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Mark Drakeford in Welsh Labour bid to replace Carwyn Jones - BBC News

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‘This is an existential moment in Labour’s history. It may not survive. And it may never win again’

All the benefits of Digital plus: He said he would see himself leading the party into an election and, if successful, to establish a government in the next assembly term. But he suggested he would then stand aside for a "new generation of leaders to put themselves forward for election".

Firstly, there was no attempt to reinvent himself in any shape or form in a bid to emerge from the relative shadows of the finance secretary role into the top job. He says his strength is his experience and practicality. I think we can assume there will be no eye-raising promises being made in his campaign.

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This should be a man who, above all, knows what is and is not achievable from a Welsh Government. And secondly, he set out an unusually specific timeline, effectively saying that this contest has come too early for the cohort of new Labour AMs, but he will act as a bridge until the time is ready for them at some point in the next term.

Mr Drakeford made the announcement on the Good Morning Wales radio programme and is the first to declare his intention to run for the leadership.

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Mr Drakeford, who has been a professor of social policy at Cardiff University, is on the left of the party and has been the Labour assembly group's most high profile supporter of Jeremy Corbyn. He was born in Carmarthen but has lived in the capital for more than 30 years and been Cardiff West AM since He served as as special advisor to former first minister Rhodri Morgan and, following his election, was appointed health minister in The AM has served as finance secretary since the last Senedd election two years ago and has had a key role in the negotiations with the UK government over Brexit legislation.

Vaughan Gething is among those who have not ruled themselves out of the race and is considered to be a likely candidate to run against Mr Drakeford. Already a third of the Labour AMs have committed themselves to one candidate, which means there is obviously not many people to go around to support other people," he said.

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  5. Labour does not have a divine right to rule," he said, adding: While the world habitually follows the twists and turns of the presidency, legislators on Capitol Hill are only known to the most avid of politicos on the other side of the Atlantic. But this June things changed.

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    Outspent by a factor of 15 by her corporate-backed incumbent, her campaign drew on the movement-oriented strategies that have characterised political upsets on both sides of the Atlantic. Ocasio-Cortez embodies the movement-led, popular politics Momentum was born to promote in the UK.

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    And with Labour surging to more than half a million members, there is no doubt we have many of our own like Ocasio-Cortez just waiting for their chance. Unlike the primary system that operates in the US, it is notoriously difficult to challenge a sitting Labour MP. Instead of being able to run in an open contest on a positive and propositional platform as Ocasio-Cortez did, Labour has a built-in mechanism that forces local party members to mount a negative campaign against their sitting MP just to instigate a race.