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If you're anything like me, any large scale life change requires thought, planning and execution. I'm not one of those people who can just jump into something head first with the "ready, fire, aim" mentality. If you don't know his previous books or have been exposed to his ideas before, sometimes he does advocate for a "just try something, what could possibly go wrong" attitude, but with a sustainable side hustle, it does If you're anything like me, any large scale life change requires thought, planning and execution.

If you don't know his previous books or have been exposed to his ideas before, sometimes he does advocate for a "just try something, what could possibly go wrong" attitude, but with a sustainable side hustle, it does take some thought and planning, which Chris does a good job outlining in this book. You don't have to have entrepreneurial or business school experience to have a side hustle Loaded with real-life examples, Chris takes you through the journey of coming up with an idea, determining if there is societal impact and profit in that idea, how to launch the idea, product, or service, how to make refinements where necessary and how to sustain the hustle long term.

If you haven't heard of his accompanying "Side Hustle School" podcast and website, those are also great supplementals to the book as well, in case you need more ideas. So, I am still in thinking mode about what my side hustle is going to be, but Chris advocates that instead of thinking, "action is so much better! Sep 12, Traci rated it liked it Shelves: This book was a good overall introduction to the concept of side hustles.

I felt however, that it would be most helpful if someone already has an idea or ideas for a potential side hustle, as I didn't feel that the chapter on generating ideas was as useful as the implementation chapters. I would have preferred more information and examples regarding idea generation, as I don't feel that I'm the most creative person when it comes to figuring out what a feasible side hustle might be.

If someone already has ideas though, and just needs some basic direction in order to get up and running quickly, this book could be really beneficial! Oct 07, Ahmad Abugosh rated it it was ok. While I would recommend this book to someone that never got too deep into entrepreneurship, and wants to start their own business, for myself I really wanted to like this book, but found the concepts in it too basic, and I was expecting a bit more.

What I did like about the book were the anecdotes, the bias towards action, and the fun and practical tips! This book maps out a comfortable outline of how to take your ideas and turn them into a profitable proposition. It's easy to read and follow. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in following their ideas to fruition.

This is just a long-ass article sold in a form of a book.

  • Wanderung nach dem Schlachtfelde von Leipzig im October 1813: Ein Augenzeugenbericht zur Völkerschlacht von Carl Bertuch (German Edition).
  • The sectors that will grow your hustle?
  • Secrets of the Moneylab: How Understanding People Will Increase Your Profits?
  • By Grant Cardone TV.

A good side hustle for Chris, I guess. Jun 26, Debbi Mack rated it it was amazing Shelves: A very clear and logical step-by-step guide to finding money-making ventures you can do on a part-time basis and get off the ground without spending too much time or money. A great book for getting you to think of creative ways to use your existing skills and resources to make money. Jan 11, John Lamb rated it liked it. Sometimes these business books seem like they are more interested in selling you on whatever "cult" they're trying to get you join I see you "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and this definitely ventures into that fray.

However, it is helpful in brainstorming and thinking through methodically about starting a small business most of the time. Easily one of my favorites. I listened to the Audible version and also bought the print book for easy referencing. Oct 09, Valerie rated it really liked it. In this book, we get to know more about those people who take on an opportunity.

This can because of interest, because of extra money, or just for fun. The book shares with us some ideas about how to make this a reality for those who aspire to do this. In full disclosure, I am not positive that I would be very skilled at doing that. But this book made me believe that I could possibly do something like this. I appreciated that the book was honest and gave you practical tips and advice.

The words In this book, we get to know more about those people who take on an opportunity. The words were based on experiences of real life people and I recognize that can be incredibly valuable. I am glad that I had a chance to read this book. Thank you for the opportunity. Mar 12, Nick Mclean rated it liked it Shelves: This is really more like an activity book than a guide. I worked with a group of colleagues on a CSR project for work and we followed the program Gullibeau lays out in the book.

