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Surely they came from somewhere. If you are reading these pages, you probably realize that over the past 40 years or so there has been an increasing amount of New Age, spiritual, and metaphysical wisdom that has been waved over this planet for all who are ready to respond to its calling.

The books say that cosmic cycles big and small are now completing for us, that planet Earth is entering a region in space where the vibrational energy is increasing dramatically and that we humans and our planet are being affected by this elevation in cosmic energy. Although these are the destined times of opportunity for all to take advantage of, some will be drawn to this new energy and some will not.

Hand in hand with this new wave of elevated energy divinely inspired teachings have been sent to provide us with alternate truths and insights to consider. But not all have responded to their message. For those who have responded to the divine invitation that has recently been given us, their consciousness and awareness have expanded and their vibrations are increasing faster than those of 3-dimensional reality. Those who have not responded continue to be mired down with the heaviness of 3-dimensional reality along with its ego-fear-based beliefs and its lower rate of vibration.

Is it possible that all of this is happening now? Is there a measure we can use to show that we have started shifting from the 3rd dimension into the lowest level of the 4th? Just exactly what is the shifting experience? How do you know whether you're shifting? What are the symptoms? Here are some thoughts to consider if you suspect you are going through the process of inner, personal transformation and are experiencing a dramatic shift in vibration and awareness because of it As an analogy, think of the 3rd and 4th dimensions as being two boxes or two different spaces separate from one another.

Shifting from the 3rd to the 4th dimension is like moving out of space "a" and moving into space "b," as if you are leaving one room and entering another. It feels as if the "old self" you once were has passed on and its remnants belong to the 3-dimensional space you formally occupied.

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Today, through spiritual awakening, inner change, and personal transformation, the new "you" and your ever expanding consciousness, are moving into a higher energy or reality And here is the big eureka. Even though you find yourself shifting into a different space your body and your expanding awareness are still existing side by side with the old reality. And you are aware of both "boxes" simultaneously! Thus, as you walk down the street, you are able to sense the old reality you once occupied.

Welcome Beings of Light - The 4th Dimension

You are aware of the people who are still in it. You may even interact with them, but you no longer feel attached to or associated with that space or energy anymore. On the contrary you feel quite detached from it even though you currently find yourself in it. It's as though two different belief systems exist side by side each with its own energy. And today you can sense that your new energy is different than theirs. In other words, you feel that you are in the world, but not of it. Interestingly, you are aware that two different realities exist the 3rd and the 4th , but those still in the 3rd cannot sense, appreciate, understand or relate to the new reality you have shifted into.

The rate of your vibrations will determine how much your focus has shifted from your old, 3-dimensional world into the new 4th dimensional reality that is emerging for you. Many factors will affect your rate of vibration. These include the speed and degree of your spiritual awakening, the food you eat, the time you spend in meditation, the amount of effort you use to serve humanity, how much you develop your mind-body-soul complex, your thoughts, the love you bring to others, the steps you take to avoid sources of negative energy, and so on.

All of these actions influence your energy and consciousness mind , which in turn affect your awareness and focus, how you view and experience the world and how you feel about it. The faster you vibrate the faster is your exit from 3-dimensioanl reality into the 4th. Thus, depending on the individual and his or her circumstances, there can be degrees of how much of a part of you has shifted from the 3rd into the 4th dimension. Shifting to the 4th dimension, at least for now, is not disappearing from the space around you in a poof of smoke and reappearing in a new world.

Rather, it is a shift in consciousness or a shift in your state of mind wherein you realize that you have moved into a space 4th dimension that is separate from, but exists simultaneous with, the old world in which you once existed 3rd dimension. There are many symptoms that result when you begin to shift from the 3rd to the 4th dimension. In order to raise our consciousness high enough to travel to the higher planes, we must go deep within ourselves.

We can consciously love ourselves enough to travel into some portions of the Astral Plane, but in order to travel into the higher planes we must also love ourselves from DEEP within our unconscious. If we cannot love ourselves in this fashion we will not be able to release enough fear to raise our vibration, and therefore our consciousness, above the mid-astral sub-planes.

The transformation of our consciousness can be likened the transformation of water boiling in a pan. First the water is room temperature and the molecules move relatively slowly. When the fire beneath the pan heats the water, the molecules move faster and faster until the water boils.

When the water boils, portions of it become steam and rise into the air. Metaphorically, the pan is like our body, the fire is like our rising Kundalini, and the water is like our consciousness. Just as the pan and fire remain on the stove, our physical body remains on the earth while we transfer our awareness to the higher bodies. If the empty pan were to remain on the fire, it would begin to degrade without the water to protect it from the fire.

