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Children need your help

Protection — They need to know their parent s want them safe from harm; that they will help them when they face a strange or frightening situation. Recognition — Children need to be recognized for what they are inside and outside the home. Consider them in planning a new home, buying furniture, a new car or going on a vacation. Security — All children need to know their home is a place of safety; that their parent s will be at hand in time of need; and that they do belong to and are an important member of the family.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to fulfill these basic needs. I would encourage all parents to look over the list and evaluate themselves on how they are doing and see if there is any improvement that they need to do.

As a society, we tend to get caught up in the looking-out-for-myself syndrome, which is what we need to do. To learn more about the local 4-H program, contact Marla Lowder, Tanana District 4-H agent, at or mklowder alaska. You can also check out our web page at www. Edit Article Add New Article.

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Supporting the needs of all children

Mon, Sep 24, Alaska Center for Natural Medicine. Pioneer Park Dance Hall. The actions, or inactions, of government impact children more strongly than any other group in society. Practically every area of government policy for example, education, public health and so on affects children to some degree. Short-sighted policymaking that fails to take children into account has a negative impact on the future of all members of society by giving rise to policies that cannot work.

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Children's views are rarely heard and rarely considered in the political process. Children generally do not vote and do not otherwise take part in political processes. Without special attention to the opinions of children—as expressed at home and in schools, in local communities and even in governments—children's views go unheard on the many important issues that affect them now or will affect them in the future. Many changes in society are having a disproportionate, and often negative, impact on children. Transformation of the family structure, globalization, shifting employment patterns and a shrinking social welfare net in many countries all have strong impacts on children.

The impact of these changes can be particularly devastating in situations of armed conflict and other emergencies. The healthy development of children is crucial to the future well-being of any society. Because they are still developing, children are especially vulnerable—more so than adults—to poor living conditions such as poverty, inadequate health care, nutrition, safe water, housing and environmental pollution.

The Needs of Children

The affects of disease, malnutrition and poverty threaten the future of children and therefore the future of the societies in which they live. The costs to society of failing its children are huge. Social research findings show that children's earliest experiences significantly influence their future development.

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