It was pretty fun, and I'd say our project was a mild success. A lot of the tips are straightforward and could be gleaned online. There is little really earth shattering but it's a pretty neat book for anyone curious about starting any kind of side project. We generated enough of a return to run our effort cost-free, so This is really more like an activity book than a guide.

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We generated enough of a return to run our effort cost-free, so the ideas work on a basic level. May 06, Nopadol Rompho rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another great book written by Christ Guillebeau. If you want more income but don't want to resign from your current job, this is the book for you.

You can do it within 27 days. I strongly recommended it. Jun 21, Andrew rated it really liked it. A practical - and surprisingly inspirational - guide to getting a side hustle going. And Chris Guillebeau keeps repeating a few simple things: A side hustle should make money, but it's not a full-time job or investment. Do more of what's working and less time turning around failures. Done is better than perfect. And let's repeat that one. This book is simple, readable, and - best of all - entirely practical.

I enjoyed the success stories and gleaned some tips helpful for promoting my own side hustle. This seemed to be targeted a little more towards high skilled workers than I would have liked. Sep 20, Sharon Borgstrom added it. You learn if you try things out. And surprisingly, many of those things can make you money. This book gives you a step-by-step process of how you can launch a side hustle. More income means more freedom. It's filled with examples of who have done it and how their processes were.

You don't have to look elsewhere: This book is a step-by-step process that helps anyone take some form of an idea and turn it into real action. The author did a great job breaking down the problem into tiny pieces that can be solved one at a time his plan is broken down into days. What I enjoyed the most is how the author provides a mental framework that helps people gain a new mindset that pushes them into action.

He discusses legitimate issues such as profitability, paralysis analysis, resourcing, etc He also uses lots of real world examples of people who turned a small idea into a nice side kick business. My favorite was the guy who wrote blog poste about sea cruises and ended up getting up a lot of traffic which helped him generate income via ads. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who has an idea but is unclear on how to start.

I will certainly apply this to ideas at work myself. Jan 14, JW rated it liked it. Interesting side-business motivational ideas backed up with outlier successes, but once in a while I'd like to read about some failures. Compared to the people that succeeded, how many more didn't? A dash of reality--for perspective--wouldn't hurt once in a while.

That is going to put someone at a huge disadvantage when it comes to amassing a nest egg. Sarah — It might be good idea to have multiple options for income. Larry — Nice to see some one with years of experience. There is so much we can learn from you Larry. I think I need to step up. You just inspired me today.? Well to be fair your path may take longer but reap even greater rewards. Studying longer for a higher paying career makes perfect sense to me. We are all on our own individual journeys and can be at different points along the path even at the same age.

Tairat — Nothing to be ashamed about when someone else make more money. Be inspired and go getter. I like that advice. There are things you can do to get paid by the hour, without much skill. Think something along the lines of driving for lyft or uber. Not sure if Spain has rode sharing.

Solve small problems if you want to make small money. Solve big problems if you want to make big money. If you are an Uber driver, you are solving small problems. You are taking someone from A to B. If you are a lawyer defending a corporation in a civil suit or a doctor performing surgery, you are solving big problems. The bigger the problems you are able to solve, the more money you are likely to make.


However, the bigger problems tend to come with a lot of stress. If you want to give it a shot, I recommend starting with small items like cheap earbuds. Just buy for cheap and sell for a little higher to make an overall profit. Plus there are no tax deductions! That does sound like a simple but rewarding way to start a side hustle, thanks for sharing.

That includes income earned from selling on eBay. The only way to not have to pay income tax on what you earn from eBay is for it to qualify as a hobby. And for it to qualify as a hobby, you must earn no income. The key is to stop researching and start selling. There is a learning curve, so waiting for the best of the best ideas is not always the ideal way to start. Just go for it and learn as you go. No better kind of experience, in my opinion, provided you have enough knowledge to form a base.

