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The Assassin and the Desert. The Assassin and the Underworld. Cold Burn of Magic. The Heart of Betrayal. The Beauty of Darkness. Dark Heart of Magic. Bright Blaze of Magic. The Crown of Embers. The Healer Series Complete Collection.

Healer Series by Maria V. Snyder

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  • Touch of Power (Healer, #1) by Maria V. Snyder.
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Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Bekijk je persoonlijke aanbevelingen. Nu preview bekijken Preview opgeslagen Preview opslaan Synopsis lezen. Avry is a healer, she's been running and hiding for three years as anyone found to be a healer is executed, the healers are blamed for starting a plague that killed millions of people. Avry is in prison awaiting execution after it is discovered that she is a healer… she's saved from death by Kerrick and his friends who want her to heal their friend who is dying of the plague.

Avry find Spoilers I enjoyed Snyder's Study series and I had high expectations for this… suffice to say it didn't deliver. Avry finds out that the friend who needs healing is Prince Ryne, someone who she refuses to heal as she believes that he is responsible for many deaths and is not worth saving. Avry very reluctantly agrees to go with them to where Prince Ryne is hiding as the alternative would be death and Kerrick and his friends Belen, Flea, Loren try to convince Avry that he is worth saving.

On their long journey to Prince Ryne.. The world building was mediocre at best. I did like that Avry suffered every time she healed someone. I despised Avry's attitude, she was treated like shit and she just forgave and forgot instantly, she felt guilty and responsible for anyone who was hurt even if they had hurt her or stood by and watched her get hurt, she gave her loyalty too easily… it was unbelievably frustrating.

Kerrick her love interest was despicable he slapped her so hard she fell down just because she said she would not heal his friend Prince Ryne, he then goes onto manacle her to tree for weeks at night and only gives her little food and no blanket as further punishment for refusing to heal his friend, he is cold and talks down to her… he only starts treating her better when he realises his tactics to make her co-operate are not working. When he does start to get feelings for her he's not guilty or remorseful about the way he treated her — he just gives a very underwhelming apology and Avry doesn't even mind his past treatment of her!!

He's also been grieving for the past 4 years because his ex girlfriend who was the love his life dumped him for someone else… Avry is basically a rebound. He more or less even says at the very end when they're 'in wuv' that he would have rather saved his friend's lives than her's. He's an awful hero and Avry is a crap heroine for getting involved with a man who hit her and then tortured her for weeks… it's a fucked up message to be sending young readers. View all 8 comments. Nov 08, Lissa added it Shelves: There's a famous quote by Toni Morrison: But now I may as well just give up.

Touch of Power is the perfect novel for me. Sure the writing style is different to mine, and I'd do a completely different approach, and there's nothing in plot, characters or themes that are remotely similar to m WOW. Sure the writing style is different to mine, and I'd do a completely different approach, and there's nothing in plot, characters or themes that are remotely similar to my own young adult high fantasy but still.

I've wanted to read this type of book for years. Because I could not find a book that fit me so personally, I wrote my own stuff. I kept convincing myself that because the Death Lily ate him he'd somehow come back to life. I really liked him and I was totally devastated when he died! But Avry steps into leadership positions when she needs to, kicks ass when she needs to, and comforts and mothers when she needs to. She's got a great balance of feminine and masculine traits, and she's neither an uber-warrior nor a damsel in distress.

She grows throughout the novel as well. If you like high fantasy and also read paranormal or urban fantasy you should like this. It's high fantasy but it's not purple prose-y, it doesn't overdo descriptions, and the language used is fresh and modern. The infodumps are sparse and cleverly disguised so the mysteries of the world aren't revealed until the exact right time. It's not stuffy and boring like other high fantasy masters who shall not be named. It's very political, with heaps of plot twists - several that I didn't see coming. The magic system was simply wonderful. I wasn't entirely sure about the other types of mages, but I absolutely love healers that accept the sicknesses and injuries of others.

It's so totally cool! It meant that Avry had a weakness, an Achilles heel, that she wasn't some unstoppable force. It seemed all over the place. Days would rush by while Avry trained or worked, and the whole novel took place over the course of about half a year. But the high speed is good in several ways, because if the novel slowed down it would be boring. Now normally high fantasy is written in third person and is pretty boring to read. Authors are more interested in describing stuff you don't give a crap about rather than getting on with the story. Touch of Power doesn't have that problem.

