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God is free to choose who will become Christians. We did nothing — absolutely nothing — to qualify for being chosen. You carry no burden to measure up to the merit that qualified you for being chosen. There is no such thing.

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The chosen race is not white or black or Asian or any other natural grouping. Race and ethnicity are not unimportant in our common cultural life. But they are not what unites us to God or to each other in Christ. We are a new creation, a new humanity. Peter even says, a new race! God chose us freely — without respect to race — to be in this new race.

Then he sent his Son to purchase us from all the ethnic groups of the world: In this way, he nullified all racism. For he bound together every race and every ethnicity into one new family, with one glorious Father. And he did this in eternity when he chose to make a people from every race into one new race. Revel in your freedom from racism.

The wonder is that the ultimate aim of being chosen is the ultimate joy of being satisfied. And the wonder deepens as we realize that we human beings were designed to find our fullest satisfaction not in front of a mirror, but in front of God. We were made to be mirrors, not see mirrors. And the joy of seeing all-satisfying Beauty was meant to find its consummation in the reflection of that beauty to God and man in praise.

This is what Paul says in Ephesians 1: He gets the glory of exaltation.

Revel in the wonder that you were chosen in eternity past for the endless joy of praise in eternity future. The wonder of being chosen includes the wonder that God has chosen means to bring us home. Glory is not immediate and not automatic. We do not travel from new birth to new earth without the trials of a traveler. And if God had not chosen for us to be helped by many fellow travelers, we would not make it.

Paul himself was a God-chosen means of saving the chosen ones. And you need others. For God has chosen them as surely as he has chosen you. This wonder may be too much for us to comprehend, but here it is: The flow of history will be altered. Browse All Media Related Media. Nobody has commented yet. Sign in to leave a comment. Discovering Truth When it Hurts 4 week sermon series from the Psalms.

I Love My Church 5 week campaign on the beauty of Christ's bride. Add a note optional. Having trouble logging into your account? Try resetting your password. If that doesn't work, please contact our customer service team. This was an agrarian culture where the caprices of weather could cause great devastation and loss of life. If they appeased the gods by sacrifices, and sexual behavior to excite the gods in an imitative form symbolic of fertility then the gods would provide their needs for fruitful crops. The pull of the Canaanite deities on the Israelites was incredibly strong.

As the Israelites came into more contact with the Canaanites and their worship of Baal, the more a dichotomy developed in their thinking regarding which god had the most power. Again and again Yahweh demonstrates His great power and control but the Israelites continued to disobey the laws and commandments they were given through Moses.

As Christians today we struggle with the same internal battle. We become anxious when our lives start to get out of control, and will attempt to gain control in various ways. Ironically, it is difficult for us to give complete control over to God, the God we understand to be the Creator, all powerful, and all knowing. We are on a spiritual journey like the Israelites. We suffer, we become anxious, we create many problems in our own lives, we forget to keep God first by letting other things interfere with our relationship with God until we learn the same lesson the Israelites had to learn: Incredible spiritual growth and blessings will happen in your life when you become fully submitted to God and then God will use you as His instruments in ways you never imagined.

Attempting to ward off drought and starvation is not important when souls are in danger.

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It seems whenever there is syncretism with Christianity the cause is a lack of trust in God which creates a need for control. For example, New Age Spirituality is becoming extremely popular in our culture today. New Age Spirituality in and of itself is a combination of many religious beliefs that can include Christianity which makes it highly syncretic.

Again, this is humans believing they have control over every aspect of their lives and not God. Have nothing to do with such people. If humans believe they have the power to change reality which is an attempt to take control of reality, then the sovereignty of God is not being acknowledged. The New Age Spiritualists are in complete darkness regarding their understanding and slowly infiltrating Christianity. They are worshiping at the altars of themselves, and spreading their false beliefs into churches and other areas of our society.

The Ark to the Temples: The Israelites arrive at the Promised Land, but Moses and Aaron disobey God by not fully following His instructions and indicating to the Israelites that the power to bring forth water from a rock came from them and not God. Subsequently, God punishes them by telling them they would not be allowed to enter into the Promised Land.