I am not too familiar with Etsy, yet, but from what I understand, it is similar to Etsy or Ebay where you can source the product cheaper elsewhere, likely overseas, and then sell if for more on that platform? Etsy started off as a craft and small business revolution. So your mom might knit some hats and sell them in her Etsy store. But as the platform has grown, they have opened up the rules to allow for manufacturing. So more and more stores are manufacturing goods and selling… so now, technically, if your mom bought a whole pile of knitted hats and re-sold them, that would be allowed.

Where Etsy really comes through as a platform is in the personalization and uniqueness of items, because they are not mass manufactured. It will be interesting to see if this changes the user base or community over time. Thank you for taking the time to explain that. It sounds like a really cool platform and one that would be great for my wife. I will have to give her a nudge.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

Back home, I had lots of side hustles from selling female clothes on my Instagram business page to making wigs! I should really think of something while I am here tho. Thanks for inspiring Tim. Wow, that is awesome and very creative. Have you thought about a good fit for a side hustle while you are here? Go out there and work on your people skills, find that job, and give it your all. Exactly what Joseph said. You will be rejected at one point or another. Rejection is nothing , it just your perception. Being rejected is pretty normal. When you are first starting out , no interview is ever a waste of time, even if you know in advance you will not get the job.

Every time you get rejected you can learn from your mistakes and do better the next time!

Whatever experiences you gain can only help in your future endeavors. I was in your shoes before. All you need to get an entry level job is contacts. I agree, having connections is extremely helpful in landing a job. And chances are that someone you know knows of a job opportunity, or at the very least knows someone who may know of one.

Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days

Sarah — in professional life its very helpful tips: Good luck with your job search, Saffi. Hang in there, something will come along. Just keep submitting those applications. The more, the merrier. Make sure you customize resume and cover letter according to the job description. Do people still do cover letters? I thought it was general practice now not to do one, unless a company specifically requests it. Depending on the industry you are applying to, it can often take a lot of applications to finally find something. Email or call for follow ups if you are not hearing back, ask for feedback, especially if you have interviewed.

Dont be the only for you to stop being sh is by talking to more people, try to build your confidence, the more people you talk with, the more you are brooming your confidence. Working to push myself more toward the extrovert side of the spectrum has made all the difference in my life.

I have been contemplating working on my public speaking to help in this area of my life. Tahina — there are some videos about it on youtube. If you can find a way to work past your shyness, I think you will see a lot of doors open, so to speak. I know that has been the case for me. Side hustle definitely helps but boy is it energy sapping.

Where did you find balance in doing so much all at once? Was it a greater hope in the future for toiling in the present? A side-hustle sounds good but it seems like it would have to require lots of energy and time to build up. Tim mentions mentality quite a bit and recommends some books in his recommended readings. I hope to expend energy more wisely and be more intentional in the things that I do. Schooling, work, practices, etc. The side hustle will help keep me ahead of the game but my biggest worry is just burning out.

What you talk about resonates with me as I am prone to that sort of mind-set. As a believer, the source of my living comes from God so I need to be in fellowship with Him first. I try to stay away from fast food but if I do eat there, I will resist from going so often. I read many more books now than I have before. I have read 3 books last month. Hustling at work is my next step! I think those are some practical ways that I can grow too. Seems like a lot of this is a cycle too. A healthy, mindful start of the day better fosters a healthy, mindful end of the day day rather than an unmindful one.

Sometimes just making a small adjustment can keep you from going over the ledge. Joe, my response to you is on the bottom of the comments section. Sam — this is funny to see sometimes comments are way down, its not easy to track my comments when they spread around places. It depends on how wisely you spend your time. Sarah — if you want you can create a schedule, and follow the routinely , stick with your schedule, commitment is important. Take a look around you though, maybe ask some of your classmates if any are doing anything on the side.