I believe it would be totally accessible to people who don't normally read high fantasy but still enjoy other forms of fantasy - paranormal, urban, dark etc. I've never read a Maria Snyder book before but I am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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I read an ARC of this but I totally buying my own copy to love and hug and keep forever. I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and it has in no way influenced my review. View all 21 comments. Since I was sick I fell into the worst slump ever and had absolutely no motivation to read but thank god this book pulled me out of my slump! It really was just a classic Maria V Snyder book and it was exactly what I needed.

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I really needed a basic fantasy since I have so many intimidating complex fantasy books waiting to be read that would have put me more in a slump. Thank god for this book, it was great. This book gave me no chance at all to deal with my physiological needs like a normal human being.

Giving synopsis is not my strong suit so please don't expect one. And I think it's better to read this not knowing much of the premise anyway. Avry is my new favourite heroine. She's brave, stubborn, strong, kindhearted, selfless and has a great sense of humor which I appreciate a lot. I gave her an imaginary standing ovation everytime she stood her ground against Kerrick This book gave me no chance at all to deal with my physiological needs like a normal human being. I gave her an imaginary standing ovation everytime she stood her ground against Kerrick and refused to blindly follow his orders.

I couldn't help but root for her. The romance took a backseat here. Or maybe it's in the trunk because we didn't get to the good parts until the last five chapters. It was a slow burn romance that will make you feel all snuggly and warm inside. The story was very complex.

It was magnificently crafted and built with so much precision you couldn't help but wonder if this world really does exist. The lines are blurred now, my friends. The writing was unbelievably gorgeous. You wouldn't find its brief paragraphs lacking of vivid descriptions and pragmatic illustrations. Snyder's way of introducing us to the characters were more "show" than "tell" which I find very appealing.

Her ability to tell a story is fantastic, she knows exactly that a great story shows. I am one of those people who get easily annoyed with lengthy explanations of character because where's the fun in that? I want to be the one to discover them. Not to be given on a platter. I love you, too. Either that or Quain is half eagle. Kerrick smiled a genuine smile. One that reached his eyes. Good thing I was already lying down or I would have fainted in surprise. It faded as he studied me. I decided to let him sweat for a bit. I promised her that Loren and Quain will babysit her granddaughter anytime.

That Flea would give her soldiers lessons on how to pick pockets and that Jael can use you for target practice. I offered to keep Jael company for that one. A solid 5 out of 5 stars. View all 7 comments. Feb 03, Kells Next Read rated it liked it Shelves: Having read a few of Maria V. Synder previous works, I was going into this all hype and ready. As I got further into the read the storyline began to drag and bored me to death. What saved this read was that I love Ms.

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Snyder style of writing and I knew if I soilder through I would definitely get to the pot of goal, at the end of the rainbow. The characters most of them, Kerrick and Belen were great and I can say that I like them and even manage to connect with them at different levels.

I just found the storyline too predictable and drawn out at times and I'm also kinda of fed-up with the protagonist being the "last" of a particular people and the only hope to save everybody. Whatever the reason, It has in no way affected my better judgement as I will be continuing this trilogy, because as I've mentioned before, I happen to love this authors writing style and she usually hits the bullseye mark for me. Sep 27, Catie rated it liked it Shelves: The love interest is cold and calculating, and dedicated in service to a progressive leader.

Avry and Yelena also have a very similar voice, in my opinion. I do love the imaginative magic system; although, the healing is again similar to Poison Study. Yelena also heals Opal by assuming her injuries. I really like the history of the plague: In fact I would say that the world-building is one of my favorite aspects of this book. I never felt anything past the very surface of emotion for these characters. The romance is so completely dry.

In many ways, this feels like the outline of a book: I still have hope that this author can publish something that will reach me at the same level as Poison Study. But until then, all I have to say is… What ever happened to our love? I wish I understood. It used to be so nice; it used to be so good. View all 33 comments. Nothing interesting me anymore, and the sad part is that most of my re-reads are a complete bust.

Luckily, this one actually wasn't so bad. The story is really interesting and the characters are great. The timeline is over months and I liked that; you get to know the characters, you get to feel and get to know the world, and you get action the whole way. The book is not focused on romance, but in healing, friendships, bravery and growth. I recommend everyone who liked high fantasy to read this series.

Overall, I'm glad I did the re-read. The book has no slow spots, nor boring spots, things happen all the time, and it isn't incredibly predictable. I still like it.