There is a sense of becoming too comfortable with his position and relationship with God. It is a recurring theme in the Old Testament that God is sovereign. It is a similar issue with David in 2 Samuel David was chosen by God through the Prophet Samuel who appeared to Samuel as the lease desirable son of Jesse of Jerusalem. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. David, the youngest son of Jesse, who tended the sheep developed a heart for God.

His pure, sincere love for God is evident in the beautiful 23rd Psalm:. The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. Surely your goodness and love will follow me. After becoming King, David acquires 7 wives and 10 concubines. He becomes powerful, and prestigious. The shepherd boy with the pure heart becomes equally too comfortable with his position and relationship to God. In 2 Samuel 11, David goes to the roof top of his palace and observes the beautiful Bathsheba bathing and sends messengers to get her so he can have sex with her.

Bathsheba becomes pregnant so David begins to manipulate events so that blame does not end up on his head. He attempts to get Uriah to go to his home while on leave so that he would have sex with his wife. Uriah refuses and sleeps at the entrance to the palace with the servants out of loyalty to David. Uriah dies in the front lines, and David ends up marrying Bathsheba. Do not become comfortable with your position and fall into lukewarm water where you lose sight of the sovereignty of God. In Deuteronomy, Moses, in full understanding that he will not reach the Promised Land, reminds the Israelites of their destiny and their need to obey God.

Many of the Israelites that left Egypt with Moses were no longer living, and Moses seemed to be primarily addressing this new generation and emphasizing to all the Israelites how great a nation they are because of their God. And in Deuteronomy 4, Moses emphasizes the greatness and sovereignty of God in His mighty deeds shown to the Israelites: Has any god ever tried to take for himself one nation out of another nation, by testings, by signs and wonders, by war, by a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, or by great and awesome deeds, like all the things the Lord you God did for you in Egypt before your very eyes?

Moses continues his discourse discussing the Israelites journey and how when they obeyed, God went ahead of them to be victorious over their enemies. Also, Moses mentions more than once that the Israelites will receive blessings from God if they are obedient, and curses if they are not obedient. You have now become the people of the Lord your God. Obey the Lord you God and follow his commands and decrees that I give you today. There is significant typology in verses 11— In verses 20—21 God explains to Moses when the Israelites have all their needs met, and are living in comfort they will turn to other gods and break His covenant with them.

In the Song of Moses, God again emphasizes His sovereignty and admonishes the Israelites for their lack of faithfulness even though Yahweh has been faithful. There is no other god besides me. Living in comfort can be a dangerous place to be in spiritually. Moses is allowed to see the Promised Land from Mount Nebo and then dies there while Joshua then takes over the leadership of the Israelites and guides them into Canaan. And, as seen in the Exodus, when the Israelites turn away from Yahweh and begin worshiping other gods, then God allows the enemy to overtake the Israelites.

The Israelites are still being trained up in the way God wants them to go by the use of punishment when they disobey, and reward when they obey and worship God only. Why have you done this? However, in the beginning of Judges are strong military type leaders, but not necessarily strong spiritual leaders. Near the end of Judges is a story about a Levite traveling with his concubine that illustrates the extreme sin and depravity that had befallen the Israelites.

First of all, the Levites were the Priestly class who were called to be holy, provide spiritual leadership, and perform sacred service Exodus There is obvious contrast with the expected righteousness of the Priestly tribe of Levites, and the subsequent degeneration of this particular Levite. Oftentimes, a man will take on a concubine for political reasons, to provide progeny if his wife is barren, or as a slave, but in this case the most likely scenario is her family sold her to the Levite as a concubine and he was using her for sexual reasons.

There is no wife mentioned in the story, and a concubine who leaves her protector has most likely been abused by the man who procured her for his selfish desires. This particular Levite is traveling with his concubine and a servant. The servant suggests they stop for the night in a city of the Jebusites. The Israelites were to separate themselves from the people who worshiped other gods so they would not be exposed to and perhaps tempted by the worship of idols and the subsequent sexual immorality that went along with the idol worship.

They end up in the square of Gibeah in Benjamin, and an old man strangely warns them against staying in the square. The old man lets them stay in his home, and as in the story of Lot, they are surrounded by male Israelites who want to have sex with the Levite. The Levite sends out his concubine who is raped and sexually abused all night such that she is dead by morning.