You may be surprised and can find someone who can help you get something started while juggling school at the same time. Try running an E-Commerce store like on eBay or Amazon. Frank — that an excellent point. Can you expand on what you mean by being good at timing? For me side hustles have always been about the doing.

I have been told before that if you are going to have an online store, you should have X number of products before you launch. The right time is now. Sam, that depends on the side hustle. Sarah — good advise there sarah, will be useful to some of us who are new in this area. If you enjoy your side hustle, it tends to just replace some of your other leisure activities like surfing the internet, social media, or tv. In the end you still have balance, you are just doing different things with your free time than you were before.

That is also what is really cool about side hustles. If you do not love, or even like your job, you can work on a side hustle that you do love or are even passionate about. Then like Bradley says, it can be a form of leisure, just one that you get paid for. Balance is key though, lest you burn yourself out. For my first Etsy store I made a lot of hand made goods right in my living room, so I was able to watch movies while I did it.

Sometimes you can mix business and pleasure! My advise would be to stop researching and start doing. It sounds like you are stuck in analysis paralysis mode. It can be really hard to balance everything and find time to work on side hustles when you have a full-time job, family, etc. Unfortunately, we need to sleep too. Cody — I have seen similar somewhere, bcoz those who are involved in online business, they need to be alert most of the time. Somewhere out there, there is someone that is hungrier than you. Depending on what your motivators are and what point you are in your life will dictate how you respond to quotes like that.

For me, they always serve as a reminder that I can be working harder. Side hustle definitely takes up lots of your time. I completely agree, Joseph. Having a full-time job, a commute and a family, it is really hard to make the time to work on extra curricular activities and find a balance with it all.

I love the side hustle. More than a decade ago I got laid off from my job, so I switched to consulting and never looked back. This allows me to run multiple contracts at once, making it easy to bring in additional income throughout the year on top of a steady contract. Hi Joseph, I am a software developer. I have been writing software for over 15 years now so I bring a lot to the table. I think I pitched you for a remote job in one of my other comments. Now that I see what type of work you do, you can pretend you never saw that comment, if, in fact, you did see it. I admire your skill set and wish I had more technical skills myself.

Brad- the most demanding skills today is your skills. It is a skill that is in demand, there is no shortage of work for software developers. When you made the switch were you making money instantly? Or was it a snowball effect that gradually earned you more and more? Im curious because I was considering doing this in the near future as a plan B.

Hi Saffi, it was instant. I got laid off from my permanent position on a Friday. That day I emailed some friends in the industry to let them know what had happened and to find out if anyone had any leads. I had my first contract on the following Monday helping fill in a resource gap. That lasted about six months. I then moved onto my second contract, which lasted a year. Saffi — since you mentioned here you are considering this ; does it mean your plan b is gonna be in the software programming field?

Saffi, I like a good plan B. I was coaching one of my friends through this a couple of months ago. Many people establish a plan B, but then they never move forward with it and are stuck on plan A. I can see that having multiple income streams would be more beneficial than zeroing in on solely one. Exchanging our time for money also sounds unappealing, especially since we have a finite amount of time. Multiple income streams are pretty awesome. I can relate, Bradley. I got laid off 2. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

It sounds like you have a pretty sweet setup though with consulting. That is awesome that you have such an easy time getting contracts and can work multiple contracts at once. Cody — that software programming field is the highly demanding field. I think everyone I know in the software industry has been laid off. Brad — full time job and side hustle keep you busy quite a bit. Sometimes a little too busy, but I manage. Simple one word answer is all: The reason people can manage blogs, jobs, and family is because they spend a set amount of time on each and never exceed the maximums.

Do you have any favorites? I struggle with making and sticking with a consistent schedule. This is a good reminder to do that again! Sarah — keep motivated. Being active and healthy is pretty important. For me, it can really help carry you through the day when you are crazy busy as your energy levels will in general be higher. Frank — organizations skills is important. Time management is one of the key factors I find. You need to get big and become a celebrity in your space! Training—getting better at what you do. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply train to refine your skills and sharpen your sword.