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So instead of being appreciated, she gets hunted. Avry gets abducted by a band of rogues; must heal a plague-stricken prince, the leader of a campaign against her people, however, though Avry could heal their friend of the plague, she wouldn't then be able to heal myself. Would he be worth her life to save? What they asked of her would be essentially trading one death—swift and certain—for another —slow, painful and just as certain.. The story centers around their traveling to the daunting Nine Mountain, where they meet all kinds of danger mercenaries to magical dangers.

They considered those times a war. Of course it was utter nonsense. But in the midst of the chaos, no one listened to reason. Someone had to be blamed. He is a forest mage. His magic is a gift from the living essence of the forest. The Realm of Alga was north of the Nine Mountains. Kerrick and Belen uses swords, Loren, an arrow notched in his bow, Quain, a nasty curved dagger and Flea, a switchblade.

She, Tohon and Ryne is battling for the rule? She has air magic; it obeys her. She can even take your breath. Her mother-in-law is the High Priestess Estrid of Ozero. Jael married her oldest son, Stanslov of Ozero. He was first in line for the throne, but he left her a widow. Cellina of Lyady ? Will I read this again in the future? Jan 31, Penny rated it it was ok Shelves: It was entertaining but that's all.

Healer Series

There are plenty of adventurous situations, but no real story for most of the book. Many things happen but nothing traps you enough to want to keep reading. I almost didn't finish it. Not because I did't like it, but because I wan't interested enough and it seemed as if I wouldn't be missing much if I did. I won't keep reading this series. I am sure the next installments would be pack with acti Actual Rating: I am sure the next installments would be pack with action, I just don't trust they would be emotionally engaging enough. What can I say about this story? I fell in love with all of it.

It has it all, adventure, comradeship, romance, betrayal, friendship, loss, magic, sacrifice, evil, set in an amazing fantasy world. Avry is an amazing character, a heroine so strong, so compationate, so loyal, it was marvelous being in her head. Snyder weaves an interesting, very complicated fantasy world, similar to the one in her "Study" series. All the characters are very well developed, from the minor ones to the vil What can I say about this story? All the characters are very well developed, from the minor ones to the villains, to the ones that form her family in the end.

And of course Kerrick. If you like your heroes brooding, grumpy, not giving the heroine the time of day, then you're in for a treat with Kerrick. First he hits her. Then he ties her in a tree, without food or cloak, every night. Then he insists she gives her life for his friend. Wouldn't you fall in love with a "charming" man like him? But you just can't help but fall in love with him, just like Avry did. I wonder where their journey will lead them next and I'm most curious to find out all this mystery surrounding the lilies. Who would have thought that these plants would be so intriguing, they have me speculating all kinds of senarios about their involvement with the plague and the healers and I just can't imagine what?

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  8. Nov 25, Kogiopsis rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm definitely coming at this book from a different perspective than a lot of people I know, many of whom have read and loved at the very least Poison Study, and often more of Maria V. This is my first by her and to be honest, I'm underwhelmed. The concept is by far the strongest part of this book. Fifteen kingdoms, eleven types of magic, a land recovering from a deadly plague - glorious.

    While I have certain issues with the varieties of magic they seem to almost-but-not-quite be I'm definitely coming at this book from a different perspective than a lot of people I know, many of whom have read and loved at the very least Poison Study, and often more of Maria V. I also enjoyed that the Fifteen Kingdoms seemed to have a lot of political variation in them, though as other reviewers have pointed out, some of the systems and terms felt anachronistic. I guess that's the primary problem I had with this book: Would reading 'president' in a world filled with princes bother me if it had been elaborated upon a lot?

    But when you're already asking me to accept moon and sun magicians, giant flowers that eat people, and some really wonky pacing, well, the background needs to be rock solid and putting a democracy on a continent filled with monarchies doesn't cut it. The other big thing I wanted to mention was pacing. Whee-oo, did I have trouble with the way this book was paced.

    One page would be a single moment that dragged on far too long, and on the next weeks would skim by. I honestly gave up completely on keeping track of time here, because it was just so erratic and jumpy. Unfortunately, the fact that I had little sense of time also meant that I had little sense of character development. I was disappointed that even the main problem of the book wasn't actually resolved at the end, let alone some of the other plot points that had cropped up along the way.

    To be honest, the book felt too short in a lot of ways - too short to develop its concept properly, too short to wrap up the plot in a tidy fashion, too short to convey the amount of time the characters spent travelling and changing to the readers. Maybe the sequel can fix a lot of these issues, but I won't go out of my way to find it first and see. It's going to take glowing reviews from other people before I return to this series. I will, however, still seek out Poison Study, since Maria V. Snyder has one heck of an imagination. I recieved a galley copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley.