According to Exodus The Levite returns home with the dead body of his concubine, cuts her up into 12 pieces and sends the pieces out to the tribes of Israel. He then stirs up the pot of anger even more by exaggerating and fabricating part of his story telling the Israelite leaders that the men of Gibeah wanted to kill him and grabbed his concubine and raped her.

Subsequently, the Levite incites a civil war that almost wipes out the tribe of Benjamin. This sets the stage for the arrival of Saul as King. It must be noted the Levite refuses to stay in a non-Israelite city externally exhibiting righteousness, but internally filled with sin. There is a sense that by this point the Priestly tribe had become prideful and arrogant in their Priestly status much like the Pharisees and Sadducees in the New Testament.

Robert Chisholm, Department Chair and Senior Professor of Old Testament Studies, writing in The Role of Women in the Book of Judges, from his Hebrew Studies class, states that early in Judges strong female leaders rise up because the men of Israel have become weak and this indicates a downward spiral of moral decay.

One of the signs of a declining society is lack of male leadership. Men need to have faith in God and they need to live wisely. They will do a good job, but they will not be able to stem the tide of the decline and eventually, society will go downhill so much that they become victims to all kinds of atrocities. And women should be convicted of the futility of stepping in and picking up the slack when men fail to lead. Married couples are to hold each other accountable.

Christ is head over the husband and God is head over all. Therefore, Sapphira had every right to not follow her husband into sin, but to respect the headship of Christ over her husband. Earlier in Judges, Deborah a Prophet has become the leader of the Israelites, and leads the Israelite men to success in battle. Chisholm points out that Barak was so weak he insists Deborah go with him otherwise he will refuse to take the ten thousand soldiers and lead them up to Mount Tabor.

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But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength. Chisholm clearly demonstrates a hermaneutical weakness in speaking from his misogynistic culture. As Paul states in Galatians 3: Jesus rose above His culture, and so must you. In the Book of Judges are stories of strong females, especially Deborah, who is a righteous leader of Israel in the first part of the book, and then in the latter part is abusive behavior by men towards women which clearly portrays the dissoluteness of the Israelite men.

There is a famine in the land so when Naomi hears that the Lord is providing food for his people in Judah decides to travel there, but tells her two daughter-in-laws to return home to their Mothers so they may find husbands. Orpah leaves Naomi, but Ruth refuses committing herself to her mother-in-law. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me. Ruth marries Boaz and has a son named Obed, who is the father of Jesse and the Grandfather of David which is the family line of Jesus. In the book of 1 Samuel, another righteous, virtuous women appears who gives birth to the Prophet Samuel. In fact, the first wife makes fun of Hannah, which makes it even worse.

Having children in those days was of the utmost importance. Hannah is in a place of brokenness, and God enters in to this extreme desire for a child which leads her to the temple to pray. She then meets Eli, which later leads to Hannah dedicating her much desired son into service at the temple under the care of Eli.

Again we see the hand of God directing this incredible story of the Israelites into His future Promised Land. The Israelites had forgotten their covenant with God, and had spiritually wandered away. Without belief, God will not make Himself known. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. So the questions is, if they are not obedient, do they believe?

Evidence of belief is obedience. In 1 Samuel 8: The elders decided themselves what needed to be done, instead of asking God through Samuel. I love this conversation between God and Samuel. What happened to your discernment? This is about those hard headed Israelites doing what they always do, which is to feed their own self-centered natures and their hedonistic desires. McDurmon underlies this with insight into how fear is used by governments to manipulate and control the populace.

The tactic aims to skirt wisdom, deliberation, and debate by turning the moment into an emergency, the only apparent remedy for which is to cede more power to a government, etc. But these are not true emergencies. They are manufactured or exploited for preconceived political purposes. In most cases, we have people trained to handle real emergencies. Politicians are not those people. Just like with the Israelite elders, in such a moment you can bet there has already been a meeting, and an agenda has already been laid out.

Unfortunately, there is much historical precedence for this alarming behavior. This was seen in the Holocaust when the German people were frightened because of the economic conditions, which allowed Hitler to manipulate their fear by making the Jews a convenient scapegoat. They are subtly expressing concern over the State controlling the churches by taking away their right to choose whether they accept or marry LGBTQ. When the fear is increased, so is the anger, and then the overt rejection of an entire group of people.

