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Ask any busy woman, microwavable meals on takeout trays pale in comparison to hot, home-cooked meals enjoyed around a table bursting with friends and family. On my Instagram feed, I post my daily devotions and am often messaged with questions about how I draw or letter in my notes. Sweeter than Honey is not an art book, mainly because I am not an artist.

Sweeter Than the Honey

While I love and commend fellow artists for their gift to letter the Scriptures, that part of worship is not the aim of this book. But I can and will make this promise to you. Science has yet to answer the mystery definitively of why bees are disappearing and dying, but a combination of parasites, pests, pesticides, and other environmental factors is the likely culprit. Our second try, only a few months later, fared better.

This hive, containing one egg-laying queen, some male drones for the fertilization of a new queen, and around 30, female worker bees, has survived a year and a half so far. Best of all, last week the hive offered up two gallons of delectable light-gold honey for our families.

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It took us about two hours to harvest the sticky sweet miracle nectar. After smoking, stealing, scraping, spinning, and straining, finally it was all in pint-sized jars and ready for consumption. We were licking our fingers at every step as the hot summer day conspired with the thick wildflower clover syrup to make a fun mess. The bee is incredible enough, but honey is a marvel in its own right.

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Studies continue to reveal its amazing properties and benefits. Modern archeologists excavating ancient Egyptian tombs often uncover jars of honey thousands of years old, and in perfectly edible condition. This amazing preservation is a result of its viscosity, low water content, high acidity, and the surprising presence of hydrogen peroxide.

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Honey appears about 60 times in 23 books of the Bible, though it may refer to an handmade date fruit syrup in a few cases and wild bee honey in most others. There are many curious stories about it in the Bible. Honey appears among the experiences and visions of the prophets too. He added the friendship between Pakistan-China is higher than the mountain, deeper than the sea and sweeter than honey. Monetary easing, better availability of energy, improved law and order enable macroeconomic environment: There is an ever-increasing number of journals and conferences, often created by our neighbour, who has become our saviour for all economic matters, and with whom our friendship is sweeter than honey.

Science in an ailing ecosystem.

Sweeter Than Honey

Marriyum said that those relations were deeper than the sea, higher than the mountains and sweeter than honey. Cultural ties promote people-to-people contacts between the countries: The friendship between the two countries is impregnable, sweeter than honey and stronger than steel.

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Pakistani nation state of mind basically is democratic, parliamentary: China relations with Pakistan are higher than Himalaya deeper than Indian Ocean, sweeter than honey and rightly termed all-weather friendship.