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I would be able to look at what changes exist in another modded skin and figure out how to apply that to a new skin. Is it easy enough to list out all the xml files that need to be changed? It that is an easy task I could just look at the code from a currently modded skin and apply that to a skin I would like to mod. I have been interested in modding the Aeon Nox 5 Gotham skin as it's very lightweight and even if I just use it as it is it works but I would like to add the widgets to the EHS which I haven't been able to figure out how to do and to also have the fanart appear in the background automatically like it does now in the other skins.

Thanks for the guidance, elcabong.

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I will be taking a stab at it this weekend. It was displayed on the menu, but I couldn't select it. But, now I feel like I'm hijacking my own thread, so I'll post about it over yonder. One thing you guys can do is go look at my Aeon Nox 'commits'.

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I checked in the unmodified version first. It is really not all that bad once you figure out where the heck everything is.

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Posted 02 August - Posted 05 August - It takes the absolute minimum of programming skill to make these skin mods. The plan is to keep the skin light weight as possible! Small question, is this skin also fast enough on a Pi? Originally Bello works well on a Pi but you may want to keep the home menu animation turned off. I have Reverted how you select the Home Menu colors back to the previous way. Including the Original Bello theme. If anyone would like to help to translate the additional languages.

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