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It is a browser automation framework. Selenium itself does not contain any methods for performing checks and assertions, which would classify it as a testing framework. Thanks for stumbling on this blog! Your post was just what I was feeling about cucumber… Could you please tell me whether we should use cucumber for API testing. And not using cucumber.. But some ppls in my team are arguing that cucumber will do better than anything for api testing… pls, shed some light..

On the other hand, if you also wish to create the API end user documentation in the format of usage examples and expected behavior than Cucumber might be worth the extra effort spent in describing the behavior in a natural language plain English, I suppose. The best results with Cucumber are obtained writing the feature files before the implementation starts along with the business partner or committer, if you prefer.

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BTW, if anybody asks you to use Cucumber for testing something than you should question the request: Cucumber is not a testing framework and apparently this is still misunderstood. This seems like an attempt to focus on the part of Cucumber that is actually just another bundled dependency Gherkin and to write off the actual code that the Cucumber library comprises as an afterthought. If you want a specification and you want to collaborate with 3 amigos, just Gherkin is sufficient.

If you want an executable specification conforming to the Gherkin grammar, then you use Cucumber. The fact that it needs to leverage an assertion library, whether in Ruby RSpec matchers, or Watir timeouts, etc. As for setting up and tearing down the test rig, it provides a scaffolding for that with Hooks. So I completely disagree that Cucumber is not a testing checking framework. Yes, it is also a tool for managing specification by example. Almost all of its code, in fact. It provides a coupling between business-readable specification and automated checks while also serving as the runner for those checks.

While I have to admit your entire reasoning about the spec verification framework is indeed spectacularly correct, I also have to disagree regarding something which might appear a lot obvious to you, but, trust me, it is not: That is totally wrong IMHO and you actually want to reduce the number of verifications executed by Cucumber to the bare minimum necessary to assert the specification adhesion: Cucumber verifications are slow they compare to end-to-end tests and require a lot of work and preparation when compared to unit tests.

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You can certainly say Cucumber is another e2e test runner, that is technically correct, but there are much more efficient solutions if what you are looking for is an e2e test runner: Cucumber value resides in its capability to bridge a pseudo natural language Gherkin with an e2e test: Would you recommend Cucumber to somebody willing to write down an e2e test suite for an already built application? I also used Gherkin with Arduino and small IoT systems, but with no automation behind: I might agree about edge cases, but that applies to practically everything in this world.

BTW, what do you mean with should not be used for … really anything that belongs in lower-order tests? What do you consider lower-order tests? Because this seems coming back to the title of my post: May be we can agree on a different statement: Cucumber is not practical as a testing framework per se, its value relies on bridging the Gherkin specifications to some code verification procedures. Not sure about lettuce — again, it may vary with the variety.

Chard is wind pollinated. I thought most Solanums had the anthers held in a cone over the stigmas, so was surprised that so many people were saying they needed pollinators. Mine never have, but I used to tap the stems just to make sure. Sorry about the grant. Jeff Ollertons Biodiversity BlogSent: Wednesday, 13 July My latest hybridisation experiment….

More killed by poisoned cucumbers - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

As the pollen is quite dry and loose it can trickle out under gravity, but yes, tapping the plants can encourage this. Thanks Simon, best of luck with the application. Just out of interest, do you recall what the success rates were for Research Council grants back in the 80s and 90s? Presumably not as low as they are now?

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Notify me of new posts via email. Jeff Ollerton's Biodiversity Blog. July 13, at July 13, at 3: July 13, at 4: More than two weeks after the food poisoning outbreak was first reported in northern Germany, the number of confirmed and suspected cases has reached 1,, according to media reports.

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The Robert Koch Institute RKI , Germany's national disease institute, said three deaths have been officially linked to the bacteria, but "in total about a dozen people have died according to regional authorities". These authorities later on Monday announced two more deaths: Authorities in Germany warned against eating raw vegetables after traces of the bacteria were found on organic cucumbers from Spain last week. But officials said they were unsure what caused the sudden outbreak of enterohaemorrhagic E.

The outbreak has hit countries including Britain, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, but most of these cases appear to involve people who had recently travelled to or from Germany.

From chocolate to oysters, here are some aphrodisiac foods to get you in the mood.

German consumer affairs minister Ilse Aigner held emergency talks with health minister Daniel Bahr and regional state representatives, telling reporters the crisis has "taken a European dimension". Belgium said it was blocking cucumber imports from Spain, while Russia said it was banning vegetable imports from both Spain and Germany. The Netherlands, which usually exports vast amounts of vegetables to Germany, said sales had collapsed.

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German farmers also said consumers were boycotting their vegetables. Rolf Stahl, a neurologist at the Eppendorf University Clinic in Hamburg, said nearly a third of patients there had lost all kidney functions and were on dialysis. Doctors were experimenting with a new type of monoclonal antibodies drug, Eculizumab, which, while not officially approved, has been administered to 11 patients in a bid to save their lives. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC.

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