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I want to receive notifications about featured artists and news. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Miami, uh, uh Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh Haha, can y'all feel that Can y'all feel that Jig it out, uh Here I am in the place where I come let go Miami the base and the sunset glow Everyday like a mardi gras, everybody party all day No work all play, okay So we sip a little something, lay to rest the spill Me an Charlie at the bar runnin up a high bill Nothin less than ill, when we dress to kill Everytime the ladies pass, they be like Hi Will Can y'all feel me, all ages and races Real sweet faces Every different nation, Spanish, Hatian, Indian, Jamaican Black, White, Cuban, and Asian I only came for two days of playing But everytime I come I always wind up stayin This the type of town I could spend a few days in Miami the city that keeps the roof blazin Chorus: Party in the city where the heat is on All night, on the beach till the break of dawn Welcome to Miami Bienvenidos a Miami Bouncin in the club where the heat is on All night, on the beach till the break of dawn I'm goin to Miami Welcome to Miami Verse 2: Yo I heard the rainstorms ain't nothin to mess with But I can't feel a drip on the strip, it's a trip Ladies half-dressed, fully equipped And they be screamin out, Will we loved your last hit So I'm thinkin I'ma scoot me somethin hot In this south-sea merengue melting pot Hottest club in the city, and it's right on the beach Temperature get to ya, it's about to reach Five-hundred degrees In the carribean seas, with the hot mommies Screamin Aii poppy Everytime I come to town, they be spottin me In the drop Bentley, ain't no stoppin me So, cash in your door We flow to this fashion show Pound for pound anywhere you go Yo, ain't no city in the world like this An if you ask how I know I gotsta plead the fifth Chorus Verse 3: Iii Sylvers, Samuel J.

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Barnes, Ryan Toby, William B. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Miami, south beach bringing the heat Can y'all feel that, can y'all feel that Check it out.

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Here I am in the place where I 'com let go But Miami the place and the sun set low Everyday like a Mardi gras everybody party all day No work all play, okay So we sip a little something leave the rest to spill Me and Charlie at the bar running up a high bill Nutin' less than ill when we dress to kill Every time the ladies pass they be like, hi Will.

Skip to content sLOVEnians travel. Miami skyline Will Smith sure knows what he was talking about. Miami can be pretty expensive, but also cheap — it all depends on you.

Free stuff to see and do: Coco walk Bayfront Park and Mall Directly in the downtown area. Art deco district on Miami beach What else: We bought the tickets online, but price rise for playoff and important games.

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NBA Go on a cruise Miami is also called the cruise capital of the world. Cruise ship Visit the Everglades Just a short drive to the west lies the national park the Everglades.

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Metromover is a skytrain with 3 routes down town, north, south. Buses cover all the city also Miami Beach.

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Be sure to bring change with an exact amount as the machines on the bus do not return change. You can also buy an easy card, top it up at major stations and use for buses and metro.

Metrorail is a train system Miami does not have a subway because of high levels of ground water and coral rock that connects the city with the airport, providing cheap transport to the airport. Hop on — hop off buses cover a big area and can be a great choice. You can find a cheap deals on the internet, so search!

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The free metromover Where to stay Miami offers numerous hotels in all price ranges. Little Havana walk of fame. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here