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There was also a great story filled with humor that kept me smiling the entire time. I don't think I have one bad thing to say about this book. I loved the romance between Melody and Josh. Even though things start off pretty spicy with them straight off the bat, it never lessens their chemistry. Samanthe Beck still managed to instill just the right amount of sexual tension into the book to keep you satisfied. I went into this book without having read the first one in the series which I was told the main couple was originally introduced in , but I never felt loss.

I will, however, be going back and reading that book now because I love Samanthe's writing and I also liked the follow up to the characters from the previous book. I'm also grateful that there were no spoilers of their relationship, so I can go back and read it without feeling like I know something I shouldn't. Now I'm really looking forward for more from this series and this fabulous author. ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review For more reviews visit View all 49 comments.

Oct 03, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. I was very interested because A I really liked Melody in PP and after what she went through with Roger, she deserves some happiness and a man of her own. B Well, Josh Bradley sounds like another delicious character that I would love to read more about.

Pleasures Series

C Based on that one little th 4 Fire Hot Stars! C Based on that one little the examination room gate scene, I knew this book was going to be hot. Guess who is up for another hot read? Safe to say, this book did not disappoint. The Story Melody just ended a decade long engagement to Roger, her high school sweetheart, who as we found out in PP, was gay.

Their breakup led Melody to question and take stock of her life. Knowing that she spent years trying to be everything Roger wanted in a wife girlfriend and future wife, she wanted to break out of her shell a little bit, just to enjoy sex for the sake of it. Josh Bradley moved to Bluelick from Cincinnati to become its fire chief. His move was part of his plan of becoming like his father. He was adamant about sticking to his plan despite his growing attraction to Miss Bluelick. My Thoughts This book started off blazing hot. It was very clear that these two characters were in lust with each other.

But after their initial encounter, their relationship sort of took a more conventional approach. I loved how she never blamed Roger and I loved how she sacrificed her reputation somewhat in order to defend him. She was very loyal, not only to her friends but to her home town as well. Of course, he also acted like a presumptuous jerk once but his grand gesture at the end was really sweet and totally won me over. My only negative, which stopped me from giving this five stars was the fact that this book felt like it started abruptly.

Like chapter one read like chapter three. I totally missed that first moment where the two main MCs met because when the book started, both of them are already well into humping each other. I would have loved to see how they react to each other the first time. Aside from that tiny miss, this book still delivered story-wise and writing-wise. Yes, I enjoyed it very, very much. And yes, I am looking forward to next book in this series.

View all 46 comments. Oct 18, Wendy'sThoughts rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I am easy when there is a hunky, Alpha male and he happens to be a dirty talker I have found Samantha Beck has come up with just the right combination of steam, humor and heart in her books. She places people in situations which are not difficult to relate too In Light Her Fire, we find two people experiencing change He had reached the highest level in his city of Cincinnati. He was in a holding pattern as the assistant Fire Chief.

Wishing to live up the his father's goal for him, he decides to take a Fire Chief's position in Bluelick,Kentucky. Although it is more like a caricature of a sleepy little town, it would be a step closer to where his career needed to be. Josh knows all of the big city excitement he is used to will not be there and is figuring out how to adjust to the changes. What he doesn't need to adjust is the view of the prim and proper Melody Merritt; she is a vision which he never gets tired of seeing. She is the golden girl She is a "good girl" who has walked the path of the loyal Instead of doing just that But because these two were and are still best friends Melody promises to keep the reasons private and let the chips fall where they may This leaves our Melody adjusting to being single This whole scenario could have gotten cheesy really quick Beck balanced it on a tightrope of innuendo, double meanings and flat out hot steam.

Josh had a habit which I love He was strong, determined and delivered. She did not shy away from him either. The scenes of them almost together and then finally happening was just the right amount of intensity. There is more to this story, though. It is not just romps Samantha Beck has a sweet little series happening.

If you see she is coming out with another addition of the Private Pleasure Series I highly advise you to indulge For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 45 comments. Oct 03, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: For months Fire Chief Josh Bradley and resident good girl Melody Merritt has let the fire between them build, with stolen glances it's enough to make any one burn. Melody, Miss Bluelick, has ten years of making up to do, fresh out of a ten year engagement with a man who loved her but loved the other sex more.

She's ready to let loose, putting her good girl front aside and do something for her. She's ready to let loose, putting her good girl front aside and do something for her A set of fires leads him to believe that they have an arson in their little town and damned if he is going to let them get a way. The only thing good in this little town is the prim and proper Miss Bluelick, every time he gets near her all he can think of are the ways to make her dirty. I'm going to torment you until you're stiff and aching -- until even the whisper of my breath on your skin makes you moan.