How to Prospect Like a Pro. Prospecting is the most underestimated skill in sales. There are certain categories of prospects—who are you chasing? You need to figure out who your ideal customer is. Different types of prospectors are discussed in this show, including cold, targeted cold, warm, and hot. These are people that will have drastically different levels of interest in your product. This makes each of these calls a little bit different.

You need a plan of attack for each. Here are 4 simple steps to become a great prospector: Figure out the problem you solve 2. Take massive action using all methods to contact customers. What is your culture? Your culture defines where you want to go. The first thing you must get right is you have to be in the right vehicle. This means you have to align yourself with a company that shares your beliefs. The right vehicle helps you get to where you want to be. Financial freedom Strong relationships Healthy body Healthy mind Goal focused Helping others Being ethical Focused on success Jarrod was 26 years old when he came to work for Grant.

He was broke but hungry. One of the reasons Grant Cardone started 10XGrowthCon is to connect like-minded people together, people who share a similar culture and want big success. At the last 10XGrowthCon, thousands of people networked and some people found their right vehicle. Write down your goals, clarify your culture, and pursue the vehicle that will take you where you want to be! How to Make Selling Easy. The market is never saturated with greatness, and sales become easy when you become great.

The truth is anything is hard without a commitment. Being committed means you write down your goals and train daily to be better. After commitment, the hardest part of selling is having someone to talk to. Here are 3 quick tips to make your sales easier today: You must have commitment to be a professional. You need opportunities, but it has never been easier with social media.

Know your sales process. You must know what to say! The Perfect Sales Process. The sales process is really your process for making money. This is real information you can use to get real money. All sales starts with process. How many of you have a sales process that you use? The process must be simple and short; it must be duplicable, fit all personality types, and fit all scenarios. The bottom line is that the best sales process is what works.

Side Hustle Your Way to Freedom

Keep it simple, honest, and never disagree. How to Get People to Trust You. To get money, you need to learn sales, and to make sales you need to have several qualities that all build trust: Speed gives clients trust. Knowledge gives clients trust. Transparency gives clients trust. These qualities will skyrocket your credibility. The greats know also how do you ask the hard questions. Asking questions, and getting answers to questions is control. Most salespeople just ask a lot of questions, but get no answers. Being great is the only thing that pays.

Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world! How to Build Your Pitch. Here are 3 quick tips to follow as you build out your pitch: The Why—this will involve your story. Here is where you give background. You want to focus on why your product is different. This is important in hooking your customer.

You must differentiate here. The How—this is where you transition to the features and how it benefits the customer. You must tailor this to the customer from what you find in the fact-finding phase. How do these benefits help your customer solve their problem? Build your pitch out right and your presentation will make sales! Business Cycle vs Sales Cycle.

The business cycle is where you market, you drive them into a sales cycle, and repeat. A sales cycle is when a customer shows interest, you qualify, select a product, and close. This is why the solopreneur will never work, because they are stuck in the sales cycle over and over again. As an entrepreneur, you can live in the business cycle and just spend money online advertising for traffic, and whatever converts, converts—but if you want to build a company you have to be able to execute the sales cycle.

Big companies live in the business cycle, and they spend to fund the business cycle. Big corporations spend less time in the sales cycle and more time in the business cycle. Companies raise money so they can bypass the sales cycle and go straight to the business cycle.

How to Ask Great Questions. Questions are the key to every deal in your life. Questions reveal problems, and people buy to solve problems. Your job in sales is to figure out what those problems are. Questions give you the ammunition you need to actually get a deal done. Questions should never be irrelevant 3. Always get answers to your questions. Far too often a salesperson will go down a path of determining a client's needs and never get an answer. You must get your questions answered even when the customer appears closed off and resistant to providing information. Asking questions is NOT control.