    No external considerations went into this review. Maria Snyder Die Hard Fans. I really finished it after being tempted to just DNF so many times. I had a terrific experience reading Snyder's Poison Study. I remember the writing smooth and the world building vivid, so I expected the same thing from Touch of Power, but damn, I was so wrong.

    In this book, I found Snyder's writing a little amateurish. I had to check the publication dates of the Poison Study and Touch of Power to see which novel came first, and I was surprised to see that Poison Study was published 4 years before Touch of Power, so I do not understand the decline in quality of Snyder's writing. Her writing was especially unwieldy when describing landscape, fight scenes and even plans, as if she couldn't be bothered to tell us how Avry got to Tohon or how 2 guys can neutralize 6. Then we have Avry, sweet, kind, pretty, skilled, brave and selfless Avry.

    What can she do wrong? Nothing and that is my problem with her character. I know she's a healer and that she feels the need to heal everyone sick and is even willing to die for her calling, but shouldn't the human instinct to survive override the sacrifices of her calling?

    Maybe I am just a selfish little shit and obvs not a heroine, so Avry didn't connect to me at all. Kerrick - I found quite meh. He's a prince and a forest mage, and starts out as a despotic leader of a group in a mission to find a healer but grows softer as the story progresses to the point he says things like "And you broke through the ice around my heart In the book he tells Avry why he hates Kerrick. I'll skip the specifics, but damn, that was lame, so lame I screamed at my Kindle to grow the fuck up because high school angst should be left in high school!

    Oct 01, Katrin D rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 01, Kaitlynne rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have absolutely no doubt that this book is going to be amazing! This book exceeded my expectations: Sep 17, Jen rated it it was amazing.

    Touch of Power is Poison Study good!!! I really hope you agree with me when you get a chance to read it. I really liked Maria's new heroine, Avry. She is fierce and stubborn, but also kind and brave. I liked her so much more than Opal from the Glass trilogy. She is as engaging as Yelena from Poison Study without being too much like her Avry is a healer, who can take peoples' illnesses from them as a cure, but she must suffer the illness herself.

    Fortunately she has an advanced speed of healing, or she'd never get anything done! The story picks up in the aftermath of a devastating plague, which the healers guild were unable to cure without dying themselves. As a result, healers are not revered by society, but rather they are hunted drifters. Avry finds herself incarcerated, awaiting death, but then is rescued by a motley crew who want her to heal their leader, Ryne, who lies in suspended animation in a magical coma in a distant land.

    He has a bad reputation, and he has the plague; healing him would kill Avry. The gang Kerrick, Belen, Vinn, Quain and Flea do their best to convince Avry, through any method possible, that she should heal Ryne as they believe he is the only person who can bring all the shreds of their plague-ridden kingdom together and restore order. There are several other potential leaders who disagree though, and they all make a play for Avry to varying success.

    One develops into a wonderful villain, who just made my skin crawl! Avry travels with the gang for most of the book, and there is a really beautiful camaraderie which grows between them, after some testing times When there was finally some kissing, I was in seventh heaven!! What I really enjoy about Maria's writing, as a whole, is that she creates characters with believable skills.

    I know she often learns these skills herself, and this time I really enjoyed reading about juggling and knife throwing! Magic is also woven very carefully through the seams of the book; no one is all powerful, but some people have really interesting talents. I was initially completely baffled by the bizarre mention of the peace and death lilies, giant plants which can consume a man whole, but actually it all made sense in the end, and I am totally gutted that I have to wait for the story to continue!!

    This has all the makings of a really wonderful fantasy trilogy View all 17 comments. When I say that I was going into Touch of Power with astronomical expectations I wouldn't be exaggerating. I hope that the next books will be even better, but this one was great. The antipathy between the two main characters is based on a fairly tenuous assumption why didn't she just ask him? Nonetheless the book merits a decent number of stars for several reasons. It is fast-paced and exciting, with our heroes hurtling from one danger to the next with barely a pause for breath.

    Some of the minor characters are delightful, and their warmth and good humour do a great deal to lift this book from the run-of-the-mill. And lastly, we see in Avry a heroine who is courageous, determined and utterly committed to her gift, to the point where she is prepared to die for Ryne if she finds him worthy of the sacrifice. It has all the elements of a good fantasy read, and fans of Maria V Snyder will welcome it with open arms.

    If you are unfamiliar with her work you might wish to try Inside Out. You can read more book reviews or buy Touch of Power: Just send us an email and we'll put the best up on the site. Retrieved from " http: Personal tools Log in.