This is an extremely dangerous game these leaders are playing, and it is not Christ-centered. I listened to a talk from a Conservative Christian Psychologist recently who displayed brainwashing techniques that would have made even Hitler proud. Ask a black person! In other words, he redirected the listening audience this was a political talk on homosexuality in a church away from thinking about discrimination.

Every human should be treated with dignity.

God’s Chosen People: The Journey

No child should be exposed to bullying, even if they have a different sexual orientation. He then injected the fear poison into his listeners more by discussing how media is destroying morality in our culture by promoting gay acceptance, and even attempting to get our children to accept gays. What about the level of sexual behavior by heterosexuals shown in media? What about the profane language that is almost a part of every television sitcom, and portrayed in movies as normalized language behavior?

He is not concerned with portraying the truth, but by manipulation is creating a convenient scapegoat. When you ask why so many Germans followed Hitler, or even why so many good Christian people during the Civil Rights period of our country were aggressively against integration, you find the obvious answer.

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Many Christians who believe homosexuals are sinning repeatedly refer to the story in the Old Testament of Sodom and Gomorrah as proof that God is against homosexuality. And yet there are numerous parallels in the Old Testament referring to many different types of behavior that led to God destroying these two cities. Writing on Sodom and Gomorrah, B. Bestiality occurred as well, so what is evidenced is moral depravity related to the overall moral decline of every aspect of their society including the sexual immorality related to idol worship.

It is quite evident in our society today. Last year I took my daughter to Quebec City for Spring break, and drove past beautiful churches and cathedrals that are up for sale as retail space. The dusk is growing, the light is fading. People are forgetting God. Obedience first, and then belief. After belief, then submission to God, and submission is where miracles happen and we can be used by God. If there is any relation to homosexuality, it should be more related to our lack of love and compassion.

As what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah, and in Judges, there is insidious global moral decay because we are forgetting God. God is no longer sovereign.

How to Love God When You Don’t Feel It

As Christians, we must take this seriously. It is time to fast and pray, to petition God for mercy. While in Quebec City, thinking about what is happening there as well as in Prague, I began praying for the children who would never know Christ. My prayer turned to sobbing and supplication to God. He hears our prayers, especially those prayers that come from a loving and compassionate heart.

In Genesis 6, God decides to destroy humans and animals: The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled. The same happens to Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot and his family are saved because they are righteous, but all the other inhabitants of those cities are killed due to their immoral behavior.

It is a repeating pattern throughout the Bible. Of course, Jesus is our advocate for the Father, but it is our Father who judges and condemns. As Christians, do we believe this pattern ended with the resurrection of Jesus? For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to live, and only a few find it. The righteous will be saved, and those who turn away from God will be destroyed. In the parable of the ten virgins, we are taught to keep our lamps lit, lest the bridegroom come and we are not prepared.

What does this mean for Christians today? It refers to keeping our lamps lit by being filled with the Holy Spirit. This means being constant in prayer, hungering and thirsting for righteousness, and submitting ourselves completely to God. We are actively living in a time of apostasy, and somewhat sense the encroaching darkness, but are becoming so comfortable with sin that we are unable to discern that our spiritual lives are in extreme danger.

The Israelites receive a King. Samuel is told by God that a young man named Saul will come to him looking for his lost donkeys and he is the one to be anointed to be King. When Samuel tells Saul that he is to be king, his response is to question the decision because he is from the smallest tribe, and not only that from the least of all the clans 1 Samuel And, why would Saul be chosen to be King, when he is not from the higher echelons of the Israelite tribal hierarchy? There is no one like him among all the people 1 Samuel Samuel goes on to tell Saul that God will be with him in whatever he does.

None of the variables of outward appearance, family standing, wealth, tribe or clan, make any difference, because God can change a person for to fulfill His purpose and will. The typology pointing to the New Testament is the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to change us into the likeness of Christ. The people God calls to raise up as leaders are significantly better to fulfil His purpose than the people we would choose to raise up into leadership positions.