Getting answers will allow you to control the sales cycle. Most people skip over the basics of sales. You have to develop or you will be stacking skills upon a weak foundation. You want to understand, not just duplicate. Here are 3 ingredients to sales success that you need to get right from the very beginning as a foundation to have sustained, future success: Commitment—this is something people always pass up.

Are you committed to your craft and your company? Conviction—do you have the ability to demonstrate your belief that your product is the best solution for your customer? You need certainty to sell. Activity—no matter how committed you are, how much conviction you have, at the end of the day action is all the ultimately matters. Is Your Sales Pipeline Broken? What does your pipeline represent to you? An abundant pipeline will give you more security, more confidence, and more choices. Sales Pipeline needs two things.

Quality Most people have this flipped and go for quality first. If your pipeline is broken, you probably feel rejection. Your pipeline should be so full that losing a customer feels like a relief. Identify ever source that can to feed your pipeline. This includes your powerbase and everyone you come into contact with. Map out your plan to get to those contacts. You need to plan out your day! Crank up the activity.

Your inflow will depend on your outflow. Make decision to thrive, not just survive. Get real about your money targets. You must know exactly what it will take to get the life you want. How to Handle Objections. Remember it takes pressure to create anything valuable. Come up with responses to the phrases you hear so you can push past the objections and get sales. The first thing you do when you hear an objection, treat it as a complaint.

This way the client can start thinking about the deal with value in mind. How to Win More Sales on the Phone. Can you make a call that gets people to take interest in you? Are you not ready to get on the phone, do you avoid it like the plague? Here are 4 things every salesperson needs: Ignoring it will never make it go away, you must confront your fear. Set the intention— Make sure to set your intention right at the beginning of your pitch. You have to set that hook immediately and let the customer know where both of you stand.

You have to make it past that first 15 seconds 3. Call to action— Do you have a call to action, are you working off a script? Selling Value vs Price. There is a time and a place for everything, so there is a time to discount. The best way to handle price is inventory. To build value you have to have a lot of choices. Use price to stir up the market and to stir up traffic. Increasing service is a great way to build value. There are 3 things you need to know going into a deal. In order to find a buyer, you need to find someone 1.

Why You Hate Sales. You push a car through the mud not because you like the pushing but because you want the car in a different place. People that are satisfied are selfish. So many people need help out there, and if you are satisfied then you are only concerned about yourself. If you ask bad questions, you will get bad answers. What is the one thing that makes a person want to buy? You need to ask more questions. What is the one problem could I solve for you? What else are you looking at? Do you like me?

Have you ever spent this much money? To sell, you must find out why a person is buying! How to Handle Pressure. Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt bring you the tools you need to succeed in the 21st Century. Plenty of you want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to 9-to-5 and are hungry for a mentor who gives you the raw and real deal.

The 10X Growth Conference was Grant Cardone's first event and thousands of people showed up for it and stayed for three days. Shark Tank's Daymond John was impressed with the conference—he came to inspire others, which he did, but he left inspired by others. There were 24 world class speakers and you can still get the complete recording of the entire event today.

While they enjoyed it all, a few of Grant and Jarrod's favorites that really stood out were Tim Grover's presentation on being relentless and Roddy Chong bringing the house down with his commanding performance on pushing past your mistakes to get to your moment of brilliance. Watch Roddy's part just to see how he uses the stage and works the audience. Speaker JJ Jackintelle, who spoke on company culture, also makes a guest appearance in this episode of Young Hustlers. Get in the Stream. You need to get into a stream. Where are they going? How fast can we go there? You need to get with someone willing to drive fast.

Lakes need streams running into them. Get in a stream and go with it, the stream will take you where you want to go. What are your problems? Every problem ever solved on this planet is an opportunity. The bigger the problem solved, the richer you become. You need to pick your problems rather than get stuck with them.