Staying away is harder now that they had a taste of one another. Sometimes fate has a way of throwing your plans off course and making a new, do you fight it or embrace it, only time will tell Light Her Fire was another okay read for me, it was good, sexy and cute, but I anted something more I was able to predict where the story was going which kind of took away from the experience and while I enjoyed their interactions, there was something missing.

He had some one liners that made my stomach clench and send some excitement, but the feeling quickly went away, I needed him to be a bit more. Melody was cute and strong, innocent but went after what she wanted, but in the end there was no lasting impression just another character for me.

This is another one of those, it me not you kind of reviews View all 16 comments. Oct 01, Claire Robinson rated it it was amazing Shelves: After reading the first book in the Private Pleasures series and really enjoying it, I settled in with Light Her Fire expecting much of the same. Samanthe Beck has a really great voice when it comes to the male POV, and the humor and lightheartedness of the situations that her characters find themselves in make for a really enjoyable read.

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I loved the whole thing, but I think what makes it such an epically great read is the high caliber of the writing that Sam has put into the characters and the storyline in this book. Josh and Melody featured as a short, sharp and surprising burst in book one, Private Practice and the first part of Light Her Fire actually runs along side by side with its predecessor, this book kept me up well past my bedtime, and put me through a whole wealth of emotions as I read it.

I pulled quote upon quote from this book as I read it. Josh has to be up there with the most imaginative and explicit dirty talkers I have come across recently, and not only does he talk a good game, but hell yeah! He backs it up with some pretty hot action as well. This sexy as hell Fire Chief had this reader quivering like a leaf for almost the whole book. We clear on that?

ARC generously provided by Entangled, for the above honest review. Oct 12, Mo rated it really liked it. You've hit a new low when the chance to eye-fuck Melody Merritt in Boone's Market is what passes for excitement in your life This one did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the first in the series which might have been a bit better than this, from what I recall. View all 18 comments. View all 3 comments. Melody has just come out of a ten year relationship with a failed engagement and hardly any sexual experience and she is tired of being the town's good girl so one night at the market she makes her move on the sexy fire chief.

Josh Bradley came to Bluelick to be the Chief of the Fire Department a step up on his career ladder only a stop gap before he goes back to the big city as life in Bluelick is boring the only thing the town has he is interested in is good girl Melody. One night of casual sex turns into one month of scorching hot sex, sex on any surface and anywhere.

Josh is showing Melody what real passion and pleasure feels like and Melody is no longer such a good girl.

Private Pleasures Series

Feelings soon develope and a offer of a promotion elsewhere for Josh and a secret Melody needs to share might tear the apart. Throw in the towns arsonist for excitement, Roger and the gang for laughs and you have everything you need for a great read. View all 8 comments. Jan 13, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: I wanted something sweet, fun, fluffy, and sexy, and that's exactly what this was. Not as good as book one, I don't think, but still a great romance and a nice palette cleanser between intense reads. Oct 11, Mandy rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a hot one!

Melody just got out of a 10 year relationship and the whole town is saying that her fiance dumped her because she was too boring in bed. She has the reputation of being a good girl. Josh moved to the small town of Bluelick from Cincinnati to be the fire chief. He's sexy and has a dirty mouth. The sexual chemistry between these two was off-the-charts HOT! The steamy scenes in this book were smoking hot! My only complaint would be that I really didn't feel a real connectio Wow! They obviously had great sexual chemistry but I would've liked a little more build up to their relationship and maybe a little more character development.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the other books in this series. Oct 03, Veronika rated it really liked it Shelves: No sitting still while I do all the work. This time I expect you to use it. Samanthe Beck has done it again! I was on fire through the whole book! This book was everything I needed and so much more.

See a Problem?

The chemistry between Melody and Josh was so hot it burned through the pages and lit me up as well. I enjoyed every moment and wish this book was longer. If you love firefighters romance books and are not scared of scorching sexyness that makes you blush I strongly recommend to give this book and author a try! I've read every book by the author and enjoyed all of them. Why "only" 4 stars? The truth is, it felt like a 4 star book for me when I finished. I felt like the conclusion of the story was a little bit rushed. After such a hot strong beginning I expected a little longer "happy ever after".

