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A set of tools to manage the most complex of enterprises. Main Menu Featured Products. Select the link below that best matches your interest. I return to my apartment, where remedies are still lined up like eyes on the counters and shelves. I am going to have to find something I have not already found. Then, one spring day, a solution arrives. An acute pain in my stomach leads me to stop eating for two days. When I return to eating, my stomach is miraculously untroubled. Two weeks later, when I am sick again, I take another day off eating.

Again I return to a stomach that suddenly and inexplicably works.

In early summer, a friend describes her strategy: She eats for a period of only four hours each day. The evidence is starting to collect. I begin again to believe there is a remedy, and that the remedy could last. On the first morning of fall, I skip breakfast with the intention of never eating breakfast again.

I decide to accept hunger, to inhabit it. On that morning I am myself. My apartment is cold and my limbs are cold but the hunger does not feel empty. And when I finally eat, eating does not scare me. For three days, I skip breakfast. When I eat I eat everything, ravenously. I am forced into existence by pangs of hunger. Panic surrounds me like a halo. It draws heat from my limbs into a protective shell.

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I feel right where I am. The body casts no shadow.

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The walls make their own shadows, almost of ecstasy. I throw on a long-sleeve against the gray day and spring into a run. I feel agile though deliriously hungry, as if instead of fleeing myself I am expanding inside of me. It is not myself, exactly, that propels me forward but something in myself that has been waiting to run. That hidden force, the propulsion, is hope. I am surprised, on my return across the bridge, to understand that I am someone.

The clanging is me. On the third night, I arrive home after a potluck. Greek salad with feta cheese, menudo with beef and hominy, corn chips, home fries, apple cobbler. All items I should not eat. But my anxiety over eating disappeared behind the hunger and I feel only presence as I drive home, turn off the engine, step out of the car, open my apartment door. After I close the door, something strikes me.

I halt under the low ceiling, beside my rack of shoes. No feeling of imminent separation. No pain to escape from. My body is absorbed in its business, and I am a part of my body. There is nothing else to long for. I set my bowl of leftover Greek salad on the counter. Then the stomach clenches. The food catches up, if more slowly this time, the false swell presses my abdomen out, my breathing skips and halts. The old challenge is back. I know what to do and how.

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The singularity of abandonment, in which I once again leave the body alone. This story, in its best incarnation, would be the story of a sickness defeated through self-actualization, a grand epiphany. The brief appearance of a united self throws into relief the loneliness in being unable to take the body as a given.

Across town, the gastroenterologist turns on her television. Fills a wine glass to the brim. She is helping, but helping what? The winter approaches like a confirmation. Protect what is or is not inside. I keep fasting in the morning because it is the last remedy. I get better, worse, better. One day, I am not thinking about any of this when I notice I feel the same as before, except I am starving. For a few weeks, I return to another remedy: I eat oatmeal in the morning. It seems to work. It is adhesive; it draws me together, makes me whole.

A few weeks later, the oatmeal stops working. I decide to open my sacral chakra. I decide to drink dandelion tea. Stubbornness has nothing to do with it.

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