Be the creator of your problems, not the receiver. I always tell people to look at their problems as opportunities because one of the most basic truths in life is that problem-solving is success. If I have problem customers people who give me a hard time during the buying process , or dissatisfied customers people I have sold but are unhappy about what they received , then I know this is where I can create the most ardent admirers.

If I show that I am willing to go above and beyond where my competitors decide to stop at, my customers will be the people who are more likely to be sold and more likely to buy from me because I have exceeded any and all of their expectations. Problems are your opportunities! You get a lot of advice from others going through life—much of it bad. Every now and then you get a great piece of advice that can change your life.

Here are some of the best pieces of advice Grant has received: Tell that to Google or Facebook. Best investment you make is in yourself—Nobody does wrong when they spend money to get new knowledge, new skills, and new ways to develop themselves. Only buy things that produce money. How to Build Confidence. How much confidence have you got? Confidence is complete, full trust. No one thing can blow a deal. You need to have complete trust in that. If you want confidence in life, get confidence in yourself. Most of the bags you pick up in life are losses, not victories. Full trust in self is more valuable than any amount of money.

You need to invest in things that increase your confidence. Why is it so important to have confidence? Here is how to build it and why: Be professional in your dress and language. How you carry yourself counts! Be the first one there 3. Have a great attitude 4. Work extra and go in on off days.

Finding the Right Problem. Do you have the right problem? Too many people have the wrong problem because of how they think. Quit demeaning yourself when it comes to the price of something. Your think determines what happens in your world, where you live, the view you have, the job you get, the money you make, and the happiness you experience. Debt is not your problem. Income is, you need to make more. Insecurity is not your problem.

Not taking risks is. Too many people are on the wrong problem. Millennials make a lot of mistakes—every generation does. This is because people are ignorized by the media. Today I wanted to highlight the 5 largest blunders that millennials must fix if they want to get their money right.

Make this the year you get your financial house in order! You can get rich or solve money problems without making money. Making more money is more important than saving or paying off debt. Spend more time making money and less time talking about your age, social media, and politics. There will be many presidents in your lifetime most of which you will disagree with. And by the way, before you pay off your loan you should renegotiate a payout. Get your financial life in order and then start paying off your part of the student debt bubble of 1. Just look at your parents. There is no way you will possibly know what you are doing at that young of an age.

Information is everywhere and knowledge is almost nowhere. If you believe you have to go to college then get in and get out. All millennials should be coming to 10X GrowthCon this March. What do you do when you're not feeling it? You have no energy, you're flat How can you break through this? First, be aware of which areas this happens in. For example, is it in the gym, at work, with a relationship? You can be obsessed in one thing and flat in another area all in the same day. First identify the areas where you aren't feeling it.

Decide to move to success and not average, you have to take action. Today Jarrod Glandt reveals the top 5 principles from the 10X Rule you need to apply to your life. The 10X Rule is a movement, are you ready to become a part of it? The stock market could lose a trillion dollars and there would still be an abundance of wealth on this planet.

Assume Responsibility for all Results—Taking responsibility for everything in your life is the only way to take control of your life. Take Only Massive Action—When you take massive actions your mind-set will shift and so will your results. Fear is an Indicator to Take Action— Getting a handle on fear is not easy, but it is critical to success. Maybe fear held you back you from calling on a client, investing money in your company, or maybe moving to a new city for a great opportunity or taking a great relationship to a more serious level.

Criticism is a Sign of Success— Although getting criticized is certainly not the best feeling in the world, I have great news: Receiving criticism is a surefire sign that you are well on your way. How to Find a Coach. Young Hustlers How to Find a Coach: Miyagi was having him do it. Here are 5 steps to finding your coach: Validate their track record.

See a Problem?