But don't let this defer you from reading this book! View all 4 comments. Oct 18, maggieandteddy rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this 2nd book in the Private Pleasures series. He thinks the job is just a stepping stone to a Fire Chief position in a bigger city. He meets Melody great supporting character in book 1, Private Practices.

The first half of the book is them finding various locations to give Melody her sexual experience that she was lacking in her previous relationship. Melody just came off a 10 year relationship, but was still quite naive.


I liked the supporting characters- Ginny was in book 1. She is known as the town gossip. She's Melody's voice of reason. Roger, Melody's ex is back as her oldest best friend. He comes through for Melody a couple of times. The ending seems a little rush-- when a crime in the town is solved at the end -it is summed up almost like Angela Lansbury does in Murder She Wrote. The epilogue is a little rushed too. Better than no epilogue at all. I will look for more Samanthe Beck books in the future. View all 7 comments. Sep 29, Janey rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review..

She adored the town, having grown up there, having ticked all the memory boxes and still had the Pom poms to prove it. She had recently established her independence following a failed ten year engagement to Roger. Being a close knit community, the reason for their break up suggested his proclivities didn't align with hers, especiall ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review..

Being a close knit community, the reason for their break up suggested his proclivities didn't align with hers, especially in the bedroom. Josh Bradley found himself accepting the fire chief job in Bluelick, Kentucky following a move from Cincinnati fire dept. He didn't envisage staying here, this was just a stop gap towards something bigger. As soon as Melody caught sight of the new fire chief, she was determined to cast off her good girl shackles and see if Josh's searing glances promised assistance with that.

I really enjoyed this steamy offering. The chat, humorous innuendo and subsequent chemistry between these two was delightful.

Pleasures Series

Josh had just the right amount of foul mouth and rough edge to create tingles, and the supporting characters did just that, exceedingly well. Oct 03, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: What's not to love about this book that was burning with sexual chemistry with a sexy fireman that loves to get hot and dirty This book was one of those books that you don't want to put down. It was fun, sexy, steamy and passionate. Beck did an amazing job showing what an amazing person Melody is after her failed engagement.

What I love about Melody's character is that she doesn't hold any grudges on her ex who happens to also be still her best friend. For years, she has been the good girl, so this time around she wants to someone to light her sexual fire and the only person fit for the job is none other than Josh, the Fire Chief. What can I say but go read this book because Ms. Beck will have you lusting and swooning for Josh.

This book was a sexy, fun and a sizzling read filled with humor, sexual tension, and lots of dirty talks. Oct 12, Len rated it really liked it.

Oct 03, Mandy rated it really liked it Shelves: Couple of things you can count on with a Samanthe Beck book. Hot flashes and you get to learn new words. It's sexy AND educational! Words like "fuck-lust" and "Titwank". Take my word for it ok? You'll be laughing and running for a cold drink while inserting your head in the freezer. So,we met Melody and Josh ahem in Private Practice in quite an interesting way. Beck fills us in on how that "situation" came to be and how things between Josh and Melody "evolve". Josh, Couple of things you can count on with a Samanthe Beck book.

Josh, holy cow, is one intense dude and Melody is To her credit, Melody decides that she needs to take the bull by the horns and wave the red pink in this case flag at the bull. You wearing pink around me amounts to waving a red flag in front of a bull. I see it, and I automatically think of every soft pink part of you. Every peak and crevice. I think about touching, tasting When you wear that color around me, you're saying, 'I want you to fuck me.

But let me say that while Ms. Beck is supremely talented at the sexy times, she is so good at layering other subplots in the book. There is still an arson problem going on in Bluelick that the Mayor wants to deny, Melody's hilarious bff Ginny is around more and we are clued into what may be in her future.

Josh, has a number of things to think about. He only sees the Bluelick job as a stepping stone and does not see himself getting all that involved or attached to the community. Little does he know that while he may not feel connected to the community, they are feeling that connection to him and truly need his experience and expertise in their small town.

Oct 21, Ivy Deluca rated it it was amazing Shelves: Second book in the Private Pleasures series follows Melody and Josh, who had a brief encounter interrupted in Private Practice. You know what they say about the best laid plans? I am so happy I read this. Having said that, I loved that I saw how it integrated with Private Practice, as events overlap, and I really liked seeing familiar characters.

Roger was introduced in the first book, and - Dirty, sexy talking hero: I was very appreciative of that. I see it, and I automatically think about every soft pink part of you. Those are the best orgasms…. Most likely someone you know will stop by to say hello—a friend, a neighbor, an old Sunday school teacher.

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