Seeking Higher Consciousness

Our physical bodies would also degrade if all of our consciousness left. Our consciousness is our life force. It is the pilot of our earth vessel. As a skyscraper must have a deep foundation in order to reach high into the sky, we must be deeply rooted in the physical earth to raise our consciousness into the higher dimensions. It is love for ourselves and for the planet that affords us that grounding.

The more intimately we can love ourselves, the higher in consciousness we can travel. Love is the antidote to the fear that lowers our vibration and limits our consciousness.

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The Lower Astral Plane is the lowest sub-plane of the fourth dimension. It lies partly on the surface of the earth and partly, perhaps mostly, beneath the surface of the earth. The Lower Astral Plane is filled with the emotions of fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, and pain.

These negative emotions lower the vibration of this plane and diminish its light. Vision here is like looking through an infrared camera where the only colors are black, gray, and dirty red. The Lower Astral Plane is not imaginary.

Traveling The Fourth Dimension

It does have an objective existence. It is not evil of itself but instead resonates to and reflects the evil within those who visit it. If we were to calm our fear with love, we would take on a higher frequency astral body. Then we could safely travel through the Lower Astral Plane to assist its poor inhabitants. The inhabitants of the astral sub-planes above the Lower Astral Plane see the same earth that we see in the third dimension. However, the enhanced perceptions of the astral body allow the traveler to perceive much more.

With our astral vision, we can see the outer appearance as it is seen on the third dimension. However we can also see the etheric body, the aura, and the prana that is circulating over, under, around and through the life forms and objects. Therefore, colors are more perceivable and objects are clearer. Once there, we lose sight of third dimensional earth and become absorbed with the fascinating process of creating reality with our thoughts and feelings.

In these fourth dimensional realities, feelings from the third dimensional world are amplified. They then reverberate back to the physical world in an ever-expanding arc like a wave buffeting back ad forth between two walls. However, if we can travel into the Astral Plane and calm this storm, our third dimensional emotions will also lessen. These persons are either not in touch with their higher self and spiritual guidance, or they are not yet ready to accept that their physical life has ended. In Summerland, they can finish whatever earthly goals they were unable to achieve. If their goals were to harm others and cause fear, they will not be able to remain there because the vibration of their consciousness will pull them down into the Lower Astral Plane.

The vibration of Summerland resonates to love. Summerland is like a halfway house where the inhabitants can prepare themselves for their rebirth into the physical world or into the higher planes. The light and the colors in Faerie are so bright that it is like coming out of a dark cave and into a bright field. Much of Faerie looks like the physical plane, but there are also plants, beings, and humanoids there that do not exist on the third dimension.

Our fairy tales and fantasy novels give a true representation of life in Faerie. The Mental Plane has much less density than the Astral Plane. In fact, in the mental sub-planes, emotions are muted because they are balanced. For example, fear and love, happiness and sorrow, are no longer polarized into separate emotions and are, instead, perceived as a spectrum encompassing all extremes.

Here the combination of thoughts and emotions quickly manifest as objects or experiences. However, our perceptions that were so bright and distinct on the higher astral sub-planes are muted, like looking through a gauze veil.

What Do You Think?

Matter on the Mental Plane is very fine, and objects are temporary because they are created by our attention and disappear when they no longer hold them in our mind. Just as the Astral Plane creates and reflects our emotions, the Mental Plane creates and reflects our thoughts. The Mental Plane encompasses our concrete thought, our mental body, and the aura of our mind. Traveling through the Mental Plane can assist us in releasing old core beliefs of limitation and separation. The Causal Plane is the highest vibration of the Mental Plane.

However, it resonates to a much higher frequency then the rest of the Mental Plane. Therefore, it is infinitely more beautiful. This plane is filled with Light, Love, and Truth. Our Higher Human consists primarily of Light and holds very little matter. From the perspective of our Higher Human, we are able to pierce the veil between each plane and see our many selves. However, our true Self is the Higher Human. When the third and fourth dimensions collapse into the fifth dimension, we will all wear bodies of light. Whether this transformation will occur slowly or suddenly remains to be seen.

Either way, when the transformation occurs, many people will be confused. They will then seek guidance from the Lightworkers who have faced their fear and darkness and forged ahead into the planes of love and light. With the highest frequency planes on the top, the planes are: Please spread the word by clicking to share

4th Dimension - The Fourth Dimensions with a Mathematical and Spiritual Perspective