How long have they been in business? What is behind the curtain? Be sure they are a fit with you so you can be excited and really be attached. Follow them until you outgrow them. Repeat that in different areas you want to improve. Never ask a question from a coach that you can find from them elsewhere. For today only, Grant is offering an incredible deal for anyone who wants to be coached by Grant himself. Learn more at www. How to Hit Your Goals. With any target you make, you must have the right why. Reverse engineer the goal. If you want to be financially free at 50, you need to start doing the math and figuring out what you need and how you can get there.

Get rooted and connected to your goals. Lay out your goals and make them a part of the way you live. Commitments take money and time, and sooner or later you will realize you need to confront your skills. Skills pay the bills. Here are 3 things you must do to make sure you hit your goals in Be healthy and eat right. Start your day with exercise. Feed your mind and educate yourself.

Get good info and data from people that will push you to get what you want. Have a great start to the new year! How to Land Monster Deals. Can you land a massive, monster deal? Would you rather do two or three small deals or one gigantic deal? Small deals are good—they will feed you—but whale deals are where the big money is.

You need both kind of deals. Whale hunting is more than just revenue, it means a better reputation and higher prestige. Here are 3 tips to get giant deals: You have to be looking for big deals—Hunt for them. Have your eyes open and be aware of every contact you make.

You never know what will lead to the big deal. You have to have a lot of lines in the water—Take massive action in all directions. Use all mechanisms possible whether it be texts, phone messages, social media etc. Jump in prepared to go the distance—You need perseverance because big deals take awhile.

You need creativity over time. How can you stay more focused the next 3 weeks to end the year strong? People have bad Januarys because they have bad Decembers. The way to harvest in January is to plant the seeds in December. The 5 things you do today will determine what you are tomorrow. Why do people get so focused on calendars?

The time is NOW. Here are 6 ways to get your money right now: Pay more attention to your goals than your Christmas list—Write them every day. Have Urgency—While others are in holiday mode, you need to have lots of activity. Focus on the lowest hanging fruit around you—Do you create a new client or look at opportunities with existing clients? Who's Got My Money?

There is no shortage of money out there. Make a decision to get rich, do the millionaire math, and then there are three simple steps to follow: Do you want money? Set a target 2. Pursue the target with a military effort 3. Shut the deal down Never be average—get great. If you need skills get on Cardone University today. To earn cash you either need knowledge that others need or you need to know how to go out and get money. Also the wait times at the VA are ridiculous, are veterans have to wait days on average to get a simple appointment and some of them are dying before they can get in. Every Thursday at 12 PM Grant and Jarrod bring you sales, business and success tips and insights to succeed in any economic climate.

You must know how to handle objections. You need to have fun because the customer is already too serious. You need to feel good about yourself, and you have to go into a deal having the confidence you will close. Be in sales to win it. For every objection you hear, you need to listen and acknowledge it. Take full responsibility for it, and then isolate it: Time is running out to register. The Truth About ks.

They created the K and are supported by politicians. They want your money now while you are young, so they make a pitch to the middle class to get people to give every month and keep your money for the next 40 years. They will let anybody invest with Wall Street though. The K gives no cash flow! Would you give a stranger on the street corner money? You lose access to your money 2. You lose control of your money 3. You lose choices with your money. How to Make a Commitment.

Do you have intention or do you just wander through life? How do you get much done? How do you get rich? How do you make a commitment? Clarify what the commitment is—Everyone can commit. Many are committed to making excuses. Many are committed to being fat. Some are committed to drugs while others are committed to average.

Clarify what your commitment is. What do you need to give up—Commitments restrict you. When you make a commitment, you by definition say yes to one thing while saying no to other things. What things do you need to give up to make your commitment real? Anything worth doing is worth doing every day. Remember, all commitments require time and resources!

How to Control Your Money. Control with money is a good thing. You must be a control freak. The first thing to be concerned about when it comes to money is commitment. Time is money and production is senior to saving. You have to go and get more income. The shift in thought to focus on income exclusively is a game changer. How can you control your money? You must commit to it.