is made, at the unveiling of their Moffat Beach brewery Your Mates Brewery tonight. Crime The daughter of a woman seriously injured in a fatal Coast crash has spoken about her feelings of closure despite the driver avoiding prison.

News The year-old Stony Creek woman was killed in a fiery crash. News Child killers in crosshairs as ex-cop demands change. News Needle saga forces farms to burn stock. If the idea of accepting something for free troubles you, i'll happily accept beer as payment. What's not to like?!

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