So many of our churches would be filled with the Spirit, lead so many more people to Christ, and bless the world with incredible witness if only their leaders were fully submitted to God. As it states in Isaiah Our Father in Heaven loves us so much he sacrificed His son to lead us to Him. Are we turning to Him? And in Deuteronomy 8: Saul decides to take matters into his own hands and ordered his men to bring him the burnt and fellowship offerings so Saul himself who is not a priest who makes the offering to God without waiting for Samuel.

Just as Saul completes the offering Samuel appears of course. This is in contrast to the anointing of Saul where God seems to provide a man that by appearance would be pleasing to the Israelites and yet who later is disobedient to God. And yet, this Shepherd who has learned how to responsibly protect his sheep and out in the stillness of the night, alone with his thoughts, has turned his heart to God.

So much so he has written the well-known Psalms where he uses beautiful metaphors from pasturing sheep to describe God in relationship as a Shepherd who protects us, guards, leads us to green pastures and still waters. This particular journey takes David and his men to a cave hiding from Saul.

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This day you have seen with your own eyes how the Lord delivered you into my hands in the cave. I cut off the corner of your robe but did not kill you. See that there is nothing in my hand to indicate that I am guilty of wrongdoing or rebellion. I have nor wronged you, but you are hunting me down to take my life. May the Lord judge between you and me. And may the Lord avenge the wrongs you have done to me, but my hand will not touch you. David has been anointed by God with His Spirit which is evident by his righteous behavior.

David is told by Gad, the Prophet, that he has sinned against God for taking the census, so God is giving him three choices as a consequence: David chooses the three years of plague. When David goes up against Goliath he is young, and just a shepherd. However, when David takes the census he is older, and a king. It is obvious he is taking the census in a prideful manner to measure the power he has by how many military men he leads.

The little, humble shepherd as king has forgotten the God who gives him the power to succeed in battle, but instead leans on his own power. Subsequently, as a consequence against David and the Israelites, God brings the plague against the Israelites and 70, men die as a result of the plague. God uses a punishment to show his power, and to reduce the number of fighting men.

At the threshing floor of Araunah, David observes an angel with a sword readied to destroy Jerusalem. These are but sheep. What have they done? This is the first time David the King refers to himself as a Shepherd over his sheep. Could David not have interceded for the Israelites behalf when God gave him three choices of punishments? Three is a significant number in scripture which signifies completeness or divine perfection. The Significance of Threshing Floors. David is instructed by Gad to build an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

David offers to purchase the threshing floor from Araunah who initially is willing to give the threshing floor to David, but David refuses telling Araunah that for a sacrifice to God he needs to purchase the threshing floor to show honor to God for releasing the Israelites from the plague He had sent as a punishment 2 Samuel The journey continues as God places David at a place where His purpose will have great significance. This particular threshing floor is the future site of the first and second temples. A threshing floor was oftentimes built on rocks, or a hard floor was created by beating down on the earth.

The threshing floors were made close to fields on rock shelves or on infertile soil so the grain crops could be moved easily to the threshing floor. Additionally, the floors were located on the outskirts of a village or on high ground to take advantage of the higher winds for winnowing the grains. The grain is released from the stalks by crushing by using a stick, an animal or a threshing sledge.

The stalks are then winnowed by waving the stalks in the wind so that the chaff is blown away and the grain falls to the ground Waters, Jaime L. Their ritual and symbolic significance, p. Waters explores the significance of the use of threshing floors as profane and sacred space in her book by looking at how the threshing floors were agriculturally significant in providing sustenance such that when Israelites enemies attacked, oftentimes the first place they would attack and gain would be the threshing floors.

The strategy was to hit the foundation of the Israelites survival first. At threshing floors, inedible crops were beaten, trodden and shaken to free the edible food held within. Threshing floors played a significant role as the locations of sustainability and survival. There are many threshing floor metaphors and analogies used in the O. T which shows the importance and overall symbolic aspect of threshing floors in the Israelites psyche.

His winnowing fork is in His hand to thoroughly clear His threshing floor, and to gather the wheat into His barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. The threshing floor being built on high ground so the wind could sift the chaff from the wheat is another important symbol pointing to the working of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is often characterized as wind such as in John 3: You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